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November 27, 2002

Hey Mister, Gotta Dam?

Iambe was back in town for either her birthday (which is today) or mine, I'm not sure. I was back at my parents house and she had come by by on her way back home. At one point she asked me if I wanted a dam that she had control over from back in the days when she worked in the logging industry. It sounded like she was giving up investments here or something and was offereing me something. It sounded good so I said yes, I mean, owning your own dam right? Gotta bring in money. We talked a bit and it sounded the catch was that it was being shut down, or before any money could be made it had to be shut down, and I had to handle phone calls from people, look up phone numbers in a computer system, and tell them something based on that. I think in the end my parents (rightly) threw up their hands and went "what's wrong with that boy" and I decided to try it a couple of weeks before saying yes or no.

Fast forward to me heading to Silverstr's house (not where it actually is of course) and waiting for him to get home in the middle of the night. I stood on the front steps and watched his TV through the window, changing channels with a TV clicker that seemed to work. I remember thinking that this might look a bit suspicous but as long as I wasn't in the house I would be ok.

November 25, 2002

The Mania of Age of Mythology

Firefly's latest addiction is the game Age of Mythology, and last night she said that sometime I'd have to play multiplayer against her. Well, this somehow translated into a dream. In my dream I was playing AOM multiplayer against her and was just starting to build up my military units when she sent a single army unit in. I attacked with my little workers, but they just kept on dying in droves as my military units were building. End of story, her single military unit came and wiped me out (or that's what was happening when the dream ended).

November 18, 2002

More Bizzare

This one is one I've meant to put down for a day or so now, and since I'm here....

Anyway, space scene, bunch of folks heading home through a transporter type device. There's something a bit wrong with it so I'm kinda nervous about it running out of fuel or juice or whatever before I get to go. My ex-boss silverstr is the one in line ahead and I guess something goes wrong just as he is about to go into the pool of blue light that'll send us home.

He is mutated somehow, and turns into a monster that is a combination of him, spiderman, and a photocopier (or just the copier ink). He goes on a rampage for some reason.

Cut to next remembered scene...

I'm waking up in a hostpital on the shore of wales. I'm a bit dazed, but they explain that the sound of the ocean is good for people, so they built the hospital right on shore. There are no floors, just sand, and people have their own little docks where their beds are, right over the water. I am convinced it was wales because there was nothing to be seen on the horizion, to the west or the south. The place still had a strange "movie set" look to it though, and there was a bar down the beach a bit.

Ships Ahoy!

I was out on the water in a boat with a bunch of guys. Someone had fireworks, big ones and they were using them to shoot a navy ship. They had modified the fireworks so that they were harder than normal, making it so that they didn't go through the hull and explode, but went through both hulls and exploded out the side. They had done this for halloween I think so that the fireworks would have greater distance, but for some reason were shooting at this navy boat.

Until we found out the fireworks were modified the group of us didn't think there was any hope, but when we did find that out we decided that if we could find them we could save them, because we could tell them that they fireworks wouldn't explode inside the ship. Then we could rescue them. We called and called for ages on the radio but to no avail.

I guess we were out at sea when we looked up and there the ship was just "over there", but looked like it was sinking. Soon realized it wasn't, but in fact it was only dipping it's nose into the water on tight turns. The boat was pretty badly damaged, and appeared to be moving under the power of a bunch of logs stuck out the side (think old galleys) and used to push the boat along. There were a couple of people visible as we pulled aside. The first was a couple in the water, whom at first I thought was a bunch of people who needed to be rescued. One of my thoughts was "how the heck are a boat full of sailors going to fit on this boat (a medium sized pleasure cruiser)?" But it turned out they were just kinda "hanging out" there in the water. The other people were an old couple on deck, looking very much like a stereotypical old couple who are deteremined to go down the the ship, together.

The ship was steaming along pretty good, heading for port, making neat turns around stuff in the water that caused the nose to dip way down into the water. We followed them, and it became obvious they were making a last ditch run toward the shore.

Somewhere along the way one of the guys on the boat with me, a friend Kyle H. from high school turned out to be a cartoonist, a-la Charlie Brown, and there was something about drawing a cartoon of a character "Penny Lane" for someone to spite them or something.

Anyway, as the boat went along I flew down and helped them around a couple of corners, tryng to line them up with shore properly. At a particularily bad corner I got my hand cut on the dock material, but they ended up just right, and went past the coat rack (a very big coat rack) straight in towards shore, and everyone started cheering. Then the alarm went off.

November 11, 2002

High School Reunion

This dream was no doubt prompted by an email from someone from high school that I found again through gradfinder.

There was a reunion that was held somewhere that I don't remember (my parents house maybe?) and a lot of people were there. I don't think that many people recognized me without my hair though. At one point I got out a photo album and started going through it, looking for pictures of the hair incident, but all I ended up doing was flipping through other pictures (old baby pictures and whatnot) that didn't have anything to do with what I wanted to show people.

A girl from high school wouldn't talk to me because (I think) she told me she'd never talk to me again if I cut my hair, so I ended up having a one sided conversation with her. Another person I talked to a bit but kept on wondering if he was going to try to beat me up.

Some people that weren't supposed to be there were there as well. Mike and Diane (friends of mine from long after high school graduation) somehow showed up. Mike asked me for my contact info, and I tried to give it to him via my palm pilot, but the thing wouldn't work. It was almost like my eyes were messed up, but the screen kept on going wonky, with not enough (or too much) brightness or contrast or something. He opened up his and it shone so bright I had to cover my eyes to keep from being blinded (one of those nice new models with a bright color screen I guess). I knew what I wanted to do with it to get my contact info across, and how to do it, but it just wouldn't work for me!

November 9, 2002

Big Dog

I was working for userfriendly in the old library building in Maple Ridge. There was some noise across the street in the parking lot and I said that it sounded like live music, and I went over to check it out. Turns out to be a garage sale that was just starting to get packed away. I started browsing. There was a large and beautiful fish tank there, with decorations in the bottom that looked like a chess board. I asked the guy "how much for the chess board?" and he gave me a really funny look. I looked closer and saw that the chess board that was in the bottom of the fishtank was not awsome ornamental dragons as I'd first thought, but was a cheap and lame looking "He-man and the Masters of the Universe" theme that I'd seen from the wrong angle.

I browsed some more and asked if there was anything good (or that I could just have, don't remember) and the guy said something to another guy there about saying no to someone who worked at userfriendly.

I went inside and browsed some books. The books were set up in a huge room that looked like an old library out of a movie. Dark, with tall rows of shelves filled with books. In the middle of the room were tables laid out with other books that were for sale.

While browsing through these books a policeman with a K9 unit walked behind me. The dog was immense, almost like a bear. I said in a very quiet, very subdued voice (as to not let the dog know that I was a bit nervous about it) something like "that's a big dog" to the cop. He said "we like him" in the same voice back to me.

And fade out to wakefulness....

November 6, 2002

Naked at the Indian Restaurant

This dream is actually a couple of days old now, but for some reason I remember it, probably something to do with the fact it's the first of the "naked in the middle of school" dreams I've had in a while. It's... well, it's pretty strange.

I had gone to the gym, and was finished and had to take a shower. The gym was in the location of the Indian Food place just down the road, and the showers were in the main room, in front of the big windows. You had a piece of cardboard/plastic sheet that you got to rest in front of you while you showered, protecting your bits from the publics view. I think that I was going to take a shower but had to wait for someone else, and then Firefly called and said that I was late, and had to pick up some kazaa candy for the party. I guess I had said I would go out and get it and ended up going to the gym for longer than I had thought or something.

I left the indian food place without taking a shower and suddenly it was a big empty building in the middle of the dry country.... think california or something. I walked in sweaty gymstrip from the inside of that building, all the way outside, across some sand to another building that was there, the Walmart. In here I worked my way upstairs until I found the candy, and then walked all the way back to the warehouse-was-indian-food-place I started at. I think that then I tried to figure out if I should walk all the way back to Walmart to take a shower, or have it here. After weighting the pros and cons I ended up deciding to shower there in the abandoned building.