Hello Again Calgary!


Well, it happened again. Slightly different people, same place. Another faction of the Abbotsford gang headed to Calgary, just before the school year started again. Myself (Alan), Pam and Darren headed to the city in the snow for almost a week of sun and fun. It was a great trip. We got to meet the entire (almost) Calgary contingent of the #north gang, and had a great ol' time.

The pictures from the trip came back, were scanned, and here they are!

Click on the images to get the full size one (duh).

My car.... :( This is what happened to my poor little car (was a '86 323) just days before the trip. Luckily the unsucessful mating of a BIG Ford and my car was not a sign of things to come. From this angle you can see the indentation and perfect outline of the front of the Ford in what is left of my rear end.
And a nice close up..... I forgot to take the plate holder too :(
The Cat from 4am.... ooohh.... ahhh.... I had my alarm set for 5am to day we were supposed to leave. At 4am I hear a yowling outside my window. Lo and behold ther is this cat. It didn't want food (cereal), drink (water/milk), or sleep (my bed). All it seemed to want to do is whine and get stroked.
Darren and Alan on the edge of BC These shots are proof that, contrary to popular belief, there is no red dotted line that separates BC and Alberta. They are also proof that Darren's Hyundai Stellar (ick ick ick) made it this far.

This is him and I waving and doing the cheezy turist photo thing. If you look really carefully you can see the huge grins.

The other shot that is yet un-scanned is from his camera, taking (you guessed it) a picture of him...and Darren alone
People, people, people Apparently Darren told the Calgary gang that we'd be stopping at Lake Louise and might do some swimming. I didn't know anything about this. What he forgot about was:
  • Glacier lake
  • No beach
  • many many people
A rather badly meshed togeather panorama of Lake Louise. Lake Louise
And finally we got to Calgary...
Flaunt, flaunt.  Me 'n the womens! At some point or other I was forced in between these two... The spoils of war (Coke, Liquid Happiness(r)) are in front of us.
Darren and Carolyn (salty, sioneva, NaCl) meet for the first time..... isn't that just so sweet? :-) Reunited for the first time
Ok... it's time. On Saturday night a huge party was thrown, and it seemed that almost everyone was there. The Calgary gang, the Abbotsford gang... the whole schmere. At one point almost everyone was sitting in a big circle on the deck, so I planted myself in the middle and rotated. The results of which are below.