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06/28/2001    -{ "There's something about her / that makes me want to feed her..." }-

If the FBI is monitoring this page (as they should be) they'll be interested in my latest dream.

I was a willing participant in the assasination of Sinead O'Connor. Not someone who actually was doing anything, but I knew about it and did nothing. Maybe it was some sort of introspective thing to do with whether I suck or not. I don't remember exactly how I found out abou it, but I was around when it happened, feigned horror and shock while hiding my fear of discovery, and was sad when the sniper got her bald head.

I kept that all hidden of course, even though I knew how it had all gone down. The sniper in the trees, the people around her who got her by the window, how the radio would issue a single click just before (or after, forget) the shot was fired (Yes, I realize that makes no sense, but it's a dream ok!). I'm still not sure why she had such high security.... similar in a way to the presidents security, but again, dreams don't explain all that. Now if the dream had continued I'm not sure if I would have broken down and told someone, or been able to keep the secret (I don't remember anyone paying me for my silence or participation, so there was really no reason to do it....).

Yes, it was very weird.

06/21/2001    -{ Dolly Ain't Where it's at. }-

Had another really wierd dream last night.

It was wartime, and part of my work building (the middle part, with the bathrooms and the hall around them) was there, by the beach. It was being attacked and bombed (this was brought on no doubt by far too many hours of playing Urban Terror last night). I was hiding in the back hall and knew it was a stupid place to be because if any bomb came close by then the center section would move backwards, crushing all of us. I remember hoping that if it did happen that it was fast. I was there with (of all people) Tom Cruise. When the gun fighting on the beach stopped we looked out and saw that there were rocket wars happening... basically jeeps or some sort of vehicles shooting rockets back and forth on the beach. A while later (with "hero music" swelling up no doubt) I saw Tom Cruise on the red motorcycle from Mission Impossible:2 shooting rockets. Wow. My hero <gag>.

I think I need serious help....

06/19/2001    -{ Sleep come to me my elusive mistress! }-

Well, last night was definately not as restful as the night before. After removing a bunch of accounts (shell access anyway) on (due to a DoS attack) it was about midnight. Around then I checked my mail and Cuv from work had asked me to change a DNS entry for his new domain. No biggie, but in watching the system messages when doing it I noticed some errors with another part of my DNS setup. So an hour later that was finally resolved (took more searching and gimping than it should have) and by that point I needed a little urban terror (oh yea.....).

Course, about then I noticed that a new patch for quake3, and of course I had to get it and report on it. Needless to say it was a late night for me.

Then I come home today and discover firefly and fireflymom have returned to my place, along with 3 dogs, one of which has had a little "incident" with a skunk. They went for a walk with Circe today or something and Sasha (one of the dogs being dog-sat) came upon a skunk and decided to play, or sniff it's butt, or something. Either way there is a faint lingering smell that seems to be a combination of dog, skunk, ketchup, vinegar, and skunk-b-gone (or some sort of any skunk-smell stuff). It's going away, but it was definately a surprise to come home to. The cats were locked up in the bedroom, and I'm sure they weren't too happy about the whole thing either :)


'scuse me. Allergies. Sucks.

Today was more of the "find the random, un-reproducable, different every time, curruption" bug that's been my El-Guapo for the last couple of days. It's been pushed to the top of the stack of stuff to do, and I was going to work on it more tonight but I ended up going out to dinner with firefly, fireflymom, and 3 smelly dogs. Left the dogs in the car, had sushi. Yum. Pumped some plastic at the rock gym with Cat5 afterwards as well, that was good. We're trying to train better, working with endurance a bit more by getting a moderate climb (this case a semi-overhanging or vertical 5.9) and going up it without stopping several times. Gets a really good forearm pump going, and gets us sweating and getting a good cardio workout. This is a good thing of course, getting us to the point of muscle failure, when you grip and grip but your hands just don't do anything and eventually you try to grab something that's not some huge jug, and grease off very unceremoniously.

Lets just say my fingers hurt now :) (but again, that's a good thing).

06/18/2001    -{ Code, Test, Debug, Repeat. }-

This morning didn't totally suck! Even though I got to bed at midnight last night, I actually woke up feeling "ok". I actually woke up at 3am for no reason at all, and went back to sleep a few times between then and 7, but I was feeling great (or thought I was anyway). I got up to discover that it had been payday recently, so I had money in the bank, and according to my scale, a couple of pounds had been shed. Not sure when or where, but I'm not complaining.

Course, I forgot all the stuff for scubadiving (Joker found a cheap(er) guy to get certified from, so me, firefly, fozbaca, scoobyd, cuvarack and cat5 are getting our scuba cert out in Hope. Very cool stuff.

06/15/2001    -{ Keep me as far from Hitler as possible. }-

Took my Political Compass test today:

Economic Left/Right: -4.08
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -4.55

I'm apparently a Libertarian Left, and about the same area as Gandi, and opposite to Hitler. What does that actually mean? No clue :)

06/13/2001    -{ Tux is Smiling at me Funny }-

Today was un-productive. I got some code done on the encryption stuff for ulisten, but a lot of time was spent getting in and out of code-mode due to various interruptions, but self-induced and otherwise. Mailing list crap with stuff about distro wars, package format wars, and whether person x is right and everyone is wrong, etc. etc. I get home and figure hey, I can finally get some fscking work done. Nope. Decide to install win98 back instead of w2k because it didn't help me with my crashing problems. Damn thing took longer to get back to linux (finding a boot disk that would get me back to be able to access linux after win98 wiped out my mbr (as expected)). Interestingly enough windows doesn't even bother to warn you about when it's going to wipe your MBR anymore, it just does it quietly. Back in the win98 (95?) days it popped up a box saying it "had found an alternate MBR, it may be another OS, we're going to wipe it out ok?" Not that you had a choice, but at least it warned you. Oh well, can't have people having other OSs right?

Got home and while windows was copying and rebooting I rode to get milk for breakfast. Totally forgot to get cereal of course though. Firefly found that granola is like the highest amount of fat of any cereal, and in my quest for better fitness/nutrition it's gotta go right? Actually I rode to the store twice, or 1.5 times, not because I forgot cereal, but on the way the first time I forgot my wallet. Nice little ride though, just enough to get my legs a little pumped and breathing hard. I'm sure that it's not doing any real good for me, but it's better than sitting on my ass all day. Wait a minute, it's just more sitting. Geez...

Eyes are itchy. Allergies? Fsck.

Typing now with eyes closed, waiting for files to finish copying across from my backup to the new windows partition (well, newly reinstalled windows partition). Hopefully now my burning program (cdrwin) will work properly, instead of burning my a shitload of coasters :( Eyes open now. Still itchy though. <quickly corrects spelling mistaikes in eyes closed typing>

Not sure if I'm going to work on getting burning back up and going tonight and while it's going clean up this sty, or go and work on my 3 item checklist of unstable stuff that I'm working on.

Note to self: Write about England RSN.

06/07/2001    -{ Hack Not, Lest Ye Be Hacked }-

Been feeling "blah" lately. Irritable, bummed, and half my body is cold while the other half is sweaty. Weird. Not sick in a sick way, just "blah". Stayed home from work today to that end, and feel a little better. Got some stuff fixed up and some other problems dealt with (see below). Feeling better anyway, looking forward to

Screw it, I'm going to bed now :)

To be continued....

Ok, a night of rest was good! It was later than I thought (11:45) but I still felt much better when I got up in the morning. So where was I.

Oh yea, looking forward to fixing more bugs and putting some new functionality into my stuff today. There's a lobster dinner thing that Silv is taking me to for the rotary in 'wack. Busy week. Out tues, wed, thurs (actually I didn't, but I was supposed to I thought), fri, sat (garden party at The Chief's). Hmm... ArcterMom's birthday is coming up, better prepare for that too!

Oh yea, the "stuff fixed up" and "problems dealt with" refer to me finding that my ftp site at was being used as a warez repository for some folks in .be and .fr. If they hadn't have nuked an upload I might not have noticed for another day or so. A dirctory in /incoming of " "/" "/" " was created, followed by the directories 1-9, each containing directories 1-9, each with dirs 1-9, and each of those with dirs 1-9 (that's 4 layers folks). An interesting (and obviously scripted) countermeasure, increasing the time it took me to get to the "good stuff" by about 3.2 seconds. Anyway, they uploaded warez, mp3s (the Eric Clapton album I was thinking "oh, they have taste then" was incomplete, little bastards), movies (no pr0n unfortunately, only french commercials, and lame looking ones at that) and the start of some divx movies. I was considering screwing with them (substituting bo2k or virii for their warez) or letting them continue, but nuking someone's download is just not right. Firewall filters went on, FTP site was reconfigured so anonymous users can't create directories, and all is well now :)

The funny thing is that now they are on my system again, this time downloading, downloading, downloading :) I wonder what the logs will say about them trying to create directories. *wavez* and *greetz* to