We’re back and alive!

… and due to a lack of food in the house, and the need to shave this morning,
I didn’t get breafast, and my lunch consists of one of those really cheap and
bad for you noodles packs (not even a Mr. Noodles at that). I think most of
the day I’ll be living on coffee and hot choclate.

On the bright side, I got 32meg RAM at work now.

8/25/97 part 2

Well, our last night in Calgary. Today was neat… We were invited to be

"special guests" at shelybean and echo and skippee’s school. Got

there around 10:30 or so, and looked on at a class of 50 or so grade 3/4s. It

took me back to the old days. We took the hedgehog, and the kids loved it.

We also got to see all the little brats we’ve heard so much about, but, unfortunatly,

missed the tantrums they threw after we left.

Got a book on hedgehogs, had lunch, went to the Calgary Real Estate Board

(for me obviously). It was nice to know that Realtors are as stupid here as

they are at home. Left a resume with Mel (the Computer Services manager there),

and got a tour of the place. Came home, vegged for a bit, then met…

(deep breath), sept, squid, nermal, skipee, echo, and echoman there. What a

cool place! Not at all what I thought it would be like, but instead like a

sitting room in an old house. Books lined the wood shelves on the walls,

everything from classics to the latest computer papers. We didn’t even have a

comptuer where we sat, but instead discussed everything from classic computer

games, what celebraties we’ve seen/met, to just random poking. A good time

was had by all I think… and we finally found out that Mr. Burns’s assistant,

who is… you know… is named Smithers. You’d understand if you were there,

you’d understand.

Anyway, travelling plans: Pam has to work Wednesday afternoon, and apparently

I have to work Wednesday day 🙁 So after a goodbye meeting with

our guests, we’ll be heading back to BC around 10ish. Hopefully we’ll be back

by 10pm BC time. Then I have to work, get my kitten from Pam, get litterbox,

food, etc etc… then go car shopping…. apply for a loan at the bank of mom

and dad (if I see something that is nice but more than what I have) 🙂

Anyway, thankyou Calgary, for a lovely time. We really enjoyed it and haven’t

died yet, so things must be good. We’ll see you all in another couple of



Hmm… sleep. While out with her Calgarian friend yesturday, Pam rescued a

small creature from certain death at the hands of a cruel master. The creature

in question, a hedgehog, is very cute and prickely. It is also noisy. Every

half hour or so it would relax enough to not make any noise… the

rest of the time however, (or so it seemed) it was making all sorts of noises

in the little animal carrier that it is living in. I’ll explain all this later

if it doesn’t make any sense… like I said (or maybe I didn’t say), I didn’t

get a lot of sleep last night.

Getting the hedgehog was good, because it gives us something to show the classes

that we are going to see today. Shelybean and echo and skippee (the teachers),

have invited us to their classrooms to be special visitors. It will be an…

interesting day.


"Wasn’t that a party…"

Well, all I can say is I hope that I didn’t embarass myself too much 🙂

A great time was had by all I think though. It was really good to meet

epsilon and sept, and to see Sioneva, squiddy and nermal again. Much beer

was consumed, and I learned the dangers of Sambuca (sp?) shooters (and they

do actually light on fire!) Of course, I was abused by shelybean and echo,

but that is normal.

Today…. well, it’s 6:47am now, and I’m quite awake. I don’t know what time

I went to sleep last night, so I don’t know if I actually got sleep or not…

oh well, I’ll find out when everyone else wakes up in… well, a few hours I’m

sure. Though I do hear solas and echo yapping in the next room.

[Mental note: a video card with a built in tv tuner thingy is very

cool… jakee (shelybean’s SO) has an ATI card, and in the other window I have

the TV going…. nice resolution, no speed degredation or anything… very cool.

Of course, the sound is at almost nil. Not anymore, just changed it.]

Don’t know if it’s already been mentioned, but I’m actually getting money

for my car! Jakee got a message from ICBC saying that they were offering

me $3,463 for my car! (Yay!) This is a very good thing

because I bought it for $3,575 in 1993. Needless to say I’m going car

shopping when I get home!

Thankfully I don’t get hangovers 🙂

Now what the smeg am I going to do until the rest of the house wakes up? We’re

going to the lake today to go hiking and swimming (it’s nice once you get in

I’m told), and Pam is going to visit a friend of hers in Calgary today.

Monday we will finally get to see the famous wired cafe that squiddy and

nermal setup, something else to look forward to.


Forgot to mention last update… I was woken up at 4am the night we left by

a cat on my porch, yowling. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t shut up.

I finally relented and let it in, hoping it would just sleep on my bed and

let me sleep for another half hour or so… but no luck. The stupid thing

wasn’t thirsty, hungry (I tried to feed it cereal), or needing to sleep.

It just kinda wandered around while I got ready for pick up at 6am, then

when Darren and Pam came, I just left him outside, and he seemed to wander off

a little when he realized that I was not staying.

Well, today we went to the zoo. After getting up to watch Saturday morning

cartoons. Went out to lunch, went to the zoo ($9.50!), and all the animals

were either not there, or asleep 🙁

Now there is a big party about to happen, and if I do any more updates I will

be in an inebriated state… so now I’m just waiting for the rest of the

folks to show up (sept, squidnerm, eps, etc).

This is Alan, signing off… see you later!


Well, if you haven’t have guessed, we made it to Calgary. Darren drove for

the first 500km (to Revelstoke). I almost only killed us once on the drive

(got distracted trying to cut off Darren’s feet with the power windows, the

car pulled left, the car went off the road, on the road, off the road and

back on the road).

We stopped in Lake Louise on the way, wandered down, took a couple pictures,

said "yes, this is a nice lake," and left 🙂 When we

arrived here (Carole’s house), and told that story it was pretty much agreed that that was

what they figured we would do. The ride was uneventful for the most part.

Pam slept, I dozed, read Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and started

designing my help desk database system I’m going to start work on for my work

(and my final project for my school course. Yes, I know I’m a geek.

Anyway, got here, slept eventually. Today we went up to the dinosaur museum

in Tyrell, or Drumheller, I’m not sure which one. It was pretty interesting,

and warm… and flat, very flat. The one hill they have

(a minute hill btw), has one of those hill signs at the top. Darren and I

thought that was pretty amusing.

After getting back from Drumheller around 3, we headed into downtown, watched

a movie crew start filming something at the bank of Nova Scotia, (nice tie

Sept!), and headed back. Dinner at the Olde Spahgetti Factory, and Skipee

was forced to skip around the room. Pictures will be coming soon anyway.

So now, as I’m typing this up, everyone (almost everyone) is downstairs or

at the neighbors fire. Tomorrow night there will be a big do here, with

everyone from around here. It promises to be exciting anyway.

Now, I’m off to go back downstairs, talk a bit, drink another beer, and go

to sleep.


Well, this will be my last update for a bit. Tomorrow morning at about 6am

I will be leaving for Calgary with Darren and Pam. We’ll be stopping at

Lake Louise probably to sight see a bit, but will continue on to Calgary and

arrive there around 7 or 9 that night. We’ll be staying with

Shelybean. Friday there is

talk of heading up to Drumheller (sp?) or the like, to check things out.

Saturday there is a get togeather planned, hopefully everyone will get together

with everyone else. I look forward to meeting Sept, and Epsilon, and seeing

Squiddy, Nermal, NaCl, Echo, Skipee, etc etc. Most of these people’s homepages

are at http://www.northco.net/regs

I’ll find out today (maybe) if my car is a write off or not. In a way I hope

it is, because that means I don’t have to worry about putting the radio back

in, trying to sell it and saying "well, yes, it was in an

accident, but it’s a really good car!" Of course, if it is a write off

I get to try to find another car. Getting something that isn’t crap will

be an interesting experience for someone just starting school. My neck is

feeling fine today though.

Oh yea, ICBC forgot to mention to me monday that yes, they can

arrange a loaner car for me. When I called yesterday she offered to set me

up with one, but of course I don’t need it until I get back on the 26th.

Kinda pissed me off.

If I don’t get anything more on this today, I’ll still be checking my

email, and can be contacted through Brian.

OBGeekMoment: Was considering changing my answering machine message to end with

"…Information on Alan can be obtained through his homepage."

Tired too. Met flopsy from Houston last night. Up till 12:30 with her and

Darren in Vancouver. Man am I tired.

Anything else. Not really. I’ll try to update from Calgary if I have time,

if not, I’ll be back on the 26th or 27th!


(11:15am to be accurate)

Just found out my car is a write-off. Waiting now to see how much they offer

me for it… apparently it’ll take a couple days. I don’t know if I should

be happy or sad. I don’t think that there is much of a bright side to this

whole fiasco (ok, ok, no one got killed, and minor whiplash is no big deal,

but still….).


Bloody hectic day. Actually managed to sleep in till 9:30. Called a lawyer, and the only appointment

I could get right away was at 10:30. Called Brian (my taxi), but his phone was busy until 10:20.

Called ICBC and got an appointment for 3:30. Basically the lawyer doesn’t deal with the car, just

the personal injuries (and takes 1/3 of the settlement plus tax). I don’t know if I’ll use a lawyer,

I’ll see how I feel when we get back from Calgary. After the lawyer, we hit the doctor, and Brian

made an appointment, and I found out that he wasn’t taking new patients 🙁 After that

we hit the police station, and they said basically, "we don’t care." So much for that.

I found out that ICBC can tow my car in, so I just went to the appointment without it. Brian noticed

a sign in the adjusters office that said Thinking of calling a lawyer? Give me a chance first!

I thought that was kinda funny.

I signed a thing that said basically if they determine it’s a write-off they can junk it. So after ICBC

we headed back to Brian’s to take out the deck, CD-changer, amp, and all the other little bits that

I’d accumulated throughout the years. If it’s not a write-off it’s gonna be hellish to put the car

back togeather 🙁 My neck feels better though, not as sore as yesturday. I just ate too, for

the first time today. I guess being in constant motion from the time you get up to the time will

cause one to forget about food.


Warning, rant ahead. And no, my day has not been going well!

On August 16, 1997, I was driving my good little Mazda 323 up towards Abbotsford to get a video.
My two friends, Brian and Darren
were in the car. Brian was in the back seat, Darren in the passenger seat.
At about 7:30 I stopped as a light turned yellow. I was stopped for at least a couple seconds when
I was hit from behind by a Ford Truck. The impact knocked us into the intersection. Now that I
think about it, we’re really lucky we were not hit by anyone using the cross road, or hit a
pedestrian crossing the crosswalk.

After making sure everyone was ok, I took a look at the damage. The rear end of my car was now much
closer to the backseat than it was before. This is not good. Finally the driver of the other car got
out. He didn’t even ask if we were ok! I started talking to him by saying "are you guys all right?"
Which obviously they were, as they were in a huge new Ford Truck! The driver was an eighteen year old
weenie driving his uncle’s truck, with his cousin with him. I wonder if they were thinking “did we
kill someone”, or if they were considering running for it. The driver said that he was busy checking
his mirrors to see if there was anyone in the other lane (obviously to pass us and blow through the
red light).

Minimal damage to the Ford appears to have been done, this being a slightly bent bumper, and
a crooked liscence plate (bummer!). We limped the car back to Brian’s place to wait for ICBC
to tell me if it’s a write-off or not.

Brian was feeling pain and twinges in his back, we took him to Emergency, and were there
for several hours (they are badly understaffed). They gave him some drugs and sent him on his way home,
saying “you’ll hurt tomorrow” we went home.

I tried to call ICBC and the RCMP, but ICBC was not open, and the RCMP simply said to
talk to ICBC. So that is that. Tomorrow I’m going to get a lawyer, and talk to ICBC. I’ve already
taken most of my stuff out of the car, just the radio, amp and cd-changer is left to get out tonight,
just in case ICBC takes it, says it is a write-off, and I never see it again. This really is not good.

I also just put four new tires, new headlights, and this is the first time I passed aircare! Go figure.

So, how was YOUR weekend?

Ok, that was yesturday, this is today:

Just so you know, we did call the police. They, however didn’t deem
it important enough to come out unless there were serious injuries. What do
they want, blood and decapitations???? (speaking of decapitations, just saw
The Relic, excellent movie).

Last night when I got home I called my parents for advice about insurance, lawyers,
etc. You know the first thing they asked me when I said I had an accident, and need
some advice? "Are you in jail?" … thanks dad 🙂

Anyway, today they came out, looked at the car, took me and Brian out to lunch. I
got all my crap from the car (except what is bolted in, namely the deck, CD-changer,
and amp), just in case it is a write-off. These things just have to happen
on Saturdays, when nothing is open for 2 days. Got my film developed, with the last picture
being a shot of what was once my car. I’ll have it online in a couple days. Went around
to a couple used car places today, just to have a feel on what I’m gonna be out. Unfortuatly,
being a Sunday, there were no salespeople about 🙁 Shame, I wanted to laugh at
them and their selling techniques.

Came back, vegged, went out and watched a vid. Felt my neck. Gonna take some ibprofin (sp?)
and head to bed now.