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08/31/2000    -{ Robin Williams Where are You? }-

Ok, this time I forgot to factor in the drive to and from the closed gym when I set my alarm. However, the early morning allows me time to do this, play a little guitar, attempt to duplicate the intro to 5 Days in May on my harmonica, and have a nice relaxing bath.

So how do you put the genie back in the bottle. When I got online in '92 or '93 I didn't think about privacy, or keeping my name secret. Hell, I don't think any of the "surfers" (that is, non server running people, but those online at the time) thought about privacy. I certainly didn't. I posted to newsgroups with my own name, registered with services such as bigfoot. So what do I do now, should I want to remove my real name (lets just call me Billybob Murphy for now) from the net. Or at least remove my real name from association with my alias. Is it possible? I could nuke any homepages I have with my Alias and name tied togeather that I have, but what about when you (heaven forbid) have a fan site? Do you go out and find the owners and get them to take them down too? What about cached homepages on google, records in newsgroup archiving pages and the like? How do you remove an old online existance without actually physically moving, assuming a new name, in a new town, and starting again?

I don't think you can.

No, I didn't kill anyone (yet) and I am not planning to wipe out my existance here. No, I didn't get as silly in the heydays of the Internet to not only give out my real name but my address, phone number, but my cat's birthdate, so it's not like there is anything that important to remove. But just a thought (maybe I'm planning on killing someone.. have you pissed me off lately?). It's an interesting question anyway.

Just remember ya'll, the mind is more important than the body anyway.

08/29/2000    -{ <pant><pant> }-

Ok, all down showering, making lunch (a fine, fine sandwich if I do say so myself... mmmm.... spiced havarti), and now I'm just waiting for my ride. In the meantime I hit a place where I haven't been for a while, JulieBug's Journal. She's doing well, and I give a virtual *wave* to her.

I took a test she talks about in her Aug 27 entry. I'm in with the address if you want to compare. Of course, the test tells me I'm an SICF, or:

You are a HELPER WHO FINDS MISSING CHILDREN OVER THE INTERNET (SICF). You are very tentative in the world and introverted with people--which means you are the shy and silent type. Hence the Internet. But behind your reserved exterior lies a dedicated person with a passion for the concrete truth who wants to, in his heart of hearts, help find missing children. God bless you.

I don't even like children that much (well, boiled they're not that bad, depending if they're in season or not)! So I'm guessing that either I answered the "which mouse looks happier" question wrong or the test is bumpkiss. If I remember right the last time I took this sort of test I was IPFJ or something like that (not exactly that, but something similar... no "S" in there that's for sure.

Questions for the Day:

  • So what exactly is Simon and Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson about? I don't hear anything in it about old ladies seducing young boys.
  • How exactly do you keep lettuce fresh?

I know that there are hard things in this life. Giving up a baby for adoption, seeing a loved one leave on a journey, being separated from your significant other... Now I'm not saying that these things are hard and a terrible thing to experience, but in my experience there is nothing harder than getting up on your own accord when you know you could have at least another hour to sleep.

Of course what made it worse was when I arrived at the gym (as promised) I was greeted by a sign saying "closed till sept. 11" (actually I was told by some guy standing outside sipping his coffee... but the lack of cars in the parking lot had clued me in that something was wrong). And even worse, I had been there last night to see what time they opened!

So I went for a run instead. A different route, this time I headed a bit into town, up the hill, across to the back street, and then back up the horrendous hill behind my apartment building. At first it felt too easy, not brutal enough. Luckily, when I hit the aformentioned hill I got the deep down "I want to die" feel that Tig's K had said was a Good Thing. Needless to say I didn't make it all the way up the hill. This is a good thing though, because if I had I might have thought it too easy and needed to go for longer, which would have just sucked. When the hill is less forboding, I'll look at going farther, but for now it works just fine.

Things to note for next time: no one will laugh at you if you puke your guts out while screaming "TAKE ME NOW LORD!" at the end of a run, as long as you don't actually roll in your vomit while falling down.

08/28/2000    -{ Dog Food Woman }-

I don't know about anyone else, but I take as absolutely little time at the cash register as possible. When I left home to hit the pet store to get some cat food (lest I be eaten sometime in the night for lack of an alternative) I expected to go in, and come back, with the 7 minute drive to take the longest... no no no. Ahead of me was a woman who was doing something. I'm not sure what. She was there at the cash when I entered the store, took the quickest route to the cat food isle, grabbed the Mondo, last forever bag of Salmon flavored "Max Cat" food, and returned the the cash register. I sat for about 5 minutes while the check out person apparently did her credit card twice (WTF was she doing while I was entering the store then?) to pay for her 3 bags of Salmon flavored "Max Cat". I sat patiently, not letting this get to me, thinking about all the reasons why I'm glad it's not easy to get a high powered automatic weapon here in Canada (as I'm sure had I been in the states I could have gone to the store, purchased an AK-47 and returned in the time it took to buy 3 bags of cat food).

When my turn finally did come I took a total of approximatly 37 seconds, 15 of which was waiting for my bank card to go through. By the time I put the bag of food in the truck and started my car, the lady (not old or a slow walker for legitimate reasons) had just reached her car.

I wanted to hit the local climbing gym to see if a) they still recognized me and b) how much a pass was (I'm thinking a 1-3 month pass to the gym would be a Good Idea). As it is they are closed monday. However my night is scheduled to go to the non-climbing gym down the road first thing tomorrow morning and start (yet another) routine to build the Iron Geek. I figure if I wake up at 6, I can be on the road by 6:30 (more like 6:15 as I don't care if I smell when I get there), hit the gym for 45 min to an hour, come home (approx 7:30) shower, shave, etc and be ready to go at 8 without too much of a problem. Loosing the hour of sleep will suck, but hopefully spending the $ on a month pass at the gym will influence me to get my ass out of bed more often. Either that or start hitting it in the eve. Though evenings I think that going to the climbing gym will rock. I'll start out with doing laps bouldering, then cave work, then just hanging for 5 or 10 min at a time. That's the theory anyway. It's exciting.

I haven't been climbing in far too long... mostly because I'm so out of shape and practice I'm scared at how bad I'm going to do. I think this'll be a good start. I still do not envy starting back at 5.8's again....

08/25/2000    -{ Colors, colors everywhere }-

So a bit of playing with format and color. Wonder if it sucks.

I'm planning to lock myself in my house this weekend with the absolute minimum of human contact so I can code, code code. Work on both work work and fun work (esp since P2P seems to have some people interested in it). Suppose I should finally get on going with the stuff that I said I'd work on about 6 months ago. I just need my own weekends!

08/24/2000    -{ Surviving the Game }-

Maybe Survivor doesn't completely suck. If you think of it as a giant game where the point of it is to win, by any means needed, like in the game Diplomacy, then it's only mildly nausiating to watch. Which I did, along with about 19 billion other people, last night. It was a Geek Survivor Party (as Iambe said).

Now I'm hacking out C, or trying to, as we convert some of our perl stuff to C. Nice to get back into it but man do I regret how awsome perl is to do string/hash/array stuff.

Changed the font. Hope it doesn't suck. Looks ok to me. Speaking of looking, I really like the changes I made in the last entry. I think maybe tonight in the midst of coding the new Peer 2 Peer Personals I'll do some changes here as well. Does the brownish look suck rocks? I'll get around to archiving this too....

Aside: Listening to Live's song "Centry"... "come on over dear/this puke smells like beer". I enjoy interesting and colorful metaphor in music of course, but I guess I'm too conservative or sheltered to appreciate the poetic nature of the above line(s).


I was in bed at 11:30, but thought to myself "I can be creative, what is this sleep thing?" So I came out and made some changes and additions. Hope you enjoy.

I had a(nother) dream last night. It was.... strange. Probably more so in that I remember it still. I was in an apartment (in a highrise, not mine here) and was invited out. On my way out I passed by/through another apartment where there was a woman. I took a picture of her using a "Coding is not a crime" bumper sticker.

Yea, you read that right. It had something to do with the way you take pictures, by exposing the film to an image. Well, same principle. I had the sticker folded in half and then I opened it facing her, and took her picture that way. Only on the spot where I had placed my finger on her of course. I think I came back later and tried to get the rest of her, but that's a little hazy.

I went to see a movie with UF personality WildCard but the movie really really sucked. He wandered out, and when queried he said he was going to another movie. I followed, carrying my two empty cereal bowls and went into the other theatre, which was playing something like "Attack of the killer mice" or something equally as full of cheese. We watched this until I woke up.

No, I don't know where the cereal bowls come in.

Yes, I know I need serious help :)


Lots of sleep, though a lot of it was restless. Not enough to deal with 40+ hours of uptime though.

Enough to give me a weird dream though.... It was after the LWE show and I decided to go to Newark (though I have no clue where Newark is, in my dream it was located below San Jose by a fair amount, probably around but bottom border of california) to do... something. I drove down there and had to find some place. Not the easiest to do with really crappy maps. Somewhere along the way I met up with some people (who happened to be userfriendly fans). Hard to navigate down the thin streets too. I broke my car's window somehow as well. I bought a scorpion and an iguana (both very large and not alive). Taxidermy maybe? I also had to navigate through a mall with a lot of people and cops. Or a hospital in it (who knows what they're integrating into malls these days).


Well with all the episodes, and all the changings of tapes and such, the start at midnight last night (23 hours ago) was fine, but we were only 2 episodes into season 7 when I left. I got to see almost all that I went there to see... that is everything :) Only thing I missed out on was season 8, but with season 7 and 8 being both 8 episodes and 4 hours long I decided I couldn't handle it. Not the lack of sleep, I'll still be up late tonight coding the things that didn't get done Friday, but the fact I didn't think season 7 was that wonderful compared to the rest of it and sitting through 4 hours of non-wonderful Red Dwarf just doesn't appeal to me. That and I didn't get a fucking thing I needed to done this weekend and finishing at 8am on a sunday leaves me no time to do anything that needs to be done, much less the shit that I just want to get done. So hopefully after about 12 hours of sleep tonight I'll get a chance to get some food into the house, clean something, get laundry done, plus a host of other things that I don't even want to think about right now. Most of all sleep as I was getting quite irritable towards the end, and wanting to kill whoever kept on saying "oh that's classic" :) That and next time we do 32 hours of straight TV lets start it sometime other than midnight after a long fscking day and only 5 hours of sleep k? I can do 40 hours of straight TV no problem, but 40 hours starting after a long day is stretching it.

Sleep now. If anyone calls looking for me I'm not alive until sunday night or monday morning.


Well, the day (Friday) is almost over and I'm back from LWE. I actually got back on Wednesday and just have been a slacker (still) about updating. However, you can read all about my adventures here.

I'm about to head out to Cat5's place for 26 hours of pure Red Dwarf. I can't wait... it's been a while since I've experimented in sleep depravation.

Anyway, from the show I bring back these little nuggets of wisdom (actually from sitting around and thinking randomly while shaving, but that's not the point is it?):

  • Never bitch about a ex-employer, ex-friend or ex-girl/boyfriend while in the presence of potential or current employers, friends, or girl/boyfriends. Doing this will make them wonder what you will say about them when you leave.
  • Become good at footrubs.
  • Try not to stress out if you're stuck in traffic and could be late for something, it's out of your hands dude, deal with it. If you speed twist and turn you might get there 5 minutes sooner if you're lucky, so just deal with it (unless of course you're stuck behind someone going 20 under the speed limit, in that case go around him at 40 over, horn going and finger engaged).
  • Try try try for the love of $DEITY to be ready to go when people are waiting for you (<sexist stereotypical remark>women take note</sexist stereotypical remark>)
  • Always know where your towel is.
  • Speak softly and carry a chainsaw.
  • Adorn your computer with anti-bogon deflectors
  • When propositioning a member of the opposite sex, find out first if they are already hitched or not.
  • Practice your Jedi Mind Tricks
  • When going through the doors at the supermarket (the one with the pressure pads on them) wave your hand just as you step on them, this will make it appear that they are opening to your power (see previous comment about Jedi Mind Tricks)

And one final thought.... over the door of the local Save On Foods there is a sign: "Enter the Excitement".... WHAT THE HELL IS SO EXCITING ABOUT FOOD SHOPPING!?!?!??

Remind me to rant about crowded supermarkets and droves of idiots sometime k?


Happiness is mod_perl, php, mysql, HTML::Embperl and DBI all playing nicely togeather.

Not so nice was waking up to cat-barfing sounds.

However, all is not totally lost, I get to head out to the Linux World Expo in San Jose with SilverStr, who very nicely invited me along. I'll probably hang out with people in the Userfriendly booth, search for new T-Shirts (I'm getting low) and do my best to schmooze Freestuff(tm). Hopefully this trip will be less wraught :)

Oh, almost forgot another dream. I don't remember all of it, but I was in quake3 and was shooting Batman with the plasma gun....


Well, thus ends a nice long weekend. Saturday was spent hiking in Golden Ears with friends, followed by Dogma (again) and hotdogs. Sunday I did... uhm.... nothing. Got some perl/database stuff going on the server so that I can start things (still). Today we LANned over at Cat5's place (I kicked ass... what can I say... other than "who's your daddy?") and had a great time. MMm..... good salmon... nothing like living on the west coast :) Tig dissapeared off to Edmonton in some sort of pre-trip-trip. Hope you're having a good time bud.

I had another weird dream a couple of nights ago. I don't remember much from it other than that I was in quake and was fighting Batman with the plasma gun.


Just a note... the ranting last night about technology making people more stupid... still holds. However I realize that my example of McDonalds where they use a machine to figure out the change was wrong. That's a simple cash register, and hell, with the stupidity of people these days I want that. No way do I want some pimply "manager" giving me $2.70 change for a $6.30 when I give them a 10 dollar bill.

No my friends in ranting, this machine made the change for them. That's right, not only did it tell them that the long haired, annoyed man at the window requires $3.70 in change it dolls out the correct combination of pennies, loonies, dimes, quarters and nickles! If the skills of the average person these days means they can't figure out how to create change from the types of coins available, I'm not sure I really want to be on this planet! Come on ET! Take me awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

We now return you to our reguarily scheduled ranting (and me to my breakfast).

Trippy dream time. My alarm just went off and woke me up so pardon the language/spelling.

The premise was that I had an ex-wife who still had feelings for me or something. I also had a nice big house that wasn't mine. I think I went back there (or she came back there) to get back togeather with her (or she with me). Here new hubby wasn't too pleased and decided to try to kill us. Somewhere along the way there was another guy there (my friend or something). We figured the best way to keep this guy off our backs was to shoot at him. So we did, constantly and managed to hold him off and away from the house. In the end we sort of accepted that he had more firepower or manpower than us so we planned a retreat.

There was also a part where a bunch of people were there for a birthday party, and my ex-gf was given a tape called "the sounds of the airshow." I was then invited by iambe's brother to hang out with him and his gf and their friend. outside with the cars and away from the birthday celebrations. I was out there originally to just get away from the birthday party though. There was a couple out there making out and closing the blinds in their car. You know those sunshades that you pull down like a blind? This car had them on every window (oooh la la).

Not sure how the above relates to the shooting or how it transgressed from watching people make out to shooting but ....

So at the end of the shooting we are making our retreat, picking up all that is left of our stuff and one of their guys makes it in to the house so I belt him hard and he goes down like a ton of bricks (not bad for someone who has never been in a real fight huh?). I kiss my ex-wife goodbye and head to the car to get out of there.

Now I'm not sure where I got the ex(s) or how iambe's brother relates to all of this, nor why he'd want to hang out with me.