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Maybe it's just the stress or something, but I had another weird dream last night. Oh, before that, the elation and extasy of not driving turned on me yesturday when tig's starter went on him. Bah.

I had a dream about (indirectly) <bleah> malda. Apparently we (for unknown values of "we") were going on a trip or excursion of some sort to the geek compound. On the way there we had to fly of course, and when going through customs I was asked if I could take off my coat please (there didn't seem to be a metal detector, so people just put their coats through a scanner). I did, as I had my pilot in it. As the rest of my people went on, I was asked by the american dude, "sir, do you realize you have a $10,000 bill here?" Turning around he had a canadian $10 from my jacket pocket pressed up to the glass. Long dream short, we argued for a while about the fact that the funny design might make it look like there are extra '0's, but that was indeed only worth $10. Then he went through my wallet and found the 20 pound sterling bill I had there, and asked what the hell is this.

I'm not sure if it was socio-political commentary or not, but the dream was all about this. I did get out of there when a more clued airport dude arrived though....

I have a feeling where this came from I think... well, the clueless airport dude anyway. I watched "City of Angels" the tv series last night. I thought it would be like it's namesake, the movie and have angels wandering around a hospital (like the ads indicated). Sadly though it was just your standard small time hospital that cares about their patients mixed with some ER like lame soap opera elements. The episode involved an evaluation by some lame evaluator guy (who mistook gas for a heart attack). Oh well, maybe they'll get it right next time.

<shudder> malda....

/me goes to get his brain flossed


"There are worse things than a broken heart. Like the love you don't explore."


Sadly an unproductive weekend. Saturday Tig got his new car, a snazzy little white civic. Good thing too, in the carpool stance of things he owes us about a year of driving :) Today we did a washing ritual in the boiling sun... boiling literally as water, soap, armour-all, etc all fried right off the cars (his and mine) as we washed, cleaned, waxed and armour-alled them. It was a little too hot it seems, as I got all sorts of streaks on mine. Oh well, better hot than raining IMHO.

Tomorrow I'm not going running. I should, I know, but if I go to bed like, almost right now I will get [pause for calculations] 8 and a half hours of sleep. I doubt that'll happen though, because even if I do go to bed now (my allergies knocked me out badly today... bloody hay fever) I'll probably read, or not be able to sleep due to lying there going "I'm going to get so much sleep!" Either that or I'll get a phone call at 3am like I did last night. Some girl asked if Chris was there. "No, I think you have the wrong number." "Oh, sorry.... how old are you?" Now remember, I'm half asleep, so I had to think and came up with 26. Hey! It's only a year off! Hmm... wait a minute... I'm not 25 yet. Shit, I was 2 years off..... Anyway, she goes "oh, a nice age." I asked if they were partying (I'm guessing this was a I hate you/I love you call that we all do when we're piss drunk at 3am) and they said yes, and they had no one to party with. At that point I said "that's nice, I'm going back to sleep now, good night" and hung up. Too bad, I could have partied it up with some strange drunk people. Well, ok, maybe I value my sleep (and sanity (sanity????)) more than that.

ObRandomness: Let it fscking drop and get a life! || Greyhounds are bad. || It's sad I'll never be able to enjoy those types of trees again. || Garfield's eyes. || I forgot my pens upstairs.


If I didn't care about my job I'd have told her quite plainly "ma'm, you are indeed to stupid to own or operate a computer, please die."

Sadly, I'd rather not get fired. However, the next time someone tells you "You must log into windows with the same username and password on this computer as on your old computer," do you:

  1. Randomly pick a new username and password for yourself and for the next 40 minutes claim that "of course it's the same, that's what you told me to do!"


  2. Actually use the same username as was on your old computer, just like the nice programmer-forced-into-support told you.

That's what I thought.


Argh. Deadlines. They suck and are best avoided at all costs.

Flaming rum however, is quite nice and should be tried. Of course, as I was not the inventor of, nor bringer to my collective, I have no right in doing anything but saying it rocked and the third of mickey of rum or so that I have in my system made watching "the pokemon vacation" so much more bearable. Kinda. I'll bet if I had ever done acid that that was like what a flashback would be like.

Wild and crazy.

Course, I'm a wild and crazy guy right? Right... come on, sometimes I don't use strict and occasionally I'll run with scissors in my hands. But only when I'm in a really crazy mood.

Happiness and the horror for today was the MS buyout of Bungie (hit for more info). Kudos to the Bungie guys for making allegences to benifit their company and ensure their survival and prosperity, but on the other hand, do you really think that an MS owned company will port to other OSs? I mean come on. Lets just hope that Bungie is really in charge of the whole deal like they *cough* say they are.

ObAside: sick of the crap that's been flying lately. Wishing everyone could just let things go and get on with your miserable and pathetic lives (note: this is not to say that my readers (buahahahah, "readers" heheheheh) are pathetic, it was a blanket statement insulting everyone).

ObReadin': Listening to the last 2 tapes (via mp3) of Neoromancer. If I didn't have to code while I was listening to it I've have a bit more of a clue about what was going on I think.

ObListenin': Tuning into the country channel and waiting for ads for country classics collections to come on so I can remember some artist names to put into a napster search.


Yes, it's funky dream time again.....

I was at my old high school. There was an election going on, but not so much an election, but something that where you voted, and lets say you voted Vancouver, or Gander, or the edge of your town, and you'd appear there. Pretty cool huh? My boss (oh dear god why did I have a dream with my boss in it) was outside beside the track and a phone call came in but he wouldn't tell me who it was from. So I went and watched the horses for a while (there were a bunch of horses running around the school track). There was this one breed that looked like a cross between a horse and a small buffalo.... really demented, but of course, it all made sense. I decided to go running with the horses and did, keeping up with them (or they slowed down to run with me, something I think is far more likely because the one I was "racing" had it's head down really low like it was looking at it's feet to make sure it was going slow or something). I got tired then and a horse came over and got me (in a "realistic" manner, by coming towards me and making noise) because the boss had called me over because the guy on the phone wanted to talk to me (turns out it was a guy we deal with who I will identify as "F from RO" (for anyone who happens to know WTF I'm talking about)) and shoot the shit for a bit.

About that point I was jarred awake by the alarm (after being out till 1 at sushi I felt sleep was more important) which I promptly turned off, reset to 2 minutes later, turned back on, then hit the snooze when it rang (I turned it off instead of hitting snooze the first time accidently).


Workout Arcterstatus:
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

I did not want to run this morning. I even said I was too tired and reset my alarm for a half hour later. However, good sense (and a whining cat) prevailed.

... when I heard the ambulance siren go this morning I thought to myself... "how did they know?" Turns out it wasn't for me though, though I certainly feel like I need it.

Rex made this pitiful whining noise this morning that turned out to mean "I'm thirsty thirsty thirst so thirsty please feed me oh PLEASE won't you give me a little water oh come on GIVE ME SOME GODDAM WATER YOU HAIRLESS MONKEY!" So I gave him some water and he was so happy he kneeded the mat that the food and water sits on and spilled the water. So guess what I get to do before I go to work :( (and "ignore it and let it dry by itself is, while a good answer, not the correct one).


Workout Arcterstatus:
Today I didn't do so much hacking and did more weights. Not totally satisfying, but not terrible either. Increased the time I could hold 2 10lb weights horizontally out from my shoulders from 35 seconds to 40 (though I'm not sure if that's me increasing in strenght or just "finding my weight". *shrug*.

I opted to do weights instead of running this morning due the rain. I hope it'll be better tomorrow.

Did some testing on my home system today and found that I wasn't totally wrong with my 511/1500mb findings from the other day. My home system, using a very similar system to that on, gave the following info:
All matched Total size 780808K ( 745M) , real 125534K ( 120M)
(And this is on a totally unloaded server).

So I'm going to see about getting a meatier box for ufies, as slashcode does exactly what I need. And seeing all that it can do gives me more ideas on how to make a better site than writing all the backend and resulting in less stuff. Imagine a "Movies" section a la "ask slashdot" instead of just a page. All the same comments etc. Now don't get me wrong, I could write this myself, but I'd much rather concentrate on making a good site with existing, proven software.

ObObnosficated: Sillz I shall sacrafice some diet coke to you today.


So this morning I took a break. I was up late last night playing with my new toy (no, it doesn't work properly, so dont' bother) and figured that I needed the extra half hour of sleep. So basically since 8 this morning (actually before that) nothing has gone right. Now I find that (and all the sites hosted on it) is down for no reason and no one at paralynx can help me. Bah. I'd go into it but it sucks. I'm waiting for my computer to melt down or something.

Tig suggested that I "back up often". I took it to mean walk backwards for some sort of salt-over-the-shoulder reason. It was only after the laughter stopped that I realized he meant back up the computer :)

I can't wait till I get home so I can go for a run and have things work again! Then I'll site alone all night and not do anything.


Workout Arcterstatus:
Wet. Icky. But done.

Just a note.... if you have an everything of your own, don't delete the user "Default User". This little guy is used for allowing someone who isn't logged in access to the system. You'll note that mine has reverted to a default install (if you're viewing this before I go and redo all the changes I made that is) due to me wanting to tighten up security a little. Huge kudos to Nate and VRoom who've put up with my silly questions the last couple of days about how to set things up.


Workout Arcterstatus:
Not bad. Getting up was a little more painful and the workout itself was only 2 different excersises, but hey, it's something. Soon I'll look like Arnold, I swear.

I did some work using Everything last night too. Check out this link for the results. Still some work to do security wise, and functionality wize (you'll note that the journal is completely useless). I have to email Nate or someone to figure out how to deal with notes....


So why do I, friends and neighbors, come to you again, and so early (7:20am) in the morning? Well, basically I went nuts. Crazy! A loooooooney!

In some weird spirit of renewal (and of turning my case'o'beer into a six pack), I decided to start running in the mornings. This is partly my friend Brad's fault, but I suppose I can forgive him as he's occasionally saved my life and all. Anyway, I figured that if I got up a half hour earlier, I could go for a run around the block (actually about a 20 minute run, I must have mis-calculated earlier) and come back and shower, have breakfast etc, in time to go to work at the normal time. This of course parltly hinged on going to bed before 3am which I managed to do last night. This will be done every two days until I completely wimp out. Lets see how long that takes. Going every day is bad from what I understand, which is a good thing, cause, well... lets see:

Saturday morning run Arcterstatus:
Sunday morning run Arcterstatus:
Feeling good, refreshed, ready to take on the world (it was a very nice day sunday).
Monday morning run Arcterstatus:
Pathetic and emberassing. I got home and spent some time walking (limping) around the house and making strange wimpering noises and doing my best to try to make the pain in my calves go away.

So tomorrow morning it'll be weights, and hopefully my barbells will, with some effort from me, tone me up to look like Arnold for the summer. Then a run the next day... then weights... then running... oh man I'm an idiot.

Course I'm up to update this I suppose, so it's not all bad!


Well, an... interesting weekend to say the least. I attended a lobster dinner thing put on by SilverStr's rotary. Basically a night of food (loooooobster!), drink, a comedian guy by the name of The Rubber Chicken Guy ("I decided as a child I wanted to make people laugh and do magic for a living, and because of that I am now completely un-employable") and an auction (don't worry, I didn't buy anything). It was cool. I came home from this however, to an apartment with a flood and fire restoration company van outside and the building manager meeting me at the front door. Seems that all the rain we got over the weekend sat 2 feet deep on the roof due to plugged downspouts. So logically they unplugged the downspouts. And logically the water went down fast, met the water in the storm drains, and went the only place it could go... up. So apparently (and I'm really glad I wasn't there) everything came up the toilets/bathtubs/sinks of the last four apartments on the floor. I now have no carpet in the entraceway, a bigass humidifier in the front hall (turned off so I can sleep) and most of the walls of the front hall and bathroom cut away.

I got the least of it apparently, talking to the lady at the end of the hall she had a "river of shit" running from her bathroom through the house. Lovely image eh? All I can say is I'm glad I wasn't here.

Luckily nothing was damaged (except the carpet) and the building covers the costs. There might be an issue of the moving of stuff should the entire carpet need replacing though. I'm personally thinking that if they have to rip it up just leave it up and refinish the nice hardwood floor instead of putting new carpet in.

Got burnt today too. The sunshine kind. Headed out to the lake to wander around and enjoy the sun, which was nice. Little pink on my face and shoulders, but hey, it's a sign of my actually getting outside on the wonderful weekend!

I was reading the retrospective on Charles Shultz over here and I was exceptionally touched by this cartoon. Sometimes they can hit it right. on. the. head. Hmm... time to whip out my old peanuts cartoons I think. I used to love the ones with Snoopy and the red baron. Heck, I at one point made a (not very accurate) replica of his doghouse and put it in the lawn so that I could pretend to be snoopy pretending to shoot down the Red Baron.


So I'm at work see... well, I literally am at work now as we speak.... but for a second or two I just sat and listened. No talking, no extra noises. Just the soft clattering of keys. I thought that was so cool. Nothing but people working. Not the working part that was important (though the boss'll say different of course), but the fact that everyone was harmonious in their concentration. Normally there's someone talking, or the salespeople yapping on the phone, or the techies discussing how to attack some problem or test, but for a while it was nothing but the sound of silence and tapping keys.

Do you?