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Yay! My parents made it to Hawaii! Hope you guys are having fun!


Wow, a 16 hour day can really get you down. I spent from 9am till 1:40 at work. The first half of the day was spent at a clients site (grrrr) fixing a lame-ass problem that should've never cropped up :-(, but oh well, these things happen. The rest of the day was spent hunting bugs, and re-writting stuff. Last bit (from quitting time till 1am) was eating pizza, and hunting an elusive and wanky hardware problem with a PCI slot. I guess it is true that if you eliminate all but the impossible (nic, motherboard, hd, software), only the impossible remains. Or something like that. Bleah. Almost all fixed now, just a named issue that we can update remotely (hopefully).

Last weekend was spent geeking with Iambe and WNight. We spent the weekend geeking, fragging, eating sushi and watching bad movies (Virus). I did forget totally about going to my folks for dinner, and my cell ran out of juice, and they had no idea where I was. I felt really shitty about that :-( The SWAT team was alerted but luckily not called into action.

Anyway, it's 2:15 and I have to be up to do an install for 8:30 or something crazy, so this is me, signing off.


Went to see You've got Mail tonight with a friend of mine. It was an interesting movie, basically a love story built upon the premis of two people falling in love on the net, but hating each other in real life, and not knowing that they were the same two people. Or something like that.

A good movie though, but a bit of a "chick flick", so it's something to take an SO to. This of course kinda sucks as it comes right after a really good episode of Dawson's Creek where everyone falls in love all over again, and more often then not ends up in the sack. The sack doesn't concern me that much, it's the process of getting there, falling in love and exploring feelings and all that touchy feely shit.

I'm revising my Perfect Woman requirements again, to be something simpler and more well defined. I'm looking for a mind fuck. Not someone to fuck with my mind (as most of them seem to do), but a mind fuck. Defined it results in my earlier requirements, someone who challenges me, and who I can talk to, and is on my level conversation wise or intelligence wise. All that rolled into one, someone who can excite my mind is what I'm looking for most of all. The rest, the good looks, great sex, and ability to purr like a cat is secondary (but still important). These secondary things can be picked and chosen, but the mind fuck part has to stay for me to be satisfied.

While talking to a friend over the week we pondered the question of are we going to be lonely forever, searching for this person to excite our minds. While I'm generally dismal in this area, I have to take my own advice. Everything that is supposed to happen will happen and has happened, by definition. Time will bring along that perfect person, be it in your own building, town country, world or galaxy. While I'd rather not wait to meet some martian chick for my perfect female, if I have to I will.

I've been thinking lately I have to do more writing. It's fallen a bit by the wayside and in the misdt of reading about DNS and Bind (O'Reilly) and Unix Network Programming (Stevens) or even Learning GNU Emacs (O'Reilly). I'll get to it gentle reader, I promise. In front of me I have notes hastilly scribbled while driving down the highway of some image, or poem idea that I had to write down before it escaped my fragile mind. Soon enough these scraps will turn into entities upon themselves, and, if all goes as planned, take flight as something good.

Random Thoughts on my Writing.
Strangely enough people like my poetry and I'm flattered. However, my favorite peice, the one that might not be what I consider my best work, but the one that means the most to me is yet unpublished on the web. Maybe someday I will, but not at this moment. Maybe that it's my attempt to capture a powerful image and keep it with me is why I like it so much. Maybe it's the memory that goes along with the poem, and nothing to do with the poem at all? Who knows, who cares! As I clearly state on the page, it's nothing to do with anything other than a manifestaion of my feelings out in text. (are you seeing the babbling happening here?).

Enough of that. Everyone, if you know Llau, she waves hello from England. Hopefully I'll be going to visit her soon.


Morning all.. happy new year and all that crap, hope you had a good one. For me, these's been a lot of work the last while. Getting stuff at work ready for the big comdex show. Saturday I was at work upgrading our system and getting it ready to go, sunday (today) I'll be going to the actual show to help out the Vancouver Linux people set up. This sucks, but in a way isn't bad because I'll be paid to sit on my ass for 3 days and talk tech with fellow geeks.

So that's work... personal well, yes, some developments there. But not here.

So now I leave you with those thoughts, gentle reader, as I sit here trying to eat my breakfast, with a cat on my shoulder, and time pressing me to get ready so I can get ready to be picked up for the days work.