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Just a note to all. I'm heading down to a house warming in upper Seattle, so I'll be out of touch till Sunday afternoon or so. I'll have my phone on me if there is a dire need. Oh and mom, dad, sunday dinner perhaps? If I'm back in time? I'll call.


Quote of the day:

<Scutter> i'm going as a BSOD. i'm gonna wear all blue and refuse to leave the house or do anything else.

Quote of the day 2:

<HomeySan> me dressing as britney spears? I'd spend the entire evening trying to fuck myself =-)

Well, DC ended not that interestingly from a development standpoint. Dawson and his dad fought and made up, Joey's helping Pacey with his new (POS) boat, and Andy thought she was caught for cheating but wasn't. I suspect that it'll eat her up though, losing Pacey really hurt her. Oh, the football weenie got to kiss Jen, after spending $500. Wow... that's impressive. It wasn't even a really great looking kiss. Tender yes, but not that long. And his feet didn't lift off the ground.

Tonight I'm going home. I'm going to go for a run, have a shower, and then sit my ass in front of the tv or computer till 10 and watch tv or code. Then I'm going to bed. I've found that when your head crashes into the desk at work due to over tiredness it's bad. Course, the night before was Sillz's goodbye dinner (nice to see everyone out again) and the non-stop pop was well, non-stop. After that I was up cleaing up mail and so on. Mucho thanks to T for amusing me till 2am (people on the night shift rock).

Argh. Sleep will be nice. Also wouldn't mind finding the time to hack some XFMail code, should I ever have time. Be nice to get back into C again.

Oh! Trips trips trips! I'm going to be heading up to Edmonton to escape reality a bit with Darren up at his place. Figure I'll take the day off I have coming to me and the thursday off for Remembrance Day and take a little holiday. And with my work I think I have a week coming to me of holidays this year. Now I'll either use those to join my parents in hawaii in feb (they are back btw, safe and sound and jet lagged as hell) or maybe take a couple days off and visit friends in California. Have to see how that goes. Nice to get out of the rain sometime though (not that edmonton is better with it's 6' of snow or whatever they have now (ok, so I'm not totally correct on the details...)).

Lunchtime I think, or at least, time to eat lunch. My work here is going well.. I can't tell you what on of course, but it's working again (yay!). The bosses are currently scrapping it out in a closed door meeting so I'm all alone to eat my bagels. Maybe I'll go in there later and clean the blood off the walls.


Two mistakes, and so close togeather!

Now I'm not perfect, nor even close to it. But two mistakes.... aieee! The first one is that in my previous Dawson's Creek update... at the end when I said it was Joey who stole the PSAT answers.... oops, it was Andy... Andy McFee, who cheated on her BF Pacey with some guy at the rehab center, who returned everything she had ever been given to him ("Even the memories?" "Especially the memories"), had stolen the notes. I guess it was my lusting after Katie Holmes (Joey Potter) that made me see her everywhere, including the last scene of last weeks episode.

The second mistake was to do an 'ifconfig eth0:0 down' last night, proving once again that you shouldn't do system maintenance when you're tired. Tom @ paralynx rebooted me though (thanks dude) and we're back up and running (with smail running again! whoho!).

Here's a teaser from what I saw this morning...

Jack's little football friend, whom I at first thought was gay, is still lusting after Jen... and some cheerleading function has (or is) going to lead her to be "auctioned" off in a pep-ralley type thing. This'll cause her to give the winner of the auction a kiss. Can you see where this is going? I think you can. Also, Joey and Pacey are hanging out more it seems... I'm not sure where that is going or if it's good should it go that way. I could be wrong though. No sign of Eve yet this episode either (hmm....). Ok, enough till I finish watching it.


Dream of the 'eve:

The boss decided to send me to a show, any show (in San Jose?) that was at the right time it seemed. Looking to find one on a mug from some comdex/LWE. The office was this big big area now. Then some monster/big guy/nasty was there and beating us all up. And my cat was attacked by something and I was very sad, and had to take him to the vet the next day (which is why it was distressing to me to have the snot beaten out of me when I should have been going to the vet).

Weird huh? I think this sort of thing might be a reason why people don't remember their dreams :)


Everyone and their dog with a discusting butt hanging out of their face
The worst mix of music I've ever heard, if you call it a mix
Everything with 100x too much bass
A blonde and her boyfriend on the dancefloor
A girl in red

All led to this being a fucking depressing night.


LMAO link of the day from da shack, head to Hit the link too :)

Been pretty busy lately, I've not finished the DC Update! (soon to have it's own page). So here it is:

Basically the show was about knowing good and evil (wow, what a surprise with a lead in like the one I talked about). Eve gives Dawson the Practice SAT answers and he has to decide what to do. He brings them to his friends and they discuss a bit, and then are interrupted. Having to leave the envelope they return later to find it gone. Eeek! So who took them!? A "I'll leave my locker unlocked and whoever can just return them anonymously" doesn't work, and it's figured (and probably rightly so than no fellow classmates outside the group would steal an unmarked brown envelope.

Talking to Dawson Eve says she knows who it is... "the person you just thought about". Apparently Dawson was talking about his best friend Pacey, as he goes to confront him and guilt trip him. Not a great plan as Pacey's pissed drunk from a night of angst as Andie has just returned everything he ever gave her ("even the memories?" "especially those".... ouch! that's gotta hurt!). So they argue, throw a few insults back and forth and then duke it out like men should do when arguing. The end result is moot however, he didn't take it. Dawson goes back and tells Eve that now he's gotten to know her he doesn't really like her. I still want to know where she came from and what she wants with him! She looks mildly annoyed/confused when he walks away from her though (good boy Dawson).

In the end though the thief is the one that had the most to lose. Joey, needing to get a scholorship/award/whatever is seen marking the answers down quite quickly. She stops, looks around, and then opens the book of questions.

Deep eh?

There's also some stuff with the guy who owns the resturant she works at wanting to take her out, and I for some reason think that she and Pacey are going to get togeather, but that's just me.

Till next week...


Ok, so it's midnight and I'm still up. But as soon as this is done I'm down, I promise.

People are really stupid you know. I had a guy wander into #userfriendly and started a conversation with "asl?" ("Age, Sex, Location?", the mating call of horny little weenies everywhere looking for some girl to say they are naked or something).

That was his first mistake. There were more.

Of course I had it logging and the results can be seen here. It's amusing I can tell you (though there is some profanity.

This all happened in the midst of a guy from the other floor coming and asking me about stuff, and talking about his lack of ability to find a job and how he's having problems in the Bosses class, and if he could get help on it. And talking my hear off for 30 min or more. And asking me to get him a job at work even though he has 0 experience with the stuff we need people for. I'll ask the boss though. Hehe.

Now sleep.



Well it's early morn and alls well, I think. Well, except for the fact that our new transparent proxy seems to use disk space in a BIG way. Fsck. While I write this I'm waiting for a du -s to finish and it's not... gads...

Went out last night with Iambe for some pool and was met later by Iambro (whom I whipped in at least one game with an awsome bank shot on the 8... that felt good). This being tuesday morning you all know what it means. Yes, that's right, my degredation into a soapaholic with another Dawson's Creek spoiler. Course, as per usual I only watched the first 30 min or so before work this morning, so that's all your getting.

Well it would seem that Dawson's virginity is in question now. Thousands of teenage girls are now wondering if their perfect haired fantasy has been deflowered. They'll no doubt look at him differently and ask themselves if he's the same Dawson Leary that they once knew. (gads, sometimes I can't write the shit I write without cracking up).

Now I'm not saying it happened, all I know is the show started with him and Eve on his bed, having a movie night, him saying that "it's movie night, we watch movies" "but can we have sex afterwards?" "<stutter>well I'm not ruling out that possibility</stutter>". Then she said she liked TV, he didn't, camera moves over them as they lie down in bed togeather as he says that tv sucks cause they always cut to commercial at the good parts...

Cut to commerical.


So maybe they did, maybe they didn't. I'm glad it's not a focal point anyway, as that would be tiresome IMHO, and it's been done before (lord knows on this show enough). The ironic part of this sequence is that it touched on the whole Garden of Eden Eve thing. At the beginning she gives Dawson an apple and tells him that biting of it will bring him the knowledge of good and evil.... and hands him SAT answers. So I'm guessing this'll be to see if he will use them or not, or probably (as all our characters are good and pure and moral) get in trouble. Last bit I saw he plopped said answers down in front of the gang and they were like "are those what I think they are?".

Some other bits with Pacey and his X and a bit of bitterness (I still have hope that he'll forgive her) and Joey's jelousy of losing Dawson to the sexpot... I mean Eve.

What oh what conclusions will be found to this continuing drama? Keep en eye out to here for when I finish watching the show...


Almost had a semi-productive day today. Except for being called at sometime really early (6am or so I think) by Iambe (time diff iambe! time diff!), which was ok cause it was asking me which O'Reilly books I wanted her to pick up for me. Good to hear things are going well over in Atlanta anyway.

Got some stuff done. Some mailing wasn't done due to the bank closing at 4pm (don't ask) and I wasn't near the bank till then because after my early morning phone call I was back asleep for a while :) Seems SilverStr didn't have that great luck with his class today. A bad install, partitioning wankerage, and a dead battery leant to both of us going to the pub for a Guiness at noon. Great lunch huh? Got some shopping done, now I have sandwich stuff for the week, so I can stop wasting money with buying food (though the little sandwich place across the way makes a mean kaiser for $3.75).

Hung out with Llau this eve for a bit, but was sadly not that exciting to hang out with, cause I was writing this column for Iambe. I personally think it's disjointed and not all that wonderful (wasn't really in a writing mood), but you can decide for yourself I guess.

I guess my one big accomplishment was making a great playlist with my newly organized mp3s...

Ohhhh! Almost forgot. this site has a parody of hentai, the anime/porn stuff involving naked young girls and tenticle monsters. It is very funny, but also very very adult oriented. You've been warned.


Well, after a night at the pub with some good friends, and some tequila shots raised in toast (not celebration), I put off sleep a little longer and redid my journal page. I had it much cooler, with a funky shaded blue boarder all around, but that didn't work well if anything in the journal was non-wrappable (like <PRE> tagged sections), so I killed it. This is much simpler too. A very IMHO cool logo, some font work to make things a little better, a re-design of the boarder bars (simple still, and boring yes) and now it's really bedtime.

I feel like I lost an update somewhere. Oh well, I'm probably just confused.

On the DC side of things he didn't. She told him that she'd rock his world, and he got all prepared (even a lovely scene of the Buying of the Condoms (very funny) that matches nicely with my own writing on the subject). She finds him during a pep rally and there is a predicable (yet funny) scene when she comes and says 'it's time' (she had said to sweet innocent Dawson that he had to just be ready, and she'd pick the time and place) and they start going at it behind a projecter screen in a pep-rally, with Dawson leaning up against the controls to raise and lower said screen.

Like I said, predicatable. He impressivly handled it though, bowing before a theatre full of pep-rallied students and so on. I personally would have turned red and ran straight to the next province out of embarassment.

He told her afterwards that he wanted his first time to be special yaddi yaddi yaddi.

Afterward he talked to Joey about stuff, and (I felt) put some closure on their lack of getting back togeather.

A secret fan out there mentioned that some attention should be paid to the mystery girl's name. Eve. The one who tempted Adam. Ok, that's about all I have to say on the subject really. I'm not sure about this, but I think that after the pep rally incident he asked her for her phone # and she said "that you'll have to earn". So the sex is free but her # isn't. Maybe he's going to try a relationship with her? Who knows, we all know we'll be on edge till next Monday...

Weekend. Yummy.



Well, there's been a few things I wanted to write about, and I just got home from work (very, very, busy at work lately... deadlines, deadlines, deadlines) and have a bit more pop (sprite) to finish up, so I figured I would.

First of all, for once I filled my car up at the right time. Gas jumped up from 47.9 to 58.8 the other day, just after I filled up. Normally it's just before I fill up, when I'm running on fumes and have no choice but to fill up (or grudgingly put $2 in the tank in the hopes that when it runs out at the end of the day the prices'll have gone down.

Rant of the day: Javascript.
Having multiple either SUBMIT or BUTTON input types within the same form, and using a form.submit() don't work. You have to have something like this:

function foo()
<FORM ACTION="bar.cgi">
<FORM ACTION="bar.cgi">
<INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" onClick="foo()">
<FORM ACTION="bar.cgi">

Anyway, whatever. I hate javascript is all :P

DC Update (spoiler):
I have the last episode on tape, and managed to watch the first 15-20 min before work today, and thought I'd update all the egar fans out there. As you know this Eve girl has entered the picture. Well, she's back again, and still hot for Dawson's bod. The part that I saw to was her basically arranging a time to rock Dawson's world with fantastic sex.

Now don't get me wrong, I'd never unwish the rocking of someone's world with fantastic sex, and I feel a kindred spirit in Dawson, he's a geek in a way, an artsy geek, but still a geek. I relate. Maybe I even relate myself to him and his trials and tribulations. But still, why is she so hot to rock the Dawson man? She started out as a girl on a bus, making conversation, then showed up in a strip club working as a waitres, and now she appears in his school as a student. Who is this "Eve". Is turning Dawson into a man some sort of mission for him? Will it (if it happens) screw him up with Joey? He says they are over but Eve (and I) don't belive him. The tension between the two of them is what keeps the show going in a way. And also the question is will he? He's single. Getting over a GF. A rebound case, but she's the perfect rebound girl (says Pacey, not me), as she's all body and sex and no ugly emotional attachments. A young virile dude. Why wouldn't he?

I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning.

Oh yea, there was some stuff about Pacey going to meet his GF again, but that was less interesting... Some interaction between him and Joey though. Maybe things won't work out with him and his and him and her will get togeather? Without introducing new characters all the time isn't that how these shows go? everyone sort of trading around their partners?

I'm sure there was more but I'm bagged, sleepy time. More hellish coding and stuff tomorrow, now we (maybe) know which way we're going to do things for our stuff :)


Quick update before heading to work.

Last weekend was cool, went down to visit Sillz and squiz in Seatlle. Had fun, mexican food, and a really shitty sleep. I'm not sure I slept at all Saturday night in fact. We watched Quest for the Holy Grail on DVD (I want a DVD!) and then everyone passed out. I crawled to the corner under the big window and lay there. To be honest I must have slept, but I don't remember waking up or going to sleep at all, just lying there for hours on end. Woke up early too, and sat and read my GTK+/GNOME programming book. The thing I'd like to bitch about though is my bank. Before leaving to head down I wanted to go in and get my new ATM card initialized. What time did the close? 3pm!!!!!!!!!! On a Saturday? WTF?!??! I'm rarely even awake at that time!

Last night I had thankgiving with IambeFolks. A great feast. Kudos to IambeBroGF for the great cooking.

Other than that my friends, I can only offer you a song curtesy Alanis Morissette.

dear matthew I like you a lot I realize you're in a relationship with someone right now and I respect
that I would like you to know that if you're ever single in the future and you want to come visit me in california
I would be open to spending time with you and finding out how old you were when you wrote your first song
dear jonathan I liked you too much I used to be attracted to boys who would lie to me and think solely about themselves and
you were plenty self-destructive for my taste at the time I used to say the more tragic the better the truth is
whenever I think of the early 90's your face comes up with a vengeance like it was yesterday
dear terrance I love you muchly you've been nothing but open hearted and emotionally available and supportive
and nurturing and consummately there for me I kept drawing you in and pushing you away I remember
how beautiful it was to fall asleep on your couch and cry in front of you for the first time you were the best platform from
which to jump beyond myself what was wrong with me
dear marcus you rocked my world you had a charismatic way about you with the women and you got me
seriously thinking about spirituality and you wouldn't let me get away with kicking my own ass but I could never really feel
relaxed and looked out for around you though and that stopped us from going any further than we did
and it's kinda too bad becasue we could've had much more fun
dear lou we learned so much I realize we won't be able to talk for some time and I understand that as I do you
the long distance thing was the hardest and we did as well as we could we were together during a very tumultuous time
in our lives I will always have your back and be curious about you about your career about your whereabouts


So here I am, stuck in windows... cursing at hardware. So what happened you ask? Some sort of catastrophic happening to force me into this other "os" if you want to call it that? No, not really. I recieved from my buddy Squiz his old Matrox Millenium II to see if it would get rid of the ugly lines on my moniter (it did). Since I was on the floor getting my paws into the syste, I figured I'd play the CPU swap game.

Since you asked, I have 3.

Anyway, so now my screen is clear when I'm in X or windows, no wierd lines running off the top of the windows. I decided to see how much of an improvement performance wise I could get from the different CPUs. I downloaded some benchmarking software (Passmark's if you were wondering) and got to it. I setup a baseline system as the current CPU, the PII-350, and did the tests.

Then I swapped to the Cel-400 CPU. No boot. Shit. Try again, reseat, reboot. Nothing. Put in Cel-300a. Boot. Set speed to 450 (what it used to over clock to). Boot to windows (I'd rather scandisk than fsck if I'm going to crash). Get about halfway in and crash. Realize I'm going to need more cooling to get it going properly, even after bumping up the voltage. Shit. Give up on the 300a for now. Put 400 back in. Still nothing. Wonder how I can kill a drive with it sitting in a box for 3 months. Put PII back in. Boot up. Nothing. Power down, hold the magic "reset SoftCPU settings to default" button. Nothing. Boot again. Boots. Set up to old settings of 350 at 100mhz bus. Reboot. Halts halfway into windows. Reboot. Bump up voltage, reboot. Halts halfway into windows. Shit. Put Cel-400 in again. Boot up. Get message that tells me the CPU isn't configured. Set it to the default (fscking multiplier locked CPUs) of 400 at 66mhz bus. Reboot. Boots up fine. Run some programs to make sure that it's stable. Load up benchmark program, set the old settings as the baseline, and run the tests.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Benchmarks

Sadly, due to (I assume) the 66 mhz bus speed (I'm going to try 75 in a sec, but I doubt that'll work... maybe with a triple cooler fan from Future Shop though....) most of the benchmarks were lower. The system doesn't seem any slower to me, but what do I know. I'll reboot from this horror and play some Q3 and do a bit of gimping to see if I feel a difference, but I gather I won't. Sucks to see on the benchmark that in going to a higher processer you get a performance decrease though :(

ooh! ooh! recovered one of my photo albums from my second Calgary trip! Check it out here.


Well, I think I got most things cleared up. There are some archives I've lost, and this month's journal entries, along with my photo album pages, but other than that I think I have most things here under control. I will make backups now :)

Backup: Something that is done after a system crash occurs.
Argh! don't you people understand the concept of sleep? I was woken up this morning with about 4 or 6 phone calls from various people, and even with my phone unplugged it didn't stop me from being woken up. I did grudgingly agree however, to go down to Seattle for the day/night/morning to hang out with Sillz and Squiz with Iambe. So much for a lazy weekend I guess... but it is a long weekend for us here Canajan peoples eh, so I guess it's ok. Going to thanksgiving dinner with a buddy of mine tomorrow, and somewhere along the way going into the office to work my ass off to get some bandwidth graphing stuff done for the deadline that was yesturday.

But I suppose I should really actually start the day, being as it is almost 3....


Seems blew up last night. No backups of course (my fault). I lost the last 8 days of journal. I'll scrounge for backups or temp files on my workstation but I have a feeling you're out of luck :(

Tonight I'll move over the other stuff that was on (my poems in particular) and hopefully re-construct everything that was there. A long time ago I just mirrored my dir and luckily I haven't done a lot of work on it since. Just stuff like journal and poems.

ObNote: To all those who had CS tests and hate java, good luck (belated).


Happy October. I'll get the archives updated tonight so you don't have to download so much to see my <SARCASM>wonderful words of wisdom</SARCASM>. More yapping tonight too.

Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?