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02/21/2001    -{ It Compiles! Ship it! }-

My final hours at the office were fruitful. As far as I can tell, everything on my side is working ok. We'll have to see if I get a screaming phonecall tomorrow :)

My final memories of the office was talking to ScoobyD (java programmer supreme) and hearing her say "oh god duck!" and then turning around to be attacked via nerf weapons by both SilverStr and LIMOS. :)

Now I get 5 hours of blissful sleep before a hell day of travelling tomorrow. I'll try to keep ya'll updated on what's going on via this page, and will see about stealing dad's camera to take some snaps so I can have stuff to put online.

02/20/2001    -{ Code 16 Lines, Whaddya Get... }-

Nothing says lovin' like a 17 hour day!

(though I have to admit I'm happy with what I got done).

02/19/2001    -{ Chris Carter Puked in My Face Last Night }-

Or at least that's what it felt like. His steaming bowl of X-Files felt like a slap to the tenderbits in it's absolute lack of cohesion, sense, and compliance to the trailers. The trailers for this show (the only reason I watched) make it look like a bunch of stuff is answered and (maybe) we find out WTF happened to Mulder. But no, a series of disjoined flashbacks, teases, and soap-oprea-facial-fades left me with no clue of what is going on. All you know is that Scully is still preggers, and not much more. No clue if Mulder is the doner. Maybe the father? (There is a difference). Did lady-she-tried-to-save have a real child, or an alien baby? Who knows? All I can say at this point is I hope that Carter can finish up the series with at least some degree of finality and certainty. If he ends the entire x years of X-Files with a big "?" I will personally go out and... well, think really mean thoughts about him anyway. Personlly I'm much more excited about The Lone Gunmen series which will start march 4 (jot that one down in your dayplanners!). At least I hope it'll be a standard serial type story, where they get something to do at the start of each show, and then finish it at the end (with maybe a 2-parter or 2 for new seasons). If they do do a season-encompassing conspiricy theory, I hope they realize that it looses it's audience after about 7 seasons, if you don't give people more to bite on than more questions about what the hell is going on.

Thought for the Day: ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't people comment their code?!?!?!? If I could find the guy who coded beepage I would write him a long list of reasons why you should at least put a little one liner for functions (such as queue_check() ) so others (that'd be me) don't have to waste precious time figuring out the nuances of what the hell it does!

02/17/2001    -{ My Last Few Days Here }-

Yup, that's right, this wednesday I'll be flying out [insert hand motions here] with A to Hawaii for my first holiday in ages. Of course, deadlines have slipped a bit at work so now I'm leaving in the midst of the end of final preparations (for sure this time). All I know is that I'll be chained to my desk for the next little while. It'll be worth it though. Most of the code is going well, my actual contributions are in two or three small areas, which should be able to be tested and written off as "Done" by the time I leave.

Preparations here for this are absolutely minimul. Except for getting tickets and passports and stuff, all I really have to do is get myself a swimsuit before Wednesday. I was thinking of one of those speedo style, skintight fit ones.... waddya think? :) No, I thought not.

So what else is going on? Well, I'm just downloading the latest WFA files so I can do a bit of online fraggin', and after that I plan to upgrade my phpnuke site to the latest version. Sometime I'll have to find time to actually take advantage of all the cool new features.... maybe play with the layout and colors a bit more as well.

02/11/2001    -{ Life, Love, and Doritos }-

Long time no update. I've been meaning to for a while, collecting things each day that I may want to write about and ramble to the masses at large. Alas, each time I have time, I decided to do something more important, like sit on my ass and do nothing, or sleep, or the like. However, tonight I find opportunity to sit down for a few and recount my last few days.

Gas prices (my El Guapo) are still fluctuating rapidly. At one point Abby had 58.9 and Chilliwack had 68.9, and then the next day they swapped. I actually saw 55.9 yesturday. Too bad I just filled up.

In my travels this weekend I ended up going through Maple Ridge, and it was on a beautiful day. I passed by the Ears. They looked awsome. I decided that this summer I will hike to the top. I did it in grade 9, and decided that it's been too long since I've gone hiking/camping. It'll suck, and I'm sure that I'll be cursing the whole way up, but I will do it. Not sure if I'll go alone or not. Last time I went I went with Fred, Shaun, Drew and John. I still remember some of the things that happened, like John bringing up a HUGE blanket and cans of chili in a mini-cooler in his pack. Stuff like that. Maybe when I go it'll be like a religious experience, getting back to nature thing. Not sure. I'm sure Brad will go with me if I ask though :)

I got my RRSPs done last week as well. It was a relief to get it all worked out finally. Sucked to see my account take the hit, but alas, I hope that it shall be re-infused at the time of my refund! Well, hoping anyway. One day I really should set up a budget or something huh? Sometime soon.... course, that was supposed to be this weekend, but maybe now that HellMonth+1 is almost semi-over (or not) I'll have an evening or two to sit in front of gnumeric and work it out.

Played a lot of quake this weekend as well. Till 3am last night. I kicked ass too :) Only thing that really sucks is when a server is set up so that it always has a certain number of players, and when not enough human players are there, it supplements bots. You find a nice full server, with a low ping, and find the players are mynx, orbb, etc. Hard to saw how I really was, but I came out on top a hell of a lot.

Tig came over Saturday night with doritos, iced tea, and two of the cheesiest movies ever: The Big Hit and Godzilla, King of the Monsters! All I can say is "oh my."

Oh, and a sidenote. The Practice, and Boston Public (two of the only shows I consider worth watching anymore) are doing a crossover. Dude who is friend of dude who was doing the student got fired, and he's hiring the chick from The Practice to get him his job back (notice how I don't actually pay attention to the little details, like names and stuff). The Practice episode is almost over, and was pretty good. Only problem is that if he wins (I'm sure he will, I can't see them getting rid of two characters that easily (though I liked Milton, and am not sure if he's really gone)) what happens when he goes back to his job. I wonder how you go back to work with people you attacked in a courtroom.

02/05/2001    -{ Cold Deoderant Helps Me Wake Up with a "AIEEE!" }-

Another dream last night, after a decent amount of sleep. Actually, overall yesturday sucked not as much as it could have. I went off to see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon with tig, foz, and engel, had dinner (I do have meatballs!), and watched my sunday night lineup of TV. Probably more than I watch during the week.... and God bless Matt Groening for showing 3 men being gang-raped by 14 foot tall amazonian women on Futurama! XFiles didn't totally suck, and on the Practice that guy who was in trouble got off (I only follow it wht half an ear).

That means I'm almost ready to start a week of work. For anyone counting, that's 2 weeks and 2 days left before heading to the tropical goodness of Hawaii! But I'm not counting (honest).

My dream last night involved climbing, a white spot, and two of my friends. I'd get into it but I have to head out to that work place to do that code stuff. Well, I have 5 min or so so why not?

Me, Engel and Iambe went across the river to go to white spot. When we got there the resturant was up on top of a big hill, so Iambe grabbed this big rope that was laid out and started climbing, while Engel belayed (well, hauled the rope in from his side anyway. Somehow (and looking back I'm not sure how this happened), the rope got away from engel and he let go. Seeing as Iambe was going up, the rope was trailing above her and around a tree or something at the top and then back down to the bottom, I'm not sure how it got away, but that's what dreams are for right? So he looked confused and I jumped up the hill (small cliff) and climbed for a couple of feet and grabbed theend of the line, helping Iambe get up to the top safe. After that I was woken up by the melodious sound of my alarm clock, coaxing me out of bed.

Figured out why my backup alarm was waking me up 10 or so minutes late.... it's amazing what'll happen when your time is off by ten minutes.

Eeek! There's Engel going to his car now! Gotta jet!

02/02/2001    -{ If you could go back, would you? }-

This mornin was a slow morning to get up, probably partially by the fact I got to sleep so early (11:19pm is the last time I saw on my clock). It also caused more weird dreams.

I was in the public library in Maple Ridge, beside Rogers video. Wandering around in there I saw a couple of people who I thought I recognized from school (Krista was the first). I ignored them and made sure they didn't see me just yet. After a bit I went to the main shelves and was looking at some posters or something in the bottom shelf. Returning from I noticed one or two more of the old Garibaldi gang (Jason... not H, but another one, with long blonde hair... was one of them) all standing around in a circle. Looked like a bunch of them had met up and were shooting the shit. I wandered towards them and a girl recognized me and came towards me to greet me, and then kneed me in the balls (not that hard, more of a tap with her knee than anything). I hammed it up a bit, and then started talking to them.

After a bit they dispersed, or something, and I left the library. When I got outside I realized I'd forgotten to check out a book, and took it and popped it down the return book slot. I then went back to the parking lot (above ground, multi level) and looked for my car. In doing so I met up with some wierd guy who I don't think I know. I sort of said near him "Now I just have to remember at which entrance I left my car." He walked near/with me, not sure which, as I randomly squeezed my alarm remote, hoping to hear my car beep at me.

Somehow I made it to another library, and lost the weird guy. In this library I found my old elementry school principle, Mr. A... don't remember his full name. He looked a bit like Klinger from M.A.S.H. though. We walked up the narrow stairs to the elevator down, where I waited for him to hit the button or move so I could squeeze by and hit the button. I started talking to him and asking how he was, etc etc. and then were a couple of uncomfortable silences (I asked him how his family was and he said something to the effect of "they were in chains when they came over.... I don't want to talk about it." Very weird. So he's giving me his phone number (he's a private eye as well as a librarian) on the back of a plastic bag he found in the fridge and I gave him some paper that would work better for him. He wrote something like "get away, danger" on the paper. I think that's about the time my alarm went off (again).