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11/27/2000    -{ Ugh. }-

Just a couple of notes of importance today.

Happy Birthday Iambe!

So who has my Matrix DVD?

11/26/2000    -{ Ve came, for ze Tea! }-

So in an unprecidented move of sportsmanship and team spirit, I agreed to play volleyball with my team for a charity event yesturday. We played two hours of very fun volleyball, and didn't suck nearly as much as a team full of computer geeks should have. Course, we were playing the actors guild and a bunch of dentists (well, the dentists kicked our asses, but that's another story).

Anyway, today I kinda hurt :) Oh, and it's Sunday too. That means tomorrow is Monday. That really sucks.

I had (yet another) strange dream last night.

I was playing real life quake in a convention of some sort (but it was in an old style library like place, with lots of wide open spaces). It was real life in that I was actually running around and shooting people, but virtual in that no one was actually gibbing. Think laser tag I guess. Anyway, Jennifer Love Hewitte was there sitting with some people. I go over to talk to her and she says that it would be great if someone would make her a martini for when she gets back. I of course, wanting to impress, head to the bartender and ask for the ingredients for a martini, and then fumble through mixing and making it (is there a slice of orange that is put on the edge of the glass? I didn't think so...). I have it ready for her when she returns, and she thanks me and asks me "so how did you make it?" I of course have no clue and say something like "well I put some of that stuff in that stuff, mixed a little of the other stuff, and there you go!" She didn't like that at all (judging a man by his ability to know how to make a drink) and told me to bugger off or walked away or something equally put-down-ish. Pah! Women.

I am proud to have made a contribution to the geek nexus in purchasing a wacky-cool DVD player, a real one that doesn't involve stringing wires across the room from my computer! A Toshiba SD-1600 with all sorts of cool features. Now I can watch DVDs (and even on my TV they look great (yes Silv, they do look fine! :)). Now to start getting the other bits needed for a great home audio experience.

11/24/2000    -{ No more alarms, for the love of gawd, no more alarms! }-

I got to bed at 11 last night after another round or 3 of Team Arena, however I didn't actually get to sleep until at least midnight. Again.

I was in a movie theatre, watching Star Wars (or perhaps the trilogy). My buddy dragon25 was beside me on my left for part of it. Beside him on his left was a thin girl who didn't look all that great. At one point she licked a needle puncture mark on her upper arm in what was supposed to be a seductive manner and said "you like that?" Towards the end of the movie there was some excitement towards the front where someone had tried to grab a needle that was found. The guy was in a red pullover and ran from two guys, one was a cop the other was a teacher(?). The girl beside us turned into another guy (I think) and hid his/her needle in desparation as s/he realized that the cops were around. The guy in the red pullover ran right in front of me with a needle in his hand and two people (in fact I think a lot of the theatre was getting into the action of trying to chase him). He ran right in front of me and I didn't do anything for fear of getting a used/dirty needle jabbed into me. I think I stuck my hand out and pushed him away but that's it. That's all that happened before the alarm rang anyway.

11/22/2000    -{ Ah, old country sung in the shower }-

Good thoughts and prayers to tigs grampa. If he's anything like the stubborn old git that tig is he'll be around for a while.

Foo. My "1" key is broken.

Semi dream for ya.

It really sucks when you're on the moon and the only good sandwich joint gets destroyed huh? And you're stuck with two other guys and the only alternative is a mcdonalds? It was bad enough when there were two places to eat, but then one got damaged/destroyed (think lander accident from Armageddon). Then you have to decide what to do and running in anger/fear in a space suit is kinda scary.

I'm thinking I really should make a separate page for my dreams, to keep my sleeping insantity away from my waking insanity.

11/21/2000    -{ This scroll mouse thingy is pretty cool actually.... }-

So I hopped into windows to view some of the wack ass animations on (the Star Wars Modelling Alliance) and thought two things. The first was "man media player 7 blows hot and sweaty goat scrotum". My $DEITY what was microsoft thinking when they released that piece of shit? It's slower, more bloated, more buggy, and about as stable as an epileptic three legged camel on crack. I decided after a while that instead of just saying "run program from location" and then double clicking the .mpg in winzip, I would save it to my desktop and then run it from there (seems the only way to get media player 6.4 invoked). Now MS puts out some crap software, but as a mpg/avi player, media player 6.4 sucks less. It especially sucks less than media player 7.

The second think I thought of was "what if these are viruses?" Now I'm a Linux person, so I worry more about exploits than some lamer deciding to unleash something that'll wipe out my registry... but I'd rather that not happen if I can avoid it. See, while most of the animations in the gallery are zipped .avi or .mpg files, some of them are .exe. Wouldn't be hard to slip in a little trogan that went to work while you were thinking it was loading a movie huh?

So I go looking for anti-virus software. Well, it's next to impossible! Mcafee used to have a shareware or similar type idea program that was a great piece of anti-virus software... no more. Go to their download page and you're asked to either make a purchase or prove you've done so already. A 10 day trial? Hardly worth my time. The other one was fprot, whose web page again gives you a choise of trail versions of old software, some "contact local dealer for a cd" messages for the linux stuff, and a free version of their DOS software. Wee.... Also both companies have gone on this subscription kick. Why is there no nice, free anti-virus software you can just download and install? I don't even mind going out every once and a while and getting the updates myself! Got one that doesn't suck? Tell me!

So in a fit of stupidity I thought I'd look for a warez version. A quick search on turned up some warez sites which claimed to have mcafee stuff on them. I have never had to go through such BS to get something. Or in this case, not get something. I estimate in the two sites I visited approximately 20 browser windows popped up. I kid you not. Links to ads and other sites were very cleverly hidden so that what looked like a normal file listing was actually just links to other pages. Generally entering or leaving these pages involved at least 2 pop ups, generally to sex sites. Some of them put themselves in fullscreen mode (you know that wonderful explorer feature?) making it (slightly) more of a pain in the ass to close. Of course, closing these windows generally popped up more.

Some sites used the incentive of entering them to get the user to vote that site in what I assume is the top 5 warez sites of all times. On at least two the first page was "to view warez, click the vote 1 button, enter the site, click the vote 2 button, enter the site, then come back and click on the warez button to get all your 31337 4zz war3z d00d3!!!!" Clicking on the vote 1/2 more often than not took you to a lovely porn site, or another "click here for the top 5 warez sites on the internet" page. Finally coming back and clicking the "warez" button just took you to another warez "site" which seemd to only have banner ads and links to other warez sites. Closing it of course meant, yes, you did guess correctly, more popups.

Needless to say I don't care about getting virus protection anymore.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the rest of today kinda sucked too.

11/20/2000    -{ Don't mind the voices }-

So this is what it's like to be old eh? Well, Illiad said it was all downhill from here, but quite frankly I don't notice a difference. I probably will when I get home today, but thats because it's a monday.

Thanks to my folks I now have a vaccuum cleaner! One that works! And knives, wonderful knives.... no more digging through a drawer for one the two that I have (one a small paring type knife and the other a huge bread knife)! Other assorted goodies as well. I got lots of birthday wishes as well from everyone which I hugely appreciate. My birthday gift to myself was to head to Chapters and pick up some books. One on GTK programming, GNOME programming, and one on Intrusion Detection. Cool stuff. I even found a morning routine that can aid me in getting the time to actually read these and the million other books I'm reading. Instead of sitting down and watching TV or sitting on the computer while I eat breakfast, through the lost art of stacking and shoving I cleared a space at the kitchen table. This table currently is used as horizontal storage space, so this was a good trick in itself methinks. Anyway, now I will do my best to eat breakfast while reading a book, just like I did in the olden days.

11/17/2000    -{ Happy Birthday to me.... }-

Well, my day (morning) off started with two distinct and connected dreams.

The first one is less remembered, but it had to do with the end of the world approaching.

The second was about it being a lot closer. There was going to be a supernova and I was at college (not my real one of course). Basically everyone knew that everyone was going to die. Kinda depressing :) For whatever reason I was more concerned with getting some songs out onto napster that I had made/written/gotten/something. They were for my first girlfriend (for what reason I have no idea). That and I was very concerned about how to get people to download them and start distributing them. Weird. Anyway, as the end of the world approached, people started collecting water, "It's going to get hot." The only image I remember from the dream is standing inside the building looking out through a window and people were walking along the edge of the window on the glass separators (I guess there was just enough angle on the building that they could walk normally). The people were kinda switchbacking back and forth and getting higher, ignoring the fact thatthey were, well, getting higher. I think at that point I realized that it didn't matter if they died by falling, it was going to be better than slowly frying from an exploding sun. I think around them I was woken up by the phone.

Visions of the end of the world? Hmm.... scary thing is, assuming mankind doesn't kill themselves off in the immediate future, and the earth doesn't decide to us off, we'll face something like this in a few million or billion years. I'm hoping that by then we'll have the technology to move somewhere else though. Tom Swift encountered this in one of the "new" Tom Swift books, and he fixed the sun by diverting a small black hole through the sun to suck out the excess energy....

Hey, you never know.

So what am I doing today? Relax. Hack a bit at the active alert stuff that appears to have stopped working for no real reason on the test boxes. Go to the UF party a bit early and play on the SGI boxen that apparently render Q3 smooth as silk with all the graphics options turned on and at 1280x1024! Wow.

11/15/2000    -{ Ever wonder if what goes on in your head is normal? }-

So what has gone wrong tonight so far? Well, not a whole lot, but the three things impacting me right now, as I sit and eat a late dinner are:

  1. Leaving the toaster on "Bagel Mode". Until today I didn't know what bagel mode was, but I thought it was pretty cool that I had a toaster that had it. Seems that on bagel mode only the inside coils heat up, so that your bagel is toasted nicely on the insides, but not the outside. Sounds good right? Yup. Too bad I was toasting bread. Now I'm eating my fried egg on toast where the toast is only half toast. One side is a nice brown, the other, well, isn't.
  2. Recently I've tried to get green tea that is nice. Whenever I go and get sushi I drink gobs and gobs of the green tea. So I went out and got a couple of different flavors the other day to try. Well, there is definately an art to it, which I haven't quite mastered yet. I tried a tea ball with a lot of leaves.... didn't work. Tried a few leaves just in the bottom of the mug... didn't work. Not sure what to try next.
  3. When selecting sandwich bread, do not choose something like, say, french bread, which works nicely for sandwiches, but poorly for anything where you need to flip a fried egg onto it (I don't know how you eat your fried eggs on toast, but that's how I do it).

Just got back a while ago from seeing Men of Honor (DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr.). Not a bad movie... a little more cheesy, in your face racism-is-bad, and blood and gore than I would have liked, but still a decent movie. A silvercity type theatre is good, but not required. If you go to a SC go on a tuesday.

Speaking of BASTARD RIPOFF ARTISTS SILVERCITY, they decided that their recent increase of price to $12 (from $11, which came only a month or two after it went from $10 to 11) wasn't good enough, so BASTARD RIPOFF ARTISTS SILVERCITY raised it another $0.25. Sure, only a quarter more, but think of it this way. Last month I was paying $12 for a movie. Two or three months before that, $11. Oh, and you have to buy your overpriced food from them too (do you know that BASTARD RIPOFF ARTISTS SILVERCITY charge you $0.50 for butter on your popcorn? Nuts! I've never seen that before anywhere. I was there last month seeing the new/old Jackie Chan movie Legend of Drunken Master and got one of their meal deal thingies when I got my movie ticket. You get a popcorn and pop for [some random price that's 2x what you'd pay anywhere else] and you get it at the same time you get your ticket by interac at their little machines. So I go and take my receipt to the counter and show it some obviously highly underqualified person who asks, "would you like butter with that?" I say yes and she went off to get it all. After far too long a wait (apparently they don't train people on how to do their meal deals) she comes back with (to my shock) the correct size/type of popcorn and pop. Then she informs me that "that'll be $0.50 sir."

Now first of all, who carries cash with them anymore? When I come to BASTARD RIPOFF ARTISTS SILVERCITY, I don't come with cash. The reason I got the meal deal ticket in the first place was that I didn't want to bother with cash. I didn't even have change in my pocket and if I did I probably wouldn't have given it to her anyway. After explaining that butter is extra, and me explaining that well, that's nice but a) I don't have any cash and b) no one told me this when I ordered either the ticket or the meal itself, they decided that they could live without the $0.50.

I think next time I go to BASTARD RIPOFF ARTISTS SILVERCITY, I'm going to walk in with a case of coke to drink during the movie, and not buy their overpriced swamp water crap.

Speaking of swamp water, my green tea's not looking or tasting so good.


Let me retract that.... it's tasting ok, but not the same as I like. Practice practice I guess.

11/14/2000    -{ Report Card Time }-

I dreamt I went back to LA last night. I couldn't find where I was going on a map, but I knew in my mind exactly what my destination was. I boarded the greyhound and they asked me where I was headed too and I couldn't remember the name of the area, nor find it on a map. But I knew where I was going.

Accomplishments for this long weekend:

  • Cleaned my sty
  • Shopping
  • Sleep
  • Fixed user problem
  • Found solution to ICMP problem we're having
  • Launched some cool stuff
  • Made
  • Watched both Willow and Eraser
  • Got X4 going with truetype fonts
  • Got my monitor back from fozbaca
  • Other random stuff that I don't remember now

This week is going to suck in a way, as everyone is gone. I'm taking Friday off for the big party, so I'm only at work for 3 days, but there'll be no one else there, as the bosses are gone to Vegas and the salespeople are all gone. Hey, wait a minute, this week is going to rock!

11/09/2000    -{ Argh! Homework! }-

So I had two distinct dreams last night.... I think. I was going to write the first one down when I woke up to my first alarm clock at 6:45 but never got around to it :)

Back at high school. My age, but still there. Or back there. Doing a lot of weight lifting. The school sort of went around this sandy beach with a pool (pond?) and an island. I was back at school with Cat5 and Firefly, except we didn't really care to be there. We went in the morning and ignored classes and just did weightlifting and lazing around. I was in my bathrobe and boxers most of the time.

Eventually I got changed though I think. I didn't even realize it was lunch when it was, and went out and there was all the kids standing around doing whatever they do at lunch. I tried to avoid them and went back to where my people were, which now included my first GF as well.

At one point I went inside and people (teachers I think) laughed and made jokes about me being in a robe. So I went to find my locker to change. The only thing was I hadn't been in school for so long that I didn't remember where it was. I remember SilverStr was there too, as a teacher, making fun of me. So I began this trek around the school, in secret as much as I could because of the whole bathrobe thing, trying to find my locker. Half the time I didn't remember if I was looking for a locker, a changeroom or a bathroom to change in. At one point I went through the wood shop and they said that if I wanted I could take the secret way to the bathroom under those pile of boards. I declined and was told that if I wanted I could instead take an axe and chop my way to the door. Again, I declined.

I guess I eventually found what I was looking for and got changed. Again outside there was a volleyball game going on and I decided to join in. It was using a huge beach ball like ball and I was a total gimp and couldn't control it at all, and everyone laughed at me.

After this there was an award or something given to the music department, with my old music teacher, Mr. Alberto (I think?) and SilverStr (again? why is he here as well?). Instead of giving the "normal" donation I have to search for my locker and end up donating my old trumpet, saying something "it's not filled with real gold, but I hope it helps." When he opens the package a polaroid camera is in there and it goes off, capturing a really good picture that looks good for some reason if you put it sideways or up and down (you know the two orientations that a picture can go... well, something in the way the angle was, it doesn't look weird from either positions).

Went back to class after that to SilverStr teaching C or history or something. I started on his practice exam and failed miserably. Towards the end of the class he announced that he'd like ten copies of this by next class. I laughed loudly and was told not to laugh.

My second dream might have been an extension of the first, watching a video or something. In this video (we'll just call it that for now), it's a medievil gladiator ring or something. There are a bunch of people (or boxes) in a circle, each with a chain attached to the end of the person and the other end to the ground. The people are then thrown back and forth and you see if they survive. Think of the motion of taking a mouse cord in your hand and just moving your hand back and forth, letting the mouse smack on both sides. Same thing, only the "hands" were in a big circle and they were doing it all at once.

When this was done a girl, for some reason I think it was Angelina Jolie but with blonde hair, got on one of the centerions bad sides, by looking at something or someone that she wasn't sposed to. They went to another girl and said "Look at her or we'll give you something to look at!" or something equally strange. This girl was then forced to do the back and forth wacking thing again, but this time blindfolded. While they were putting the blindfold on her they asked if there was anyone she'd like to thank for helping her out with the skills she has, and she said something about one of the mechanics helping her out a lot (almost like a just-before-death prayer). Well they left her and went off into the mechanics area and looked through these rows and rows of sleeping dudes (looked almost like military bunks but only one level, and lots of them) to find this one guy to obviously cause him great harm.

Ok, Lord, I promise, no more hot mexican food just before bed!

Now it's like 7:30am and I have to bust my ass to get showered and dressed for work today. Bah. Oh, and I got X back up and going (using the old 3.3.6 packages sadly) last night so I was up late, showering in the glory that is a graphical user interface!

11/08/2000    -{ Wonderful Sleep }-

First, thankyou to Iambe for bailing on me last night for dinner and allowing me to get to be at 10:30 or some amazingly early hour :)

Dream time again though...

Iambe was going to open up a computer store or consulting office of some type down the road from me where the little coffee shop is in the woods on the way back from home. I went down there to check it out and found it in a state of semi-disrepair, with lights all over the floor and no electricity hooked up. After wandering around with a flashlight for a bit, some other people arrived and we started fixing it up. I went outside at some point and IamBro (I think) was just finishing washing his car. I asked if he was going to do mine and he said yes. I said I'd do it anyway. He dropped the soapy rags on the ground and I got in the car to move it into position. I backed up in a most horrible manner and went partially off the driveway between two trees. In my manovering to get back onto the driveway a truck with camper pulling a horsetrailer (I think) zipped through and made like it was going to steal the position for washing the car. By the time my car had lurched itself back onto stable ground the truck had somehow dissapeared by there was an asian kid with the horse trailer sitting there. He was too far from the soapy towels and water hose though.

At this point my alarm #1 rang at 6:45 and I hit snooze, trying to fall back asleep and find out what was going to happen next. No luck though.

I just sneezed twice. I really hope I'm not coming down with a cold. Oh well, time to get the day started....

An interesting note. No matter how much sleep I have at night, be it 5 hours or 9, I still feel the same "I don't wanna get up!" in the morning.

Interesting note #2. Still no go with debian and x4. I'm still getting a black screen and a locked up keyboard. I'm wondering if it's not something else, kernel option or something. I have taken out a bunch of the stuff that was recommended in the attempts to get a base system going and get something on the screen :(

11/06/2000    -{ Wonderful Randomness }-

Many random things on my mind tonight. It's amazing what a 13 hour workday will do for you :)

Someone from UCFV (my old school) is visiting work to do some sort of alumni story about grads and/or teachers from UCFV who work at work. Apparently like, 4 people have taught there and another 4 are either grads or in one of the programs there. Of course, it is the only school in the area (well, at least for Chilliwack) so it's not surprising that anyone who isn't totally self-taught in computers has passed through there at one time or another. Still interesting. Maybe I should wear big fuzzy bunny slippers for the photo shoot or whatever tomorrow? I'll keep ya'll posted on what goes on.

I finally took the plunge and am in the middle of updating my woody (it's a linux distro you perverts) system. Just recently X 4.0.x went in, along with perl 5.6, so either it's all tested and working perfectly (a distinct possibility) or it's going to horribly break everything (still likely). Debian's got a good rep for not breaking things (but having horribly long release cycles), except for a minor incident of everything breaking last week for LIMOS (oops, but then again, not my fault). So it's currently unpacking (thank $DEITY for broadband, 70+ megs downloaded in the time it took to write this so far), and soon we'll see how it goes. According to things are nice and working properly, the only thing I'm worried about on it is Quake3. Seems though as long as you have your kernel to 2.4.0-test* with DRI and something or other installed, you'll have sweet 2D and 3D acceleration. Now I assume that means that X (whoho! multi-head again! (no, dual monitors you sickos)) will have all the gl stuff in it and everything. Well, hope anyway.

Checklist for stuff working:

  • X runs
  • Quake3 runs (without sucking)
  • Truetype fonts work

If all the above works, that means I'll be able to surf to my hearts content and do all that I want to do :)

Bah, lost my old X4 configs when I redid my system. However, Debian's little "dexter" tool looks pretty cool. Just got to that stage now (wow, you even get play by play commentary).

First problem. Replacing perl is nice and good and all, but when the program that is used to install/configure uses perl, and you remove perl so that you can replace it.... do you see a problem? Anyway, convinced it to work by manually symlinking /usr/bin/perl5.6 to /usr/bin/perl...

X4 locked up my display by the way. So if you're reconfiguring make sure you have a system there that you can use to telnet/ssh into your system to reboot it if that happens. Hopefully it's just a configuration issue though....

More Weirdness
So who chooses our path and our personality? I know that my soul (whatever that may be) is my own, but certain bits and pieces of my personality, mannerisms, etc, all belong to someone else. This bit from Jeremy in high school, that bit from Kyle at my last job, another bit from someone else, another from another. At what point is my personality my own? Is it my own when all the other parts are combined in some special way, or is it never my own and I live in entirty as some other person or people.

How do you become you? How does the soul exist? Do you ever sit and wonder, outside of science and outside of religion, how you are put togeather? When you move you arm... do it now, and it moves, how does that happen? How does the thought (and sometimes not even concious thought) of moving your arm upwards make it do it. Science will tell us it's nerve receptors and brain cell agitation or some such, and religion will tell us that $DEITY has graced us with a soul or something, but that's irrelevant. How does it happen when I close my eyes and stare at the blackness of the insides of my eyelids, or think about these words as I type. Or type. Or think.

I think I'm going to stop now before I realize that I don't actually exist at all and simply disap

11/03/2000    -{ Do you ever wonder what gives you a soul? Or how? }-

In preparation for a nutso week of coding next week, I hacked up a little doc that I thought other people might find useful with little tips and tricks for C programming. It'll be updated as more things come to my attention. For now it's at

So what else is new. I have a free weekend that I plan to spend doing not much of anything.. maybe grab a movie or two, read a book or two, keep various things upated... Mom made it back from her class reunion and had a great time so that'll be neat to hear about at dinner on sunday. I'm almost looking forward to my class reunion. Just to see where people ended up... how many have to say "would you like fries with that" for a living (muahahahaha... I hope the jocks that picked on me in high school are in that position). Course, as coder and computer guy, now all the womens that rejected me in high school will want me and I'll get to reject them and laugh in their faces!

Ok, so that's just a little fantasy of mine, but you never know...

For some of you I know haven't read the Hellmouth series, written after the Columbine killings. They are a very powerful piece of writing, as are the comments that go with them. Read (you know who you are).

Oh, and if you're running Debian unstable, they are integrating X4, Perl 5.6, and a wack of other things, so it's probably not recommended to reboot for a few days. Keep an eye on the topic of #debian on (or for updates.