Trying Out The New Gutenberg Editor

This is just a quick test of the new WordPress “Gutenberg” editor to see how it works.  I was a bit nervous about it because the reviews of it in the plugin directory were terrible.  Lots of one star reviews.

So far though, not too bad.  My editing needs are pretty simple, and being able to do things like just copy and paste an image into a post is a huge improvement in usability. 

The whole “blocks” thing isn’t bad, and reminds me a bit of’s editor, which I’ve used a couple of times.  In fact, it really reminds me of it, though the “blocks” emphasis is more… well, emphasized. 

Being able to drag blocks of text around is kinda neat, not sure if they’re going to be really relevant to me, but who knows.

This is a quote, just to see how it works as a quote

I think because of my experience with the editor that’s given me a bit of an advantage here.  That said, there are a few things I’d love to see:

  • More markdown support.  Creating lists with * at the start works fine, but I’d like to see *italics* and **bold** support at least, if not full markdown support within the blocks.
  • Adding in links is a bit odd.  I tried to add a hyperlink for above and it wouldn’t let me end the link, and then when I tried to add it again it wouldn’t put where I was typing into the ‘add link’ box.


Anyway, so far so good.  I’m sure the hardcore editors are going to probably hate this a bit, and as we’ve seen in the reviews, bitch about it, but for me, other than some of the chunkiness, it doesn’t seem too bad.