November 1, 2007

Space Shuttles and Pot

Living at my old neighbors, one of my elementary and high school friends Lee and wife come by to stay to wait for who have a sale the next day. Next day comes and they go but as I try to call him on his BB to find out something a bunch of people show up thinking my house is a bar and the guy is smoking a joint and I throw him out (with words) and he backs right down and runs off. I was relieved that he actually left and didn't see through me ranting and raving at him.

Also a local country music radio station and the space shuttle had a contest or collaboration or something going, but I missed what it was on the radio when we were all driving back home so I've been trying to find out by calling around.

November 29, 2006

Going Back to School

This was a weird one, I'll only list the high points and hope I can fill it in with narrative later for time.

- school burned down, parents send me (present day) back to school in the UK
- confused, ask specifically 'so when we get back home [from school] I'll pack my bags and go to school and not come back here in the evening?'
- get (wedding?) pictures taken by guy who I think is Jamie Oliver before leaving, sit upstairs in house bitching and complaining about the process / need for pics (not him) before going downstairs and having shoot happen
- he takes pics using odd floral patterened mattress as backdrop
- don't remember actual shoot, but it ends late at night and he is tired and I offer him coffee before leaving, which he declines but says that the trip to home (south of England) is long and he sometimes mis-calculates because of the "slews"? at the end
- next day (?) go to new school, big ivy covered affair, lots of girls
- no, not next day, cause I have to pack up my computer and gear (stuff from work though, remember the black 19" lcd monitor)
- call cat5 after doing so early in the morning (7am IIRC) and wake him up, but he gets to the phone before his parents wake up and tell me not to call so early (not in a mean way though). I arrange to meet up with him later on in the morning, but don't think I ever do.
- lots of people from my high school, loralee c, tracy s, michelle c I am remembering. seems like the people in the dream are people that I liked or liked me, not the assholes
- comment to michelle c that it's just like highschool all over again, isn't that wierd
- meet up with wedding photog jamie oliver again, and he takes my picture out in the fields or something. I'm holding a cup that spills fire down it's side, I say isn't that cool and drop it down a cliff. He's there taking pictures of it but doesn't fire shutter until (I thought) way way too late, and he takes pictures by holding two table lamps (for light?) and following it down the cliff (which I don't see because I'm not at the right spot) taking pictures. Camera must be on a remote trigger because I don't see anything but the table lamps in his hands, but hear the shutter clicking. Also he seems to follow the target with his hands but no camera present

September 21, 2005

Bye Bye Computers

In my dream I got home and found that one of my computers was open and had the hard drive taken out. Then the next, and the next... someone had gone in at night and STOLEN ALL MY HARD DRIVES!! I was basically left with empty shells of computers, which didn't do me very good at all. I was quite traumatized.

March 8, 2005

Evil Twins

Someone from work gave me something to give to someone that he needed to thank for something. He was just giving a little note of thanks or something, nothing big, and he wrote up a partial note with some instructions ("add logo here" type of thing) and a nice ornate wooden box as well [no doubt from the fact that the accountant I was at last night showed her husbands woodworking to me]. So he gives me this stuff and asks me to go and deliver it and tells me "avoid the twins", as apparently there were some killer twins around [fear factor last night was 'twins fear factor']. So I'm riding my bike along in the dark and drive up a gravel road. As I come around the corner there are two bodies lying on the road and before I can stop I drive in between them, and screech to a halt, hoping they hadn't seen me. As I'm turning around to get the hell out of there I see them sit up and start to get up, then I wake up....

January 11, 2005

Me 'n Spiderman

I'm pretty sure I wasn't spiderman, but I was hanging out with him. We were up north and he (in the form of another guy) was showing me the sights around. At one point we went into a small store and he (other dude) suggested a specific treat from the shelves. Later on we were being chased by people. I don't remember being afraid, it was more like the sort of chasing you get at the schoolyard, where you're afraid, but not for your life (at least that's how it was when I was in school). There was some webslinging and running and zipping around in the bush and in old wooden houses and structures I really don't remember well. Eventually we lost the people chasing us and were just walking through the bush, and then along the top of a structure (think the top of the subway tressle in spiderman 2) in the bush, talking about how to get away better. Now we'd lost them we had to blend in, and we had to hide the bag of stuff we had. We didn't want to lose it and he suggested that we list everything in it and give it to the guys chasing us (or something like that) and I said no, we can just hide it somewhere and come back for it. The one item I remember that was in the bag other than the aformentioned treat was a gordon lightfoot CD. Later on we were in the Maple Ridge library of old. I was looking at books (on the linux kernel maybe??) and when I checked out some random person started talking to me and eventually we moved back towards the racks of books and he suggested a dessert, which was there in the magazine racks (or something like that).