From: <- Name changed to protect the moronic
Subject: Yr Page

You probably won't understand, but - the thing about aol is, yeah aol sucks and i dont much like the people who run it BUT it works better on this here PC than any Netscape-using server has done and anyway who cares? I really don't give a hoot for computers. I'm only interested in reading all the insane and bizarre pamphlets and rants on the WWW. See, we don't all share your priorities. Incredible, huh?

I recieved this from some luser of the highest degree, probably as a result of the quote that was (is?) on my homepage:

"If you don't understand how it works, and how to fix it when it's broken, you have no business using a computer"

...all I can do is shake my head and mutter about morons, and how a proof of IQ should have to be produced before you are allowed Internet access.