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04/29/2001    -{ "I come here to cry" }-

I'm not sure how this weekend has gone. On one hand, it was great... on another, it was bad, in another, it could have been much worse. On saturday Joker from work (the scuba guy) arranged paintball for a bunch of people from work. It was pretty nice (though I pity BarqMulch (with the stinger above), the weather was just perfect, not to hot, cold, or wet. We played a bunch of games and while I don't know offhand how many people I shot, or how many games my team won, but I do know I had a blast. Nailed Cuv pretty good too :)

Sunday was spent cleaning up the house. Firefly and her mom have been around putting up shelves like mad, and completely re-arranging my life to meet their own cruel whim. Horrible people. When I become an Evil Overlord I'll get myself some midget henchmen to prevent this.

Today along with the cleaning, I've been feeling pretty crappy. Stuffed up and sneezing anyway. I'm not sure if I should stay home from work tomorrow or not. On one hand, I'm not all that bad, I feel bad, but not bad enough to prevent me from working or driving or anything. On the other hand, feeling stuffed up and sick (cold-like) just sucks and spreading (another) illness around the office. Bah. Guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning when Engel starts banging on my door at 8am :)

Bah, need to do some shopping too.

Been playing around with Windows 2000 a bit as well, but in VMWare. Only today did someone (Dragon) tell me how to do it :) Course, Dragon suggested something that I tried and (thought) failed. Of course, now I've actually gone through the install it's possible it'll work this time, soon as I have time (RSN).

You know those ads for cheese where they have someone do something really weird to someone buying cheese (ie: taking their block of chedder from them while they are in line at the checkout)? Well, if someone did that to me I'd punch them I think.

04/22/2001    -{ Random Thoughts }-

11:00pm Ever had one of those nights where you've decided to go to bed at a decent hour, and are lying there, prepared for a long long night of that much sought after "sleep" thing, when a thought strikes you.

Rectangles are the order of the Universe.

What happens if you have a king sized bed, you know, one of those ones where it's a perfect 18 foot square. Your sheets can go a total of 4 different ways. And if you have a duvet, that doubles it to 8... if you're a sheet, sheet, comforter kinda guy or gal that brings the total to 12 different directions that your covers could go, not to mention the possibility of you getting all three sheets and covers going different directions.

Dear $DEITY what would happen then.

Rectangular beds, and thusly rectangles, are the order in the universe. You only have a possible 2 ways to muck things up, and of those two, one will have a tag, and you simply have the choice (however agonizing) of does the tag go at the top... or the bottom.

This may take a while to figure out, allow yourself at least a week of thought time before you need to get worried.

So if squares are the disorder of the universe, then rectangles must be order. I wonder how much more believable and reputable statistics would be if all those math people used the "rectangle" of a number instead of the "square" to do their wacky calculations. I took stats in school and I know what they do to those poor number to manipulate them to their own discusting guilty little freakish whims. I mean, come on, you think the term "lies, damn lies and statistics" was just made up by some 86% of the population? I think not.

How about a movement, a movement for the conversion of all mathematics to use the new "rectangle" calculation instead of the square. They'd probably adopt some lame 2:1 rectangle for their calculations (ie: 4^r = 24 (r = rectangle)), but I say no! The rectangle (if it is to be used to it's fullest) should be a randomly changing ratio, up to but never including 1:1 as it's size.

But back to beds....

What about the other disorder thrown in by such evils as king sized bed. I mean, you not only have 4 choices for the directions of your sheet(s) but also yourself! What greater personal dilema than which way to sleep. If you are lucky enough to have a bed that is lined up with the walls you at least have the the opportunity to view each wall of your bedroom, but if your bed is cockeyed in the middle of the room what the heck are you supposed to do! Not only do you not have control of your own body but of the bed on which you sleep!

Oh the humanity!

04/20/2001    -{ Happy Pot Day Duuuuuude }-

Or so I'm told it's pot day or something like that. A couple of references to "4:20" have passed my way through TV and stuff online. Oh well, I don't smoke pot so I guess I really don't care less.

Ah joy, another vividly remembered dream.....

I was going to the temple on top of a very steep hill. The two people I was driving with pissed me off so I got out of the car and decided to walk. The road was a switchback and very very steep. Through the woods too, a very BC look. The people drove on ahead (or went somewhere else) and I started walking up this road, legs burning. I got a little way up and saw through the fence (there was a fence running up the hill) a bear. I froze instantly and looked for a cub, which there was none.... almost. It was a little behind it's mom. I breathed a sigh of relief because we all know never to get between a bear and her cubs. Unfortunately, about that time the cub decided that it was going to check me out. So it comes tromping towards me and sniffs me or something, and mom doesn't like this at all and comes charging at me, howing and very angry. I cowered in a ball and while the bear did hurt me, I didn't "feel" it, even in my dream. Maybe I was in shock or something. The bear wanders off after I guess it was sure that its cub was safe and I raced uphill. I mean raced. This was like a mountain (class 4) and I was just motoring up.

I eventually get to the temple (which looked more like a picnic spot) and found some "friends" of mine. I tried to tell them of my adventure, and got about halfway through the story just above when they lost interest, or were distracted by something, or something. It seemed like the rest of my dream was trying to get them to pay attention to me long enough to finish my story. Maybe that is why I remember the bear attack so clearly but hardly have any recallection of the rest of the events.

Firefly and her mom did some massive changes to the apartment yesturday, huge kudos and thanks them them. The closets were outfitted with those closet organizer things, and things were moved around to creat a much better use of space. How long such great organization will last I can't say, but I'm willing to bet that it'll be until I have to actually use anything :)

Sunrun Sunday, I'm scared.

Climbing Saturday though, so I'm excited :)

MEC tonight so I'll be broke!

04/19/2001    -{ What is a "Hegemon" anyway? Some sort of pokemon hedge creature? }-

Well, I did technically get to sleep yesturday, and not this morning, which is a good sign. My one bitch about Black and White is that there are some parts you just can't skip (I think there is a tool out there for them though). So if you decide to start a second game, you still have to go through the same BS at the start, with the demos of how to do things, and the long dialog, and those goddamn singing little bastard boat-builders! (I guess it would not be "goddamn" but "medamn" huh?).

I had another strange dream last night.

I think we were fighting the buggers (see Enders Game) or something, but they were people, with primitive fighting implements, and who were from quebec (or just on the Quebec border). They came at us and I (or the hero of the dream, I'm not sure) was narrowly saved by the parrot around his neck catching, deflecting, or absorbing the arrow shot at him. I (or the hero) after having his own arrow shot from his hand, said "Oh, I didn't realize you wanted a king killer" (or something like that that didn't sound nearly so lame) and shot past the two protecting guys and through the chief/kings grass sheild, ending the battle (which was incidently over or by a stone structure with a balcony and a ladder up to it, and is right on the english side of the quebec border).

And the people at work laugh and say "I'm scared, he writes weird dreams down." Muauahahaahahahaa!

Side note: While the Canucks did lose 5-1 last night, with 3 goals scored against them in 36 seconds in the 3rd period, they still played valiently and we all (and I'm sure Vancouver proper as well) can say they are proud of their guys for putting up the fight that they did. Colorado swept us 4 games to none, but we put up a hell of a fight. Congrats guys!

04/18/2001    -{ Future Shop Shines Again }-

I finally got climbing last weekend... man it was good... sooooo goooooood. Me, Gumby and Cat5 wandered out to Squamish Saturday morning (nice and early) and hit the rock. My first climb (a 5.8/5.9 with a .10a start) I did great at, ditto with Who Needs Bolts and Who Needs Pro (.10a and .10c (I think)) were also awsome, even though I left a fair amount of shoe rubber on the latter :) Hit The Zip before lunch (which turned out to be the end of the day due to time restrictions (heading to dinner at momanddads)). I loooooove the Zip... such an awsome crack (5.10a). Almost as nice as Clean Crack. Anyway, it was a great day and I got home tired and sore, with some nice scraps on my knuckles to show that I had actually been sinking some good hand jams!

"There's a million soldiers who'd follow you to the end of the universe"
"I don't want to go to the end of the universe."
 -- Alai and Ender, Enders Game.

Yup, finished it, hopefully getting the second one tomorrow at lunch (unless D makes me run again). Awsome book, loved it. I was expecting the ending but didn't know when they'd do it (if you read the book you'd understand). Thanks to Cat5 for the lend.

Yea, I ran again today. It was nice when we left but about halfway through it started sprinkling... then pouring, then hailing.... gotta love BC weather eh? It could have been worse though, about an hour after we got back (I actually didn't go as far as D did on the "normal" run, and felt better for it I think.... actually had some gumption left at the end, even though I didn't run the whole way (something to work towards, as well as better shoes)) it started hailing like all get out. I mean hailing. I would not have wanted to have been out there driving, much less running unprotected!

To whoever is DOSing my system, bugger off before I find you and kill you with a salmon ok?

Oh, I bought a computer game. A windows game no less. Black and White. I warezed a copy first of course, to see how good it was, and oh man it's fun, and good too. The AI for the creatures rocks, and my current games (Carl the monkey and Ned the Tiger) are doing awsome. What better game than to be a god? For details about the game see the following creature stories and screenshots.

It's like crack, I swear. Training a computerized creature to learn is addictive in some way. And you really do get attached to the little buggers, even when they eat people or poop in peoples houses. Oh, and don't try to teach them horse tossing, it's just not worth it. Every now and then Carl will wander away from my Village, grab a horse, chuck it down towards the beach, and then wander back... it's hilarious!

I almost didn't get the game. You see, we all decided we liked the game enough to buy it, so when driving home we started calling the places around town to see how much it was. The first place was Future Shop and the conversation went something like this:

Future Shop: Hello how can I direct your call?
Arc: Computers, but please don't make me wait on hold too long.
FS: [3 hours of holding followed by a redirection back to the front desk]
FS: Hi there, you were holding for?
A: Computers, but I don't want to wa...
FS: [hold music for another 3 hours] A: [mutter]
FS: Hi there, I'll try them again.
A: ...
FS: [more, you guessed it, hold music]
FS: You were holding for?
A: Computers, but maybe you can help me!
FS: Certainly Sir
A: I'm looking to see what the price of the computer game Black and White
FS: One moment please.
FS: [a few seconds of hold music]
A: [sings along with the muzac]
FS: The price is $59.99 with a $20 rebate.
A: That's great!
FS: But we're all out at the moment.
A: Oh, that sucks, when do you expect more in?
FS: Wednesday
A: Isn't today wednesday? [Editors note: it was actually tuesday, but my mine was broken... however, she didn't seem to notice]
FS: Yes sir, I meant next wednesday.
A: Ok, thankyou
A: [punch "End" key and curse]

So we went everywhere else (we couldn't get another store on the phone) but everyone was closed, so we finally, just for fun, went to future shop. Well, lo and behold, there were gobs of Black and White (which comes in a really cool two sided box too) sitting right in the "New" section of the computer games. I mentioned this to the guy who sold me mine and he kinda muttered. When asked if he cared he replied "no, not really, I'm not supposed to be here today anyway." Not sure if he was trying to get that "working man comoradory" going with me or he was just a non-caring Future Shop weenie.

Moral of the story is not to believe Future Shop about anything :)

04/09/2001    -{ No the 10 hour estimate is not driving at a resonable speed }-

Vivid dream last night.

Mom had sent me to Calgary (actually up the sea to sky highway) for some reason (I had to drop something off I think.... heck of a trip (10 hours each way) to drop something off). I was going up there in a snowstorm while waching a VHS video on my in-dash DVD player, when it started getting late, so I stopped by Hanks auto-shop (where I knew some people I think) and asked if I could crash there. They brought out a cot but then I asked how far it was to the nearest hotel/motel. Just down the road a couple of minutes. Oh ok then, well, why don't I get the phone number here and call you if it's close enough to get to, because I'd rather stay there just because of the shower and everything. This was followed by me trying to find a business card to figure out their phone number, and them explaining that I only need the 467- number if I'm only listening. So I head off into the snow with my car, but the real reason that I wanted to go was because I didn't want to spend the night on a greasy old cot, and I wanted to watch my videos. Going "just down the block" took a long time, 2-1/2 hours or more actually, because when I woke up it was 6:43am and when I remembered waking up the first time from my dream it was 4am. I think.

Wow, a dream that's remembered pretty much whole, and isn't completely weird. Amazing. Now time to get my butt moving to get ready for work...

04/04/2001    -{ Oh, for a gun, please, just a little one... }-

So I flick through the channels tonight and come across "Boot Camp.".


So survivor was pretty bad. It was lame, it promoted a "one winner, all others are losers" mentality, but at least it was a tiny bit, just a minute bit, original. This POS show takes the worst of survivor and the worst of.... well, I can't say. Basically from the last 10 min of the show, it looked pretty much exactly like survivor. Instead of getting "immunity" you get "amnesty". Instead of being voted off the island, you are dismissed from the squad (with the added twist that when you get voted off the island.. erhm, squad, you get to choose who you take with you). Instead of a tribal council you stand at attention. Instead of the lame ass saying "I will now tally the votes" you have a lame ass in a drill instructor hat saying something like "the squad has made it's decision."

I'm going to guess that their "challenges" involve pretty much the same sort of challenges that survivor has, only with an army theme. I'd say I'll see if I'm right, but i really hope that I never see this again.

Got gas today at 56.9. Glad I got it in time before it's weekly pre-weekend 10 cent jump.

Got a membership to the climbing gym too. Instead of being Monkey Mountain anymore, it's under new management and is now called Flashpoint. Their prices are the same, but the owners are pretty cool, and they now take all forms of plastic.

With the prices as they are, I only have to go 4 times in a month to have it pay itself off. I hope that I go that much! I really, really want to go climbing again, and I guess eventually I just had to bite the bullet and go back. The worst part is that going back into exercise after being out of it for a while is that it's a spiral downward. I used to be a good climber. Not competition class or anything, but I could toprope 5.11b/c (Clean Crack... mmm.... what a beautiful crack). School, work, friends getting married and having kids (you know who you are!) and generally lazyness on my part let me get out of climbing, and out of shape. Feeling out of shape makes you more reluctant to go back out because you know you're not going to be as good, and it's a big blow to the ego to not be able to do what you used to, instead of being able to do better. So you don't go, get more out of shape, feel worse for getting out of shape, etc etc. Ditto with just going to the gym. Oh well, the bullet has been bit and I'll be dragging myself around and pulling on some plastic to get my weak forearms back in shape. Oh, and hopefully grow some skin back on my fingers too :)

In this spirit, I foolishly said "ok" when D from work (not ScoobyD though) said "I go running at lunch, want to go?" Oh man, what a fool I am. She tried to kill me I swear! 40 minutes of straight running (well, in theory anyway). It's a 6km route, takes about 40 minutes, and is way out my league (now anyway (that's the spirit!)). I made it 3km just fine (well, for varying levels of "fine"). I made it with her, without stopping, puking, or passing out. At that point I said "you go on ahead." Probably more like "you.... <pant> go.... <pant> on.... <pant> ahead.... <pant>" The route back was spent alternating running and walking. If I haven't said it before, thank you SilverStr for the showers in the office.