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I know, I know, long time no write. However, I do have some good stuff for you. Dreams. Yes, dreams. No, not the kinda of wishy washy "what will come of life" type dreams, but more of the "oh my god get away from me you freak" sort of dreams. The first one was about a week ago. I saw it just after I saw 6th Sense again, which explains some of it.

I was back in my old stomping grounds on some sort of company tour of a (and this is what I think it was) milk producing plant. There was a hill that we had to climb up to get to the main area where the milk was got. Up top the way they got the milk was out of the ground. Yes, out of the ground. I'm not sure if they had upside down leggless cows or not, but that is how it happened. If I remember right (and it was a while ago), they hooked up their hoses and stuff to udders that poked out of the ground. At some point during the tour they had to expand and to do so they just sort of... bashed a hole in the ground and then hooked up more hoses. As I (apparently) had the ability to see ghosts like in 6th Sense, I was the only one who could see the ghost of an old dead milk-hole-basher crawling along the ground with a small pickaxe.

Then last night after a stag for my friend Fred which lasted till 4am, I had another. Two actually, but I only remember one. Now, just to let you know I did sleep till almost 4pm today, so I'm sure the excess of sleep had something to do with it.

Anyway, I was a good guy and there was a lady in distress, or something like that. Anyway, there was a stalker/psycho/wacko after her or wanting to hurt her or something bad and I was protecting/helping her as best I could. I remember a couple of times I did like I have playing team deathmatch and just got in the guys way as he chased her through her (very nice) lakeside house so that while I was bowled over she got a bit of a head start.

Somewhere along the way, through either genuine planning or coincidence, I distracted him and she snuck up behind him and got him in a headlock. I bashed him on the head with something hard. Now, I've never hit anyone in the head with something before, and have certainly never knocked anyone out, so in my dream, as in real life, I didn't know how hard to hit. Wanting to make sure that he wasn't faking I sat on him or held him down or something while telling her to go and call 911 and get the cops or the ambulance or something!

To make sure he didn't get up I folded him up a couple of times. Eventually he folded up small enough to fit in a small tin about the size of a penguin mint tin. I had to hold the top down with both hands though, because I could feel him pushing it up and trying to get out.

Know when you have a magazine page folded up too many times? It'll eventually break along the fold lines. Well, that's what happened to this guy. He stopped moving in the tin and I opened it up (cautiously) to see what was going on. Well, he had turned into just that, a magazine picture that had broken along the tear lines. I didn't think at that point that the ambulance was needed.

Pretty screwed up huh? No, I don't know the guy went from a guy to something that could be folded (much less into a small tin), but that's what happened. It's a dream though....


Hint for the day:
When you get a cool new TV stand from your parents, put it in your front hallway in the morning (as you forgot to take it out of the back of the car the night before) on your way to work, then return home late late that night, don't turn the lights off as you head straight to bed. Bad things can happen.

Not that I'd know of course.

Today was helpingfriendsmoving day. Not too bad once we got The System going. It didn't involve climbing rope... but it almost did. Balancing precariously on the back of a truck though, which while not as good, is some sort of substitute for climbing right?

Tonight instead of going straight to bed after falling on my face^W^W^W^Wcoming in I decided to update this, and ended up on Cyranth's snippets page and realized how much we all need something like this. There's tons of stuff I hear day in and day out and think "yea, that's exactly it" but then lose it. Now I guess the question is do we try to keep that, store it somewhere for when our concious minds forget it, or just let it go, and let it's influence be passing. That I can't tell you, but I know that I myself am the keeper kind. Memories, happy and sad, books, letters, and snippets (though more of the life kind) are all around me, though often hidden from view of others. Not many people, if any get to see that side of me, my memories and past dreams and fears and failures. They're not all bad. Sometimes you learn something in the midst of things. Sometimes you learn something more important than you've ever learnt before. That's when I can't let things go. That's when I keep things ("life is pain, highness").

I guess I'll just keep collecting :) the public ones are on the main page (scroll down).


Well, finally got around to getting my own domain name, therefor you can always reach me through the URL of! Whohoo!

Sunday night again, and that means one thing. X-Files. So far it's got a 3 wishes theme, an invisible man, and a story about a man who wished himself to be, how you say, extremely well endowed.

Oh my. Maybe I should just start going to bed at 9 on Sundays.


Well, in the midst of being distracted by these there is the "90210 Final Goodbye" show on TV. Now on one hand I'd love to make fun of this... I mean, they're announcing that this week is (was) the second to last show. The second to to last! Why the second, why not make a huge deal about the fifth from last or 10th! They are in the midst of going through all the tearful "I had so much fun / they're like family to me / I had more action in this show than in real life" type BS. Now on one hand it is pretty stupid, but on the other hand, 10 years is a hell of a long time to be on TV. Hell, I remember watching the show when it first started (I know this only because I remember the first show (based on what they showed mind you)). I must have been like.... 14, 15, something like that. It was kind of like a modern Degrassi High show, as (IIRC) Degrassi ended around that time (with the F word being spoken on TV... on CBC! Oy! The sky is falling!).

Working on some cool stuff at work.... it's nice to have all these extra people there to do other extra work like testing or graphics or website or whatever. Course, I'm just a lazy I guess :)

Sleeping early is nice, I'm actually making a point to go to bed earlier... course, now you're going to say something about getting up earlier. Pah. I say Nay! NAY!

I'm incoherant now, I admit that.


Well X-Files tonight was a tiny bit less drug-crazed than last week, but was still not as exceptional as it used to be.

Changes are a comin'! After some considerations and looking I'll be redoing a bit of the main page. Not to worry, just a bit of icon size changes and some experimention in javascript for rollovers. Maybe even a background. *shrug*

I've converted back to Window Maker and 1280x1024 for ease on eyes and ease on use (cracking seti in the background while running E really sucks).


So what to do when you are back at home at 9:30 or so? Go to bed early? I wanted to. I planned to. Instead I had a flash of inspiration for a look I could give my personal page. So like a knob I went off and did it. So at 12:42am (yes, I guess I'm back dating this a bit) I'm done. I went for the "whitespace and dull colors" look. It's not godlike, and depending on how it looks at other res's and browsers (I'm in netscape for linux at 1600x1280 right now) I might make buttons a bit smaller or something.

But I like it.

Do you?