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Vital Catstistics
Name: Corneious K. Bailward (the K being for Cat of course)
Date of birth: July 1997
Height: 7" at the shoulders
Length: 22" (including tail)
Weight: Unknown, but I'm in pretty good shape, and properly height/weight proportional <g>
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Dark brown with black stripes and a light tan underbelly. My tail is tipped with pure black and the underside of my chin is white.
Ambitions: Basically I believe that I have to follow my dreams, and plan to so so for as long as I can. My goals and dreams all pretty much involve sleeping and eating, with the occasional game of "chase the tail".
Turn-ons: Having my chest scratched, sharing a bowl of cereal or glass of water with my human, keeping him company on his shoulder while he works, playing in the blinds in the middle of the night, and playing chase with him. Baggy pants are great for attacking! I love the middle of the bed too. It's a single, so the best spot isn't to the side, or bottom or top, but right in the middle. Warm moniter tops are a must as is the black cat from next door.
Turn-offs: Changes in my food don't agree with me, though it is fun to puke all over the clean carpet. I really hate it when my human decides that his sleep is more important than continuing to scratch my ears at night.
Growing up: I was taken from my mom and brothers and sisters at a young age, but in the end, all the hiding under the sofa was a waste, because I was adopted by a very nice human, and have lived a life of luxury ever since.

Even though I don't have a lot of friends that I can hang out with, I play games with my human and practice my fighting and stalking with him. He is getting better though, but these things take time you know.

Great TV: Anything with a lot of moving colors is good for me, the content is pretty much a moot point for me.
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Vital Catstistics
Name: Rextavious Bailward (middle initials are for wimps)
But call me Rex.
Date of birth: December 1997 (maybe)
Height: 6.5" at the shoulders
Length: 21.5" (including tail)
Weight: I'd rather not say actually. But I'm in good shape, the years on the street have left me in good enough shape to kick tail when needed.
Eye: Cat-like. My other eye has a scar from a gang war I was in a while ago. I don't like to talk about it much.
Hair: Jet black and shedding.
Ambitions: I have spent a long time out on the street, and abandoned and un-loved cat, now I found a good human (*cough*sucker*cough*) to take care of me I just want to kick back and relax. I don't have to worry about fighting with the cat from down the road anymore, or where I'm going to get my next meal, or any of that, so now I can just relax, lie in the sun, play with my buddy Corny, and just kinda hang out.
Turn-ons: I enjoy a good game of "whose got my tail", or human-roomie's chair, just lying there and relaxing. Of course, nothing beats a good belly scratch, especially if applied properly. Car rides are great, I love to sleep on the floor and just enjoy the whole experiance.
Turn-offs: Living on the street. I don't want to go back to that. Could we move on please, this is quite painful for me.
Growing up: My history is pretty unknown. Corny's human met me outside on the porch one day and started feeding me, as I was a bit bashed up. One day he decided it was time to adopt me, so a trip to the vet, a couple of needles and a warm bed later, and here I am!
Great TV: I'm not a TV kinda cat really... I'd rather sleep my life away than watch the trash that's on these days.
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Photo Gallery

Below are some pictures that we've had taken at various times, I hope you enjoy them! (just click on the image for the full view)

Corny relaxing on the couch.

And from another angle...

And another!

My proud Rex relaxing on the windowsill.


Rex on the bed, posing.

On the bed again, too bad my stupid human got his arm in the way!

Rex walking all over our human.

Rex again, showing off that wonderful profile!

Just me, showing a bit of profile. Am I beautiful or what?

This is me on a typical stroll across the desk my human thinks is his.

A more head on view of me and my water glass. I got it free at a gas station you know.

There's nothing I like better than to kick back with a nice cool drink on a hot (or even not so hot) day.

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