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Wow, almost a week without an update, how could I!?

Well, I'm back now, back and b-b-b-b-baaaaaaaaaaaad. I had a great Christmas with the parental units and relatives, and I hope you did too. Got some cool stuff for the house which I'll throw some pics up on the cam soon enough. Right now I'm doing docs, or to more exact, waiting for them to come back to me for fixes. I have a huge list of stuff to do on my site, the site, and others. I might even start that today. But I'd like to get dressed first (was up late last night and I haven't had the effort to get dressed yet you see).

Who borrowed my Win98 CD???????????????

I lent it out a few days ago and have no clue to who :( Now I have another box that will be turned into a windows system and I have nothing to put on it. Maybe I'll turn it into a FreeBSD system like I originally planned... wonder if it's bios supports bootable CDROMs. I'm not sure if I should deck it out with more memory (256mb anyone?) and a cheap/fast cpu (I'm thinking K6-2 or K6-3) and somehow turn it into a gaming machine; or use it as another linux server. I could probably use it as a windows box better, and remove the need for me to ever reboot. That of course, would mean I'd have to have my '98 cd :P


Today was an ok day. A bunch of stuff's happened (or feels like it anyway), so I figure I'll ramble for a bit. First of all, I should be going to bed. I've had minimul sleep lately, due to going to bed far later than I should be in my old age, but alas, I should update, and have a coke in me so I'm feeling perky (or rather, not fast asleep).

My buddy Cat5 scored some boxen (p166mmx, 32mb ram, 15" moniters, 2G HDs, built in networking/video) from work for cheap, and I got one! (for future payment when I have more than $RENT+$100 to my name). Best thing is the moniter is better than mine and though the box is yet untested, the moniter has replaced my old goldstar, which will go on the new old box as a windows box or a linux server or maybe I'll use it to finally learn FreeBSD or something.

Thanks dude.

What else.... well, I finally got the art up on my walls and it looks awsome. Now I need something for above the computer and life will be good. I didn't use the huge screw for the Waterhouse... I thought that even though I'm going to be here for a while, they probably won't appreciate big holes in the walls. Wandered to a poster store in mission last weekend and snagged a poster of a section of this Delaroche print which I originally saw on the wall of a friend of A's. A very haunting picture. It's sad to have to put it up with pushpins, but you gotta do whatcha gotta do right? Anyway, here is a (bad) Delaroche (complete with moniter-to-be-not-used-any-more). Here is the Waterhouse that is on my other wall (another bad shot).

Still have boxes and stuff, but things are getting more "real" here. Not that I've had a chance to enjoy it all, I've hardly had a second to myself it seems lately.

Christmas shopping done!!!!!!!!! Yeap, in a mad rush around the mall I manged to get the ArcterParents shopped for. Not too bad stuff at all if I do say so myself. I hope they enjoy it :)

Now to wrap.

Note to self and note to other people: If you are going to use a jar and tree branches as a Christmas tree, don't give it to someone with 2 cats. Two days in a row I came home and found it on the floor or table, water all over the place, and orniments in disarray. The cats retreated under the bed as I ranted at them. Ah well, next year I'll know to put barbed wire around them. Or train the cats. Nah.... barbed wire and a rocket launcher is probably easier.

Ok, I heard this the other day on a US radio station (92.9). Apparently there's some gameshow that Fox is looking at. Basically you win the chance to marry a millionaire.

Erhmm.... excuse me? Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? I thought so. Lets list off the things wrong shall we?

*sigh* some people's tv stations....

Yesturday sucked. Long day at work. Spilled mocha on myself.... had no money, no mailbox, bills, came home to find gas had jumped from 42.x to 58.9, came home to find my kitchen table full of water, the xmas tree on the ground along with tapes and papers, had to vacuum with a broom, had some friends bail on me for a movie. A bad day. The good part was A came by and brought not only food but cookies! Good cookies too! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm............

Well, I look around the room and see nothing else of note, other than a sleeping cat (in a most odd position I might add) and the cover of a computer case. Well, and a desktop box (obtained today from Cat5 if you forgot already) and a bag full of yet-unwrapped xmas presents. Know what this means? Yes, that's right, sleep for me!


Sleep is for the weak apparently. Just got back from watching South Park with Tig, K, IamBro, and IamBro-gf. Hilarious the second time around too :)

So much for sleep though.... we started a little late :P

I have paintings now! And a Christmas Tree! No pics just yet, as as soon as I finish this up I'm going to bed.

Did I mention I hate christmas shopping? I figured I'd just get a couple of things in town today... good idea, bad execution. Being as it's 4 days till christmas, all the men are out in the malls, and it's chaos. Oh, and the 'ol mastercard got maxed out. Greeeaaaat... so much for putting everything on plastic. Hope my parents don't mind getting recyled Linux t-shirts from the expo in April...

Ok, so it's probably not that bad, though I do plan to see what I can do with this "Internet Banking" thing (no, not by stealing money!).

Another "first time in the new place" event fell tonight too. First night of spaghetti! A little over done, but that's my fault. I'll have to learn to readjust the microwave action though, the high setting is a little too high. That and the fact that it turns on if you push against the door sort of worries me. But it's hidden in an area of the place I'm never in (the dining table) so I should be safe from going sterile. The bolts I got for the bed aren't right (right idea, wrong size), so I have to hit Revy for a refund on them. The only "first thing in the new place" that is left to do that's fast approaching is laundry. Hope that I can accumulate enough loonies for it!

Ok, new pix on the cam tomorrow, as well as an update on the xmas shopping. Current number of people got for.... 3.5. People left.... erhmm.... unknown. Like I said, it's gonna suck, I'll make a list at work tomorrow. Oh, and my list of bitches about the new place (nit picks really, nothing here really sucks except the lack of laundry facilities, but that's just cause I'm used to having my own washer/dryer).

Oh, and some final good news... the building manager is gonna get a locksmith in to fix my mailbox, so I'll be able to get my mail soon! And a heatlamp bulb for the bathroom, so I don't freeze my arcterass off getting out of the shower in the morning :)


Well, a productive few days. My previous bitch about going on site and HDs blowing up and such wasn't so bad. I got both sites up and going with minimul fuss, and the rain even slowed after a bit.

Today was spent using my xmas bonus from work. There wasn't a lot in sears that I could get, till I realized all the things from the old place that I didn't have. So when I left there today I had a new toaster, wok and various pans and cooking utensils. Hell, I even have a clock in the living room now!

Christmas shopping hasn't even been started. I got some bows and tags, but that's about it. I'm really glad payday was yesturday, or I'd be completely screwed. Moving halfway through the month completely tapped me. Oh yea, and I have to pay for rent at the end of the month... eeek! I'm sure I could sell my body to science or something.

Went out shopping today for (along with the household stuff for the xmas bonus) furnature. I'm looking for a coffee table, a couple of endtables and maybe a bedside table. And the bolts needed to make my bed a reality. Speaking of beds, do singles not exist anymore? In Sears I was looking at the beds they had there and the tiny ones the size of my current one were all labeled "twin". No fscking way were those twins (if the one I have sitting against the wall waiting for a couple of bolts is a twin), they were barely singles. Course, it makes sense as a twin is more expensive than a single, right? Hmm.... I sense a conspiracy here!

Guitar is going well... I almost have B and bar chords are well.... coming slowly. I'll be a god yet dammit!

So now I have to eat lots it appears, I stocked my shelves with $100+ of food and such, so I have no reason to not make lunches and have a decent breakfast each morning right? Well, that's the theory anyway.

Now I think it's time to head over to Iambe's and go rent a DVD or something. Tonight I'll finish up (well, ok, start) christmas cards and hopefully get that small part of christmas done so they get to various places by at least new years, when of course the world will end (at least according the tabloid I saw in save on foods today). Course, I don't think the post office'll be open tomorrow (though I'm sure I can get stamps somewhere else), and they won't be picked up till monday anyway. But it's something else to check off the "todo" list right?


Well, I almost had a new bed. Wandered out to Maple Ridge with A and her huge ass truck to check out what her friend had. Brought back the matress, head and foot boards, slats, and sides. Moved old bed out of the way, and prepared the new one (not that wonderful looking, but nicer than my old one, and it's not completely dwarfed by the room). One thing missing: nuts and bolts to hold the sides to the head/foot boards. Cause you know, they just don't sit in there by themselved (and believe me I tried!). So said bed is now stuck on the side of the room and I'm back (for now) in my familiar single. The new one is a double (or twin, whichever is smaller) so it's not hugely bigger, but it's more room for me and the cats.

Now, if you'll allow me to bitch for a moment or 3...

If I were to design a perfect day, I wouldn't include pouring rain, or a lake where the parking lot should be. I wouldn't put in missing serial cards, or a trip onsite to replace a server. I wouldn't have servers that have their HDs go bad or the need to replace them. And I certainly wouldn't arrange all these things right when I'm starting doing some neat coding stuff either.

Hmm.... so much for xmas card shopping and K-bday (*wavetoK*) shopping at lunch. Hello wet and ugly driving....

You know, life is pain, but there are moments in that pain of such sweetness that it's all worth while. I had one of those moments a while ago, after a long ride through the dark night. Not long after everything went to shit all around me, not only for myself but for others, but it was that moment, or moments, that makes life so sweet.

'nuff philosophizing for one day, I'm off to finish burning a new HD.


Moral of the day: make backups (and never trust stupid people (and make sure your ass is covered just in case something does go wrong)). Not me, but someone else. Eeeek.

Finally got things almost totally settled down here. With some help from solas I made my living room and kitchen respectable. The shelf is now full, and over flowing in fact. So much for getting more stuff. I suppose a brutal cleaning is in order, but for now I just wanted things out of boxes. Cyranth brought over his couch and with a bit of re-arranging things are very homely. Now to work on the bedroom.

Thanks to A's friend I might get the chance to head and look at her basement full of stuff, including a double bed, coffee tables and so on. And she said "I don't want it, just come and take what you want". And who am I to pass on free stuff? So that'll probably be tomorrow night.

Today was going to really really suck. Driving down the highway I thought to myself, "what do I have to do today?" and came up with the answer "visit 4 sites, all with problems." This is not a good way to start out a day. That combined with a missing serial card didn't help :( Luckily the site that needed said serial card agreed to do things on Wednesday instead, so I was down to 3.

I went to the first one. Plugged in the laptop, ran the batch file to upgrade the modem code (thanks Stewart!) and it worked...
... perfectly.

I went to the second site to see about their fubared HD. Ran fsck manually, waited for a long time for it to finish up. Looked at the /lost+found dir and said "eeek", copied some files back and forth... rebooted, and it worked...
... perfectly.

Went to site 3. They had a date problem combined with a dial out restriction, which basically means they set it so they couldn't connect to the net after 5 and the date was 12 hours off or something. I reset things, upgraded some files, some docs, and the new console code I was working on and rebooted, and it worked... (yes you guessed it)
... fine.
(fooled you!).

So my day of hell turned out not too bad. That combined with getting the living room clean (only bed and bath to go!) made for a productive day. Now as I didn't get to go for a run (wierd day, started out very nice and sunny and slowing progressed to pouring rain) and I just don't feel like doing anything but getting a decent night's sleep, I'm going to do just that.


Moved in! Life is still chaos, boxes have exploded everywhere, and I'm not behind a firewall yet. But it's all here! :)

Yeap, more packing, but now I know almost exactly what has to be done tomorrow, and it's all set up to go. Now to get some sleep... 5.5 hours just ain't what it used to be...

Thanks a million in advance to my friends and family who are helping me move btw :)


So Arc, what were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping like you should have been in preparation for a good day of work and the work party after?

Erhmm.... no, at midnight I was moving boxes of kitchen stuff to the new place.

Around 9 or 10 last night after practicing bar chords on the guitar to the tunes of Blue Rodeo I figured that I should get some boxing done like I said I would. So I started with the freezer. Ok, that's not quite right.... in a quest for food last night I went through the freezer to find I had meatballs, but no spaghetti sauce (though I found some later). In the process however I found I had a lot of extra stuff in there. Like... lots.

So I was brutal and got rid of anything that was moving, green, had more than an inch of ice on it or was not recognizable as animal, vegetable or mineral. Things are a lot cleaner now :)

Anyway, that led to cleaning out old containers, which led to cleaning out the fridge, which led to cleaning out the drawers and packing stuff up. I took far longer packing than moving, so I figure it was worth it to avoid having people come and sit around while I put wine glasses in newspaper.

Long story short, at around midnight I had 5 boxes packed and the entire kitchen (minus the last little bit of food in the fridge/freezer) cleaned of my stuff (oh, must not forget the kettle. Moved it all to my car, and to the new place, unpacked (even organized the new kitchen a bit, and discovered I have a million or so mugs) and brought the boxes back. By that time my laundry was finally done (no free laundry at the new place :( ) so I did the bed thing.

Now I'm at work writing cool code again :) On a new moniter which replaced the fuzzy one that was destroying me earlier. They think they are taking it back on monday to it's home (we got it for an install or something) but are they ever wrong! Muahahahahahahaha, a 17" moniter that I can have at 1280 and I can see without squinting! Yay!

Oh, almost forgot. raskal has put up a raskalcam. I still says he needs to show more skin.....



Finally got around to releasing the new ArcterCam site. It's a non-live one, for the reason that 99% of the time I'm not in front of the computer, so why make people stare at a blank wall. I figured I'd do it where I take an interesting picture of something, upload it, and let people go through the (well, supposedly interesting) pictures. I also wanted to give it a new look and think that what I've got is nice and a lot more professional than what was there before.

This also marks my foray into php3. The gallery has some bugs in it as far as resetting things if there's a fubar'ed link (ie: gallery.php3?pic=4222222abc or something) but that I'll deal with at some later time.

Throw some comments my way if you care.

My appologies to the stalkers. I may put a live cam up that I can turn on or off if I'm there, but like I said, 99% of the time I'm oot and aboot.


I hate ipportfw. Explain this to me. It'll port forward through one of our servers to another of our servers that's behind it, perfectly, but when I use exactly the same command to try to forward a port to an NT box (allowed just the same way through the firewall) I get nothing. No packets no nothing. Why? Why me? I'd love to tell them "hey, it works here so it must be your NT server" (which is pretty much the case) but the geek in me won't allow a lame ass answer like that (this time anyway), so I'm going to keep on fighting with this thing till it kills me (which won't be that far away I don't think.

Well, the day off was good. I'm not 100% yet, but doing better.

Today has been a day though.


Still haven't slept. Got in, wrote the stuff below, dozed in the chair watching TV for a bit, then packed up to head to the new place and then to Yohimbe's for a lesson.

They belived me that I was financially able to pay and wasn't an axe murderer. Fools! So this means I have in my possession keys for aptmt 102 of some address somewhere. Cool. Oh, and all my friends with trucks, erhm, got plans for next weekend? :)

My phone seems to be working now too. Tres weird.

I took the day off tomorrow. No, not because I've had a hell of a weekend, boss, but to hopefully kill off whatever is making me cough up lovely yellow stuff for the last 4 or 5 days. A day of 0 stress, 0 need to do anything, and just pure relaxation (something I haven't had in ages) will be the ticket I hope. No obligations no phones no nothing.

And now I'm going to bed. Wake me up and I'll have to kill you :)

I just got in.

Interesting weekend so far.

Started Saturday with my "I gotta get out and find a place" (same thing I've been saying for the last few weeks). So I grabbed a paper and circled a couple of places.

Checked out the first one and found it was far to far out to get high speed net, and it was a fscking sty. Towel hangers half off, a deck blocked off due to dangerous sagging, etc. Not a good place. The second was right near Iambe. Nice, not too bad, no idea about the pets allowed or not. On a whim I wandered to the next apartment building up from that (where cyranth lives) and happened upon a guy washing the front walk. Taking the chance that a) what I'd heard about a place being available was true and b) this guy was indeed a manager like person of some kind I talked to him.

Well they had a place available, wave ready (with a little outlet labeled "wave" in the living room), no probs with pets, and cable tv was included. Not too bad. Free parking space too.

So after consulting the folks, talking to cyranth to see if he had found any hidden little "gotchas" I said I'd take it. Now I'm just waiting back to hear from the guy who is doing the background check on me to say that I'm not a criminal or anything (muahhahahaah).

And my phone died (yet ressurected).

And I lost my ring (since found).

Then last night I went out with my buddy S invited me out. S wanted me to come along to be a match up for A, so he could make the moves on S2. S2 being A's brothers GF (D)'s friend. Yea, it's screwed. Anyway, I know long before he did that he didn't have a chance with S2, but oh well. A's bro didn't come along, but his GF D did. So it was myself, S, S2, A and D. We hit a movie (Toy Story 2, very good, go see) and then a club (cat and fiddle in Poco). A good place, with loud music and not enough seats, but lots of pretty girls, we had a blast! Much better than the last couple of my forays into clubs I think. So we danced some dances, had some drinks (no mom, I didn't drink and drive.... it's hard to shift with a beer in your paw <g>).

S tried unsuccessfully to start a spark with S2, who I think had a better time with me than him. I had a great time with A and D ran home at 1ish or so, probably scared off or having to work or something.

It was a good time. Ran S2 home when we got booted out of the club at 2 (we went all around Maple Ridge so she could listen to the end of a Sarah M. song or 2), dropped S off, and then instead of taking A home decided we were both hungry (all I had had all day was a hamburger and fries). So we trekked out to a shell station that was open all night and got some food from a lady who was obviously just starved for someone to talk to.

It was a good night. But I'm fscking tired.


Well, it was an interesting night. Filled with marketing people, realtor people, and basically a table whom I had 0 connection with. It did get me out, and free dinner at the Bedford House (a 5 * restraunt I think). Not exactly the way I imagined my friday night, but I suppose it could have been worse. After I got back I was going to go out and hit a club or two, but my forgetting to bring cash kinda sucked, so I came back here for some of that sleep stuff. Hopefully that'll let me actually do some work tomorrow, as my semi-relaxed weekend has apparently turned into a fscking full one :( Now to figure out who I have to bail on to maintain sanity.


Just on my way out. This is how I went. If anything it just proves I can still tie a tie. Speaking of the tie, as I'm going to a (ugh) real estate event I chose my realtor tie. Here's a close up of it. A very angry looking Donald Duck. Kinda a 'ask me what your password is and I'll kill you' type look.

I think I got sleep last night, but I'm not sure. Ended up talking to Leather Otter about his taking over the UFie seti@home team stuff, which has been arranged. Hope it works out. My new arctercam site is /almost/ done. All I need to do is put some pictures up and then I'll release it. Might put in the option for a live cam as well, just in case I do have stalkers. Thing is it sucks to have to kill the cron job that runs the cam when I want to play quake or something. But on the other hand, 99% of the time I'm not there, so people get the same picture of the back of my wall over and over again. We'll see. I might be able to figure something out, but till then I think it'll be a static image, a la frickcam.

Except for coughing up yellow stuff this morning (and using the last of the meds that got me through the day yesturday) I feel pretty good. It's friday, all the lights were good for me coming into the 'wack this morning, so that must be a sign right? Either that or Fate is preparing me for a really bad day by giving me a good drive in. Hmmm....

Course, my day can't be much worse than roomiekid's.... roomiewife was taking him in to be circumcised this morning. When I got to hold him while she was getting ready to go out I didn't tell him, I figure he's going to find out in a bit anyway, why not let him enjoy the car ride right?

That and at less than a week old he probably won't really know what is going on anyway.

Ha! Finally I came out the winner of something with Iambe. We went to the pub last night and were talking about men, women, and young women. I admitted that these days I honestly can't tell how old someone is. If they are in the 16-30 range generally I can't even hazard a guess. However, 22 is always the Right Answer. If they are younger they think they look older, and if they are older they think they look younger, and you come out a winner both ways. So she asked me how old I thought our waitress was. I said no clue, and she said that she was 26. "Women can tell." So when our waitress returned I asked, she said "well, how old do you think I am?" to which Iambe said 26 and I said 22. She pointed to me and said "bingo" and then something about "I'm going with him" (sadly I couldn't think of a good flirty line to go with). Iambe of course claimed she looked mature, but I know the truth! It was a good guess though I must admit. Course, Iambe claimed she was talking about the waitress that brought us our food (who could be 26 as she was in the same school as solas (sol, tell me how old that blonde waitress at Finnies is?), but that wasn't our waitress.

Ok, I'll stop gloating now :)

Here is proof that you learn something new all the time:


At this point of the night I normally figure why bother going to bed, how is 5.5 hours going to be any better than 4.5 hours of sleep? May as well get some work done.

Well, today is the open house... or will be, when I wake up in 6 hours. I don't understand marketing people. We're cleaning the office. The bosses (bossi?) are out of town or something, so it's me and our salesdude. First he gets me to clean the workbench off of all the stuff we were working on. Then he goes and puts other mess on the workbench, to give the appearence we are working. HUH?!? WTF? Maybe I'm just an idiot, but wouldn't it have made more sense to just leave it as it was? Well wouldn't it? I was under the (obviously mistaken) impression that an open house was to open your office up to the world to show them what we're all about. This would include the notes written on the whiteboard (all whiteboards are 99% empty at this moment), the work we're doing on the workbench and so on. Now, it wouldn't include my cow-orker's 2 week old lunch, sitting on his desk and happily growing things. I will however, let him deal with that :)

2 things waiting for me at the post office. Hope I get there in time after work tomorrow. The first <hung head> is the start of my christmas shopping. Yes, I know, I should leave it till the last minute like any other respectable single male, but sadly, I didn't. Everything else though I'll leave till Dec 23rd again though ok? The other is a CD that I ordered ages ago. Oh well, I guess they had to ship it sometime eh?

I semi-retract my bitches about Keating from yesturday. The dude I talked to first, Stewart called me today and asked if I had sent the info. Well, Adrienne, whom I spoke to while onsite the other day had given me the distinct impression that the information he passed back to me (it is something wrong with the ISDN line itself) came from Stewart up in tier 2. Seems that's not quite right, or something. Anyway, good 'ol Stew called me a couple of times today. Once just to say that they were working on it! Wow, now that's service. Course, I think he is on prozac or something, cause he was far to happy. I wonder if he got the purple flavored ones...

Thoughts for the day, as I'm in a whimsical mood:

Oh aside. I finally got caught up with (and hung out with) someone I met (literally) years ago <wave>. That was cool. Nice to find another person like me out there once and a while ($DEITY forbid!).


Yay! solas finally got his new journal up and going (even if he did have a busted link to my page)!

Oh, and happy december :P