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01/28/2002    -{ Interesting How Things Get Reversed Now and Then }-

Next on the list of Corporate Whores is another sad one for me, as Frankie Muniz who was sighted whoring out to some snackfood company that uses blue tinfoil.... ah how the mighty have fallen.

Wow, Boston Public, one of the only TV shows I try to catch on a consistant basis, has been really throwing out the "issues" shows lately. The last few have gone (in order): death row due to sex crimes, pedophilia and incest. The show is great and everything, but I'd like to know if this is the way they were planning on going on, or are they going for the awards shows for "most impactful show" or "best dramatic programming". Either way, hurrah for them.

01/27/2002    -{ some things are best not revisited }-


Sleep late due to hacking (not the computer type). Wake early due to not being able to breath. Oh, dee paaaain.... In the afternoon it's not so bad, but in the morning and evening this throat/cough thing is brutal on me. In the midst of this, I did manage to get some things done.... laundry, dishes, vaccuuming, and the litter box are done done done. This makes me happy. Course, I still have to dry the dishes, and put the laundry away, and get up at some godawful hour tomorrow morning for the gym, but it's nice to have something done for the day.

01/26/2002    -{ "We Just can't Pretend / That Lovers Make Amends" -- Perfect, Smashing Pumpkins }-

This week has been busy. We finally got the latest project work at work to a state where it doesn't suck, and demoed it to the boss. Actually went relatively well, and the one error that was encountered wasn't mine (ha!). We're actually approaching the stage where we can give it to the techs and have them bang away on it. Sadly a lot of the stuff I was working on before has been put on the back burner trying to get this to a useable state in time for our deadline. When the pressure is off I'll have time to go back and finish up my bug list.

Been hanging out with friends a lot lately, which is nice. Cat5 and Dragon were over tonight to watch Saving Private Ryan and eat my home cooked (but not home made) perogies. No one complained of stomach pain, so I'm assuming they were ok. The other day a whole wack of people went out to see Black Hawk Down which was good, but was like the first 10 minutes of Saving Private Ryan, but sustained for over 2.5 hours. That is to say, watching the movie was like getting beaten over the head with a shovel. It was good, don't get me wrong, but brutal, they didn't pull any punches visually, and when people got shot, or blown up, well, you saw all that. Definately doesn't make me want to run to my local recruiting office and join up.

The house is slowly getting cleaned. This last week I've tried (tried) to get a bit done each day, one day laundry and garbage, another dishes, the next vaccuuming... It hasn't worked out totally that way, but it's getting there. It's a constant battle against the cats though....

Speaking of cats, my buddy Foz posted a link for me, it's a Random Kitten Generator... very cute.

Oh, and in response to solas's post about Male Nipples, Why? I will respond with wisdom from a man much smarter than I who explained that men's nipples are decoys, used to attrack other nipples. QED :)

01/21/2002    -{ The Ability to Breath is Required for Any Type of Running }-

Upped my speed on my morning run to 6mph... probably not a good choice when you can't really breath and are hacking up phlem. When I finished I felt like passing out, but I did it. The problem is that from now on it's only going to get worse (and worse, and worse).

Last night had a belated Christmas dinner with my family and relatives from vancouver. It was very nice, especially the meal (mmm.... ). Driving back I had a stroke of luck. I heard the call on the radio for a contest for a CD, called in, and amazingly enough didn't get a busy signal. I'm sure I sounded like a complete moron when I answered the phone though, as I wasn't sure if a) I'd called the right number and b) if I had actually heard it right and I may have been calling in at the wrong time! But nope, I'm soon to be the proud owner of the new CD from Alan Jackson.

Zoon decided that she found me acceptable to climb up on last night as well. I guess with Firefly not around she only had me to do that on. See what she does is wait until you're bending over the sink brushing your teeth or combing your hair or something and jumps up to your butt (or thereabouts) and claws her way up to your shoulder, where she says "<meow>" and looks very pleased with herself. She's surprisingly good with claws as well, so it's not overly painful. A bonus for her is she is closer to the hair elastics, which she will sometimes grab, play with, and store by my side of the bed for me (probably saying something like "you stupid biped, you've got too much hair").

She did this again this morning, and that was fine, except for one minor detail: No shirt on yet. OUCH! I've got a claw print about mid back now, which is as far as she got before I got my back as horizontal as possible so she didn't have to use (more) claws and got her off. I guess the cuteness quotient of an action is inversly proportional to the amount of pain it causes.

cuteness quotient = ( amount of cuteness / pain caused )

01/20/2002    -{ Fourty Days and Fourty Nights }-

Well, today started off pretty poorly. I took A to the airport to go off to visit a friend of hers in for a week, and the flight with the good deal left at 7:30am. Yikes. So I figured "I'm up already, why not just head into work to do some of the stuff that I had to do from the office. Well, I show up at the office to realize I'd lent my outside key to Engel a few days earlier so he could get in on a weekend, and hadn't got it back. So I was out of luck, stuck at the office with no way to get in, before anyone would be up enough that I'd not feel guilty calling them. Couldn't even jimmy the door open, and I didn't have a lockpick set to try to get in that way. So yea, another half hour drive back here to dick around with things that I can work on (the list is rapidly diminishing). Think that I'll be heading to see BlackHawk Down for some war movie action with the boys.

I have two new additions to my ever growing list of Celebrity Corporate Whore Sell-Outs. This are artists or celebs who are whoring themselves out to companies to flaunt their products or services. New to the list are...

  • Garth Brooks
    This one hurt me the most. He's giving it up for Dr. Pepper, and singing some stupid song that sounds like it should be one of his, but the words are something along the lines of "Dr. Pepper is so awsome, it's so wonderful, rots your teeth slightly less than the rest of the crappy pop out there." Kinda got a nice ring to it doesn't it. The best part of this (at least for Garth) is that the end of the ad is a plug for his new album Scarecrow.
  • B.B. King
    The reigning King of Blues is going with the "BB with BK" slogan as he whores out to Burger King.
  • Richard Dean Anderson
    Better known as McGuyver, hero to all and hearthrob of some, star of multiple movies, series, and the current show, Stargate SG1, is whoring out calling cards or something like that. Oh how the mightly have fallen. And not even a cute tie in where he makes a telephone with a swiss army knife, an old tire, and a broken CD case.

I'm not even going to mention Britney Spears and her whoring out to Pepsi, to which I am subjected to at the start of every movie I go to at the Silver City theatre. At least she looks the part of a Corporate Whore!

01/19/2002    -{ A Lot of Shit Has Happened In My Life, But The One Thing That Makes Me Want To Cry Is Thinking About The Avro Arrow }-

Stressful couple of days. Very. More deadlines (go figure) as usual. We thought we were ready, but on friday as it got closer and closer to 1pm when we were supposed to show our warez to the boss things started looking bleaker and bleaker. Don't get me wrong, the team had performed awsome in the last couple of weeks, creating a whole new build system, and re-writing some major software from scratch. Some details that were pretty major went untested until that day, with the assumption that they'd work and we could spend till 1 working on the little niggly bits. Turned out the niggly bits killed us before we got to them.

I worked without break from that morning till around 7 that night (no food, oh the humanity!) when we had more fixed, and things were getting closer to being done. More work friday night after a great meal and some mental downtime. The problem I have now is there is a bug in the Java code (ScoobyD please fix!) that prevents me from sending off data, which makes things very hard to test. Luckily I can build disks for the disk/cdrom version.

01/17/2002    -{ "So justify this strange obsession you have with KDM..." }-

This morning was the first morning in a while that I've really felt like death. I think I'm getting the cold/throat thing that people at the office were getting, which really isn't fair in my opinion, as I had a throat thing a couple of weeks ago. Course back then it wasn't making me feel so bad, it was just making me cough (strange but true).

Today wasn't a workout day though, so I got to sleep into the gloriously late hour of 7:00am! Tomorrow is bike nazi day and I guess that's going to really suck, but I'll have to see how I'm feeling. I have been going faithfully every week specifically because I know if I start not going and making excuses it'll get easier and easier to not go... but on the other hand, I don't think it's a good idea to work out (especially a "strenous cardio workout") when sick. Maybe I'm just a big wimp, who knows.

Deadline day tomorrow (again, when aren't there deadlines looming?), so lots to do!

01/16/2002    -{ You'll Never Get Away With This! }-

Had a decent squash game this morning. Unfortunately we're not at the stage where we can actually have a "real" game and have fun. We're beyond the point of walking to get the ball every time you hit it, but not quite good enough to compete. I had a good discussion with Del about Microserfs' style of writing, and I made the determination that reading Tolkien was the exact opposite of reading Microserfs. Tolkien is like sitting in a slave ship being beaten by many men with large spiked clubs. Microserfs on the other hand, is like lying on pillows, and being fed pizza by naked virgins. Neil Stephensen is somewhere in between the two... I guess like being fed pizza by men with spiked clubs. Or maybe being beaten by naked virgins or something.

I can tell it's going to be a long day....

01/13/2002    -{ "I want them to remain secret for as long as men are capable of evil." }-

The above is a quote from Neil Stephensen's novel Cryptonomicon, which I started reading again after some rave reviews from Silverstr and Foz. The quote is in reference to mail encrypted with such a high form of encryption that it would take centuries to break, and in response to the question of "how long do you want this to remain secret?"

Things My Cats Do

  • Zoon, as soon as she hears my car alarm being armed, will sit in front of the front door waiting for me. As soon as the door is opened she races out into the hall and wanders up and down it, not running away from me (her persuer) but not letting herself be caught. When she reaches one end she'll head to the other. I figure she's taking me for a walk. This happens with people coming to the door in general though, but apparently she perks up when she hears the "Beep!" of my alarm.
  • Corny steals my chair. More often than not he'll wait until I'm going toward the chair to sit down than just jump up as I leave it. Sometimes it's a race between us to see who can get there first. Of course who can resist such a cute cat stretching out on a computer chair, so I'm sure he's associated the petting he gets when he's in it as a good reason to steal it from me. That or maybe he likes his chairs pre-warmed.
  • Every morning, generally around 5:20am, Zoon will maul me with love. She's not a great lap cat, and doesn't like forced affection (too much time is wasted when she could be racing around the house like a madman I guess), but in the mornings she'll come up to me and/or A and purr her little heart out while rubbing her face and wet nose onto my face, scritching herself on my goatee. Of course, who can resist love from a little grey kitten?
  • Rex seems to have been trained out of the "lick, lick, lick, bite" thing he used to do. Now it's just "lick, lick, lick." Generally when I'm trying to get to sleep at night he'll arrive on my chest, standing so that he's on all fours as to make sure the maximum amount of weight is on each pointy little paw (with at least one directly on my bladder), and recieve his stroking. When that's been done he'll relieve the pain by lying down so that his face is in reach of mine, and intermixed with the petting and stroking he receives he will happily lick my nose. As this doesn't involve having his fangs up my nose I don't mind so much.
  • Sometimes in the mornings Corny will decide that he really wants to go under the covers and will claw at them, or simply whine and look pitiful until someone lifts the covers up for him and lets him go under to lie there. He'll do this for a bit, then turn around, get in a more comfortable position, and snuggle more until either we stop petting him or he becomes bored.
  • Something that A appears to have taught Zoon and Rex is "begging is fun!" So now whenever someone goes to the kitchen to open up the fridge the two of them are there, looking up (Zoon always sitting right between my legs) as if to say "fish! give us fish! you know you want to give us fish right?" If that fails Zoon will wander as far into the fridge (thankfully she hasn't started actually getting into the fridge, just walking towards the hinges) as she can until I tell her "no kittens in the fridge!"

01/07/2002    -{ Mondays Really Really Really Suck }-

Lets see, the last time I went to the gym it felt like monday because it was the first time during the week that I had gone. Having the lady at the front desk say "Have a good weekend guys!" was like having Christmas all over again.

This monday was nowhere near as good. By any remote stretch of the imagination.

Started out with a 20 minute run, and weights. Hey, nothing wrong there. Get to work and things just start going downhill. The good part is that after a bit I forgot that my leg had started to cramp up. See, about 6 months ago part X needed some fixes... at the time there was no way to do it "nicely," so it got put on the backburner. Because there are always fires to fight in this exciting adventure I call my life, it got forgotten (by me, I take full responsibility). Only thing is that it had a 1 year limit, and caused bad things to happen. So pretty much the first thing that happened to me was getting beaten over the head with two rolled up posters (a map of the internet and a tux poster) by the boss. Oh the joy.

Things were fixed, and a utility which is pretty cool was created (though it's not going to be needed for another 9 or 10 years), and this will all be 99% hidden from the end user. Still, it was a fuck up and it sucked.

My buddy Cat5 sent me some amusing quotes about cats which I posted here. And while I soaked in the tub tonight washing the day away, my kitten decided to dropped her back half into the water. She was quite confused and very wet. Spent the next hour licking herself (fur and pride) clean and giving me distastful little looks, like it was my fault. Typical! :)

I'm sure there was a lot of other things I wanted to put down but that's all I can think of right now. Sounds like it's time for bed.