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09/26/2001    -{ When is a Creek a Creek? }-

Long, long last couple of days. Bunch of crap I've been coding I finally fixed, only to find another blocker (and not a "why the heck is this not working" blocker but a "this isn't going to work" blocker) standing in my way. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. As I've said many times before, "Bah".

A slightly more belated Happy Birthday to the ArcterDad, whom didn't get a phone call of birthday wishes on his actual birthday on monday partly because of the above crud, but the other part being that I'm a horrible son :) Sorry dad, happy birthday and lots of love to you (belated may it be).

Been playing around a lot on Everything2, trying to write more and so on. It seems that it's come a long way from the first everything, where simply putting in a description for something has turned into a war of XP, GTKY nodes, "old time" noders, and the like. It's cool though, as it forces you to use your mind and stretch your writing muscle a bit. Hitting 25 nodes got me to level 2 (whoooooohhoooooo!) even if it doesn't mean anything (oh, never mind then).

Watched the Star Trek: Enterprise premier tonight with the gang on the big screen at the office. I would have liked to be home vegging on the couch, hitting bed right at 10:01, and sleeping for my allotted 8 hours and 59 minutes till I had to wake up in the morning, but that's not going to happen, especially as I'm writing this at almost midnight. The show itself was, IMHO, pretty good. The theme I think everyone has agreed, has to go, and there were some concessions made to try to merge tech created in the 60s with what we can do today, and not make it look completely hokey so that no one will ever watch it again. There were some tired stereotypes examined, and a (minor) time travel reference thing was called in. I agree with Engel and Foz, the time travel stuff has to go. I hope that it drifts into the sidelines for 99% of the time, like in the Original Series, where it was only used occasionally. Actually, was it ever really used, or was it just planets that look like ours with human like people doing things from earth's past that they encountered (GangsterLand, RomanLand, NaziLand, etc)? I'm going to continue watching it though, and give it a chance. Looking back on some of the series premiers/pilots (Encounter at Farpoint, The Menegerie(sp?)) those shows came a long, long way.

The 2 hour show felt very much like a movie to me, simply in that it wasn't restricted to 5 camera angles and set configurations like the TNG and ST:Voy that we're all used to. Lots of outdoor sets, character development via the past, and what seemed like a lot more angles and freedom of movement and camera work. We'll see if that goes away now that they are on their mission into space.

Argh, and galeon is crashing with the new glibc that is in debian unstable today, best avoid updating it for a bit.

09/19/2001    -{ "You can count on.... oooh! macadamia nuts!" }-

Well, saturday we all went diving. We went over to some place just below Whytecliff park which had a sandy, sloooooowly sloping out bay bottom. We went down to about 40 feet or so but there wasn't much there. Saw some large sea anenomies (sp?) and a midish-sized ling cod. Our second and third dives were done at Anneses point, the one with the really crappy walk down. Oh, and Firefly got rented flippers that were far too small, so she was out of it :( Speaking of which, I'm still waiting for a call from the dive shop about a refund or something. Seeing as this was supposed to be the dive that convinces her that throwing oneself into the blackness of the ocean with little more than a tank of air strapped perilously to your back is "fun." Hopefully it will be better next time.

Tuesday I had the lovely task of dealing with ICBC (again). Last week while having dinner at an awsome Indian food place (The GM) in Maple Ridge a nice big truck decided to swing his nose wide while pulling out of the spot beside me and put a nice big scrape/dent in my passenger side rear quarterpanel! Bah Bah Bah! Luckily I got the bastard's license plate and called the fuzz on him. Seeing as it's not polite to ignore someone running after you out of a parking lot, I'm quite happy that he's responsible for the $800 (estimated by ICBC) damage. Course, as a new car, you get one tiny scratch and it's immediately a huge cost. Oh well....

Oh, and to top it off because the accident happened in Maple Ridge I had to go to the claim center in Maple Ridge, so instead of just a noon-hour jaunt from work I ended up working from home and wasting a good two hours of time dealing with this. Of course then you add in the time for getting the car repaired...

Today I'm home again with a cold... hit me the other night at 2am, 4am, and 6am. You know it's bad if I get up at 6 and start working :) Anyway, drugs and copious amounts of juice seem to be kicking it, at least a little. I'm still sniffing, but not feeling like death at this point (well, maybe a little bit like death... the diet coke of death...).

Oh, and un-reproducable bugs SUCK!

09/15/2001    -{ Redmond at Dawn! }-

Diving tomorrow. Sleep now. Bitch about car being scraped in parking lot while dinner and calling cops after got the bastards license plate # later.


09/12/2001    -{ I think everyone would like to turn back the clock right now. }-

The last couple of days has been draining. I'm so glad I live in Canada right now, and that the people that I know in the New York area are all ok. My heart goes out to those who are not as lucky as I.

My parents know exactly where they were when JFK was assasinated, and when man set foot on the moon (or a soundstage in the desert if you believe that sort of thing). Perhaps my generation will be asked "where were you when the World Trade Center was destroyed?" I'd have to answer that yes, I do remember where I was, and no, I have not forgotten (but I'm typing this out just in case). I was sitting here, at my computer, as I do every morning, eating my bowl of cereal (does cereal go stale? should I really care that the "EXP DATE" is "Mar 10 00" or something like that?) and surfing my favorite sites so that I don't do too much personal surfing at work when I got a call from Engel asking for the bosses number. I gave it to him, and he said "oh, and as an aside, you might want to turn on the TV." What channel? "Any channel." I did, and sat in horror until I left for work to spend the next 8 hours in a semi-dream state, at some times barely holding it together, with a huge well of something in my throat, threatening to come out. Most of the day we all clustered around the TV, waiting to see what was happening next, watching as information was slowly stirred and the false bits and the true bits (or rather, the completely out of wack bits and the other, "real" information) were stirred by CNN in an attempt to let the world know what was going on. Some thought it was a prelude to war, others like myself thought that it was terrorism, and at least hoped that it was "only" that. Too many books have been written by Tom Clancy and the like which started with some distraction such as this.

Needless to say I'm glad that the worst appears to be over, and I can only sit and wait like many others for any word from the media as to the toll. I can hope that it isn't as high as it could be. A few bright spots I've found however. All around the net, people were rallying to mirror news sites that were un-accessable or down. CNN switched to a single page of text and a single graphic in an attempt to keep the news flowing out. In the aftermath, X10, whom I would normally hate (they are the ones with those pop-under ads), modified all their pop-under ads to this image, a plea to give blood. Around the net now there are other sites arranging check-ins where people can let others know they are all right, or search for loved ones.

Even the noders over at everything were putting up nodes with news as well as stories and sadness, spreading news and feelings. Other sites have similar.

Through it all the people in the midst of it all seemed calm and collected. A state of shock perhaps, but there was no mass hysteria that I could see on the reports, which is a huge credit. Like I said, at times I barely held it togeather and I was across a continent, in another country, many degrees north.

All around the world people have been rallying behind those affected. Huge sums of money have been donated Hint: Look at the number in the mid-right of the page (currently I see $1,854,891.55). Now reload and see how much the number has changed (now I see $1,855,578.80). $687.25 in a few seconds... not bad. Oh, now it's $1,856,767.80. A call for blood has not yet gone outside the country, but all around the world huge supplies of blood are from what I understand ready to get shipped. I plan to see if I can find a center somewhere locally and head there tomorrow night. I suggest that you may consider doing the same. A lot of "what can I do" is out there as well, and donating at the above page (Amazon is waiving their usual take of donations, very good of them) or giving blood. If you don't have time right now, that's probably all right. Blood has a storage span of something like 21 days, so they will need more as the first batches run out. Even if it's not needed by the NYC victims, it's something you (and I) should be doing regularily anyway. That and spread the word, spread the links, and spread your good wishes and love.

I really pity anyone wearing a turban in the states for the next while, after hearing some of the reactions (through CNN) on US radio ("what more does it take before we nuke them!" type stuff). A quote from Ghandi that I heard was something along the lines of "if everyone took an eye for an eye everyone would be blind" (mis-quoted I'm sure).

On a lighter note, the server got upgraded to the latest of everything including the kernel (requiring the reboot) and lost it's precious uptime :(

fishbowl:/boot# uptime
 22:33:01 up 127 days, 53 min,  2 users,  load average: 2.64, 1.85, 1.58
fishbowl:/boot# reboot

09/10/2001    -{ What the Hell is a "Meme" }-

Do you really have to honor the expiry date on cereal?

Bugs begat bugs and those bugs begat more bugs. Today was very frustrating. I had 1 thing to work on. It was a simple thing. Find out of program X works or not. In setting up our development version of Inferno I discovered an interesting and hard to reproduce bug involving a certain set of circumstances. Not a big deal, but best to get rid of it before someone else finds it.

Actually I found it friday night in trying to find out about program X. But I digress.

So in trying to figure out about this bug I discovered another one, kinda related, but separate. Again, something to fix or at least debug a bit before continuing. So at some point I was again alerted to the fact that the original reason for doing any of this (program X, hope I'm not confusing anyone) wasn't getting finished anytime soon. So I go back to trying to do this and get bitten in the ass by the first bug! ARGH! After I decided to just ignore it I found the answers quickly (that'd be "program X doesn't work out of the box, you'll have to recompile, where are the libraries? call company X, which is on the east coast so they're not around" (this was 4pm)).

I hope tomorrow goes better. At least my dent is going away a bit.

09/09/2001    -{ "Amie, what you gonna do / I think I could stay with you / for a while maybe longer if I do" }-

Well, quite a non-productive but busy weekend. Had a BBQ at Derf VW's place, which was very cool. I picked up some car cleaning tips (I typed "cat cleaning tips" for a second there.... I don't think they'd appreciate the wax though) and a very cool - fahrfrumpumpen mug (out of which tea is being drank as I type!. On sunday, after picking up the suggested cleaning stuff we went out to metrotown to have a lunch with Sillz, Squiz, and another Ozzie visiting on her way to .uk. Red Robin sucked again for Firefly, giving her raw meat in her burger (mmm... meat...). Other than that I did nothing.

Started on a new "2.0" project for a daemon that I wrote for work for the boss this weekend. Not a huge amount of progress, but I got it branched out in CVS, and have documented what it's supposed to do and how, now it's just a matter of making it do it. The question is do I do it "properly" and re-write the code from the ground up, or do I write it so that it does what is needed by him now, and get it working fast so that the various things that are depending on this can be done sooner rather than later, and then worry about writing it properly later?

My cats are stoned. Borrowed some catnip from Iambe and got the cats all drugged up... they are stoned right now, and fighting. I guess just like when people get drunk and let their true feelings out, cats stop being polite to each other when they are on "the 'nip". Or it could be like kitty LSD, and Rex is just running after Corny saying "dude, there's this huge yellow bug crawling on your face, lemme <smack> hit it off man!" and Corny is running around screaming "the walls are melting, the walls are melting!" I just hope they don't continue when I go to bed!

You know, using dlopen(3) might be the solution. Just set up an API and use that for plugins... that'll allow a lot more flexabilty for user space stuff, and the 2.0 project wouldn't be restricted to a closed set of functions. I'll have to think on this....

Note to self: Here is a good example of what is needed.

ObPlug want some chair massage? Head over to for details!

09/03/2001    -{ I've been a very very naughty boy... }-

I've got a Freakin Dent in my HEAD! Right below the hairline. Not a huge amount of blood luckily. I plan to tell the people at work it was a but in truth it was really really lame. I was finishing up doing the inside of my car and was trucking the paper towels and whatnot back to the house when the little orange cat (which I'm trying to forcibly adopt) came by to say hi. I bent down and petted him for a bit and when I stood back up my head connected with the concrete wall around the porch. Ouch. It's pretty gross I guess. I'll try to get pictures RSN (mental note: Get fish and set up a fishbowlcam).

Well, I must say that this labor day long weekend has been both relaxing and productive. I can't say productive as in I solved world hunger or anything, but still, stuff got done.

  • New site is online, and doesn't look identical to the default theme. Went in mostly without a hitch, but it's the weekend, so no one has been around much to tell me if anything is broken.
  • Saturday I washed my car for the first time in ages. It really needs a good waxing or something, maybe a trip to the dude that Cuv mentioned. Did the inside as well (without vaccuming though) so it's all shiny now. Of course the first place I got to drive (and this is the last time I'll mention it) was up the dirt/gravel road to the barn. Luckily it had rained recently so it wasn't that bad :)
  • Played with a Jabber server and a Gabber client. Now I just have to figure out how to make them do SSL.
  • Laundry!
  • Organized my bookmarks. Maybe I'll stick them online sometime soon, and show you all more of my demented mind.
  • Discoverd I was not a Sushi Chef hiding in a programmer's body.
  • Foz's sis is out this week, and I stopped by his place and met her. She's mostly sane it seems.... I wonder what happened to him? *duck*

I'm pretty sure there was more than that. Oh yea, I went on a ride, to prove that I didn't spend the entire weekend on my ass.

Got a sushi cookbook from mom and dad (thanks!) and a sushi maker thingy from FFMom from the PNE. Anyway, after an evening of playing, I have a huge amount more respect for the sushi chefs... making that stuff is not easy. But practice makes perfect, so I shall keep on trying...