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December 21, 2002

Wolves and Germany and Quake Oh My

Started out in a quake level, a huge one. Unfinished I think, or un-tweaked. Someone mentioned that so-and-so hadn't finished it yet. But it was real life, wandering around, except for certain parts you could use the mouse, it was strange. We were playing capture the flag, and I managed to sneak unobserved into the opposite site's flag room and grab it, and then sneak out.

Passing down some stairs passed a giant chess game I saw someone from the blue team (I must have been red) and saw he had the red flag. We both sort of looked at each other and recognized we had each others' flags. I made a futile and uninspired grab at his, but didn't come close. Then we both continued on our way.

I was chewing a large wad of gum and trying to talk to someone, and old friend I guess, that I had met up in the corridors. I think she was talking about her boyfriend and how he was still working on (something) and wasn't back yet.

Fade to...

A zoo (?) in Germany. Gravel and dirt paths through the forest. Very much like logging roads I think. A group of us were going around and looking at things. The only exibits I remember is a "cow tipping demonstration". There was a guy in a very bad cow suit who got us in to gather around and then, with the help of an old bed to fall onto, showed us how cows are tipped. The bed went from having a matress on it to just being an old iron bed, which I thought must have been painful, but he didn't seem to mind.

We all sat on the ground and watched. Several wolves came up to us, and I, with a history with wolves, wasn't scared, but said hello and showed my hand to it, as you would a friendly dog. It growled and took my hand in it's mouth. Not scared, I talked to it and said things like "good wolf, it's all ok..." etc, in a soothing voice, willing myself not to be scared, but still trying to see if I could get my hand out of it's mouth. The teeth were still too tight on my hand though. The wolf went from almost no pressure in it's jaw so that I could almost get my hand out to almost painful pressure. Eventually it bit down hard enough that it was painful, and went beyond a little playbite.

Not long after this I manged to get my hand free and saw he had broken the skin a bit. I told my friends, "time to leave" and that I wanted to get this checked out at the zoo hospital. One guy (silverstr?) ran on ahead with a flashlight to help show the way. It had become not only night, but raining down terribly as well, making it hard to see and just very very unpleasent.

To get out of the park/zoo, we had to go hand over hand up a vertical or near vertical cliff, with just strips of cardboard down the sides for hand holds. The cardboard (or maybe strips of wood) held just fine, and there didn't seem as much effort required to pull myself up this cliff as it should. I didn't get so much tired as scared. I couldn't see the top, nor the bottom, and it seemed like I was stuck in the middle of this huge cliff face with no end in sigh. My hands loosened or my feet missed themselves, I'm not sure which, and I almost fell. At this point I woke up, with the hand that the wolf was gnawing on freezing cold (it was outside the covers). I realized it was just a dream and tried to close my eyes to go back to it, but didn't succeed.

December 18, 2002

Longships away

I was on a wooden ship, doing some sort of race, and it was the start, or a starting point. I climbed up to the very top of the mast and had to grab a rope to unfurl the sail on the bottom. When it did the rope let out and I ended up hanging way out to the side, suspended by this rope in the middle of the air. I swung around and somehow I managed to swing the entire ship around from the rope I was on catching around something. Luckily this ended us up right pointed the way we wanted to be though. I was partially awake at this point though, because I remember telling the other people on the ship "this is a dream of course".

I was half awake and remember conciously going back "into" my dream instead of waking up all the way, but I woke up enough to know it was a dream.

Then I was in a strange city, somewhere in the states I think. I went to a shooting range with a bunch of people and there was a ricochete that broke one of my glasses lenses (though the full bullet, casing and all were lodged in the lense, only millimeters from my eye). That was scary. Then I took the rest of the dream trying to find a place to get another lense, asking people if there was a glasses store that they could recommend in this city. I couldn't seem to get a straight answer out of them.

In all this, George, from the TV show Seinfeld, was running around the same city being "abused" by some woman. An example of this is he is a really big fan of some famous person, and this lady says that if he can keep up with her, he can have this famous persons license plate, but the farther along they get parts of the license plate get removed and carried off by wires strung out along the street. He is the same bumbling person he is in the TV show.

I was also doing my laundry in the B&B/motel/hotel/hostile that I was staying at. Two loads and their washing and drying machines were very strange. There was still water in the washing machine load after it was done (ie: a lot of water), and the dryer had this strange screen around the front that I had to manhandle into place after getting the laundry in it.

December 16, 2002

Broken Servers

Wow, more and more messed up dreams that I'm remembering, and for a longer time. Last night's I was going to talk to my ex-boss something that he had going. When I was over there there were some other people I didn't recognize but was introduced to. At some point I crashed his mail server. Now the mail server was not a computer, but a whole bunch of glass pieces, about the size of a punch card I guess. I knocked one over and crash, they all came down, breaking everywhere. He didn't seem too mad, though he did loose all his contacts and mail. I said that my idea would be to send a "he hows it going just looking for an update here's what I've been doing lately" type email to all his business people friends, and that way get any new stuff from them and keep up to date.

No one seemed to like this brilliant idea though.

Now either before this or after (I think it was after) I was walking around a block I recognized, and is still clear in my mind, but I don't actually know it now. While walking along I heard some cool sounding jazz, and then that song ended and some other song I recognized came on. I was walking into an office buildling and called said ex-boss (what the hell are you doing in my dreams btw!) and asked him what song the jazz one was, thinking that he must be in this office building. Turns out he wasn't, and the music was coming from a gigantic semi parked in the parking lot.

I proceeded from there to my old apartment, which was suddenly located in my old work place. Old roomie and roomiewife were there, and they showed me my old room, which while wasn't what it was in reality, in my dream it seemed normal, and hadn't changed much, even though it was now either another roomie's room, or a roomiebaby room.

December 15, 2002

Wizards and Dragons

I was able to turn back time to a marker that I had set a while ago, so that anytime I was about to die I just "reset" back to how it was at that time, and no matter what was about to happen, I was ok. Like setting a save game in a computer game. I managed to escape from a couple of nasty accidents (drowning being one) like this. At the last one a guy gave me a package and told me to mail it to myself and open it the next day.

I did mail it but ended up getting it out of the mailbox myself when I realized that it wasn't going to make it back to me in time. On the package (wrapped in brown paper, about 8 inches long by 4 inches wide and cylindrical) there were instructions on where to open it. The instructions were things like "open here", "read this part of the letter", "photoshop something on this part of the wrapping", etc. I followed them, and it told me to take a stick and go to a certain place to test my faith. I think that the guy who gave me the package was the devil, and was trying to show me that following him was better than following God. I took the stick (to cut through cobwebs, had a conversation about this at the office party last night) and started running. I had to go from abbotsford to maple ridge, along the fraser. All the way along there were dragons that I had to avoid or shoot. I figured that the devil had made this normally quiet and uneventful journey more dangerous to show me how dangerous it is not to embrace him.

All the way along I shot dragons with my rocket launcher, ran around them, or used other people who were along the way as human shields and used their lightning guns to protect myself. I think I appologized to them for using them as human shields though.

I can't quite tell you the outcome, other than t ended in a gravel pit, but there was a lot of questions of faith, and should I embrace the devil or not (I didn't). I think he might have been setting up a protection racket (ie: "join me or those dragons might start some trouble"), but I can't be sure. All I know is I'm playing too much Quake 3 lately.

December 14, 2002

Two Weddings and a Motorbike

Three or four crazy dreams last night, almost all involving close friends.

I was going to alberta for Tiggersol and K's wedding, but I couldn't afford to fly so I was going to walk all the way to Edmonton with firefly. Silverstr was going to go as well but he was going to paraglide, but for some reason he was going to walk to the border to get something and then go back to start gliding. The walk to the border was along a trail in the woods, with tunnels and conditions that were much like the rainforests of BC.

In the second dream I was driving along to go to Engel and Iambe's wedding, somewhere where it was hot and there was nice weather. I stopped at a traffic light and some guy who was dressed as a bum and acting very crazy (all hunched over and making wierd symbols with his hands) was wandering drunkenly in front of the stopped traffic. Turns out it was Fozbaca directing myself and a couple of other cars up a side street to where we were supposed to go. Once there we watched a movie and just kinda hung out till this dream faded into the next....

... which was in California, where it was flat, hot and dry. I had to ride a motorbike for the first time (in a dream or in real life) and most of the dream was me learning this, driving around side streets, and around a square pool in the middle of a outdoor cafe. I had to get the co-ordination of braking, clutch and changing gears, which wasn't too easy. I remember saying to whomever was there with me that if anything goes wrong I can just jam on both hand levers (they were front brake and clutch, not sure if that's correct in real life), and it'd be ok (the back of the bike lifted up a bit when I did this, but not right away, so I'd have time to deal with it after I had freaked out and jammed on the hand levers). I rode around with the front tire bent out of shape, but it didn't seem to affect my ride at all. For some reason while it was a motorbike (a small to mid sized Honda I think) I was still peddling in between shifting gears with my feet. I might have been doing all this because I had to chase someone. At one point I took off one of the two t-shirts I was wearing because I didn't want to get a sunburn.

So votes anyone on whether I'm going mad?

December 10, 2002

Watching Too Much CSI:Crime Scene Investigation

This one was a bit scary in it's possibility for reality, or at least it's realistic setting.

I was getting a tour of the police station, or was there for some reason, where a friend of mine who works there in real life, I'll call him "Cat5". I was there visiting or on a tour and he showed me a locker/closet where there was a $200,000 check. Either I suggested it or he did, I don't remember, but he snuck out the check and gave it to me, saying that they would just chalk it up to "must have been lost". Most of the dream was spent in the moral dillema struggle, trying to see if I should do this, if they would catch me, etc.

In the end I decided I just couldn't do it.

I emailed the check back to him (how the heck did I do that?) encrypted, and then sent another email to him telling him to put the check back and just forget the whole thing. I did it vaugely though, in "code", saying something like "remember that thing we talked about when I went to the school, well just forget about it and lets forget it happened" or something like that. I then was in a meeting with a bunch of cops who were talking about the check. There was a question of whether someone was there when the check dissapeared or not, and he said "of course I was there, didn't you just hear me blowing my whistle?" This was before the check was put back I think and they were talking about how the floor was checked when it was lost (my plan was to just have Cat5 put the check of the floor under the closet and say that it had slipped under). Of course, if that had been already checked, I thought that maybe we should just destroy the check and forget it ever happened.

In the meeting though there was a guy taking pictures of people (like in CSI), including me, and there seemed to be more interested than I would have liked in myself and Cat5. I was scared shitless that someone would interview me and I wouldn't be able to lie well enough to protect my own ass.

When I woke up (quickly, the alarm didn't go off in the morning) I had to take a few seconds to try to remember if this actually happened or not, and if I was ok.

I think not watching CSI or cop shows for a while would be good, as Firefly also had a dream involving characters from CSI....

December 8, 2002

Everything I was Doing Last Night In One (Two) Dreams

I had two really wacked out dreams last night/this morning. The first involved a race, sort of survivor style I guess, with a whole bunch of people, all competing for something. We were racing motorcyles around this insane track, with jagged rocks, tricks we had to do, etc. Just crazy.

Just typing out that first dream reminded me of antoher one, I think from last night again. In this one I was in a subdivision, lots of big houses, maybe a reserve of some sort. I had a motorbike, or was going to get one, or had to get one. I had people to talk to though, a strata council, band coucil, or something wacky like that though who had to approve it. I remember really not wanting them to ask the one question... "do you have a motorcycle license?" (as I don't). I remember thinking I could say that I had an international drivers license and hope that they would think that that would be good enough. I think I was going to use the motorbike to go up a moutain or something.

Distinct dream number three was even wackier. I was a scientist (maybe) in the jungle with lots of water (maybe) and we moved around primarily with subs similar to those ones that are ball shaped with arms that are used to do deep sea diving. These were web browsers by the way, and half of this dream I was worrying about recompiling them (what I was doing last night fighting with a mozilla compile). I had to go and do a "battery to battery" transfer to save one of the other subs which was low on power. In fact, his power indicator was in the red, and anyone who has played a bit of Warcraft III (like I was doing last night) would know exactly what I was talking about.

Dr. Freud, is it too late for me?

December 7, 2002

Flying Squid at the Motocross

In this dream I was a camp counciler for some camp somewhere. There were lots of things going on I think, one of which was the motocross track. While people were driving the motorbikes around the track, choppers would fly overhead (just like in the driving games). The difference was that the choppers were the transport kinds, or maybe the search and rescue kind, and they were jointed so that the entire back of the chopper from just behind the cockpit could rotate downwards. They were flying around the track with their tails down bobbing down towards the riders. At one point one helicopter almost clipped a rider as it went down.

I go for a run and end up having a little race with another guy (or girl? or one of each?) up the sidewalk, which was quite a steep hill. I tried to keep good form but man it was a tough run. At the top we stopped and I think we had a conversation about running, but maybe not. I think it was around here (sitting around some old tires and garbage bins) that I fell asleep, but more could have happened in between. Anyway, I fell asleep and when I woke up no one was around.

I headed back and found that giant flying saucers, shaped like huge starfish (round circles with dangling legs) were attacking and had captured everyone. I somehow got into one of them and discovered everyone secured magnetically by their head and feet around the perimeter of the ship. As I walked around I noticed that they were all upside down to me, but I couldn't tell if it was their heads on the "floor" or if I was walking on the "ceiling". I remember thinking to myself "this must have been hard to film.

I got the people out and there was a final showdown, wild west style. We were all circled on a dustry street in front of a wild west style store. We are circled by [bad guys]. Just at the last second the time device activates and we are saved. I remember thinking to myself that that was just how it happened in Back to the Future 2, except of course, nothing like that happened in that movie.

December 1, 2002

Kinda Like a Hero

Maybe this dream I can blame on pizza, I don't know...

I was Terry Fox, or someone very close to him, a body guard or helper of some sort. Maybe I was a gunslinger. We were going across canada and stopped in a small town and camped in the fields on the outskirts. The town had a big monster that was a building that was ok most of the time, but was only supposed to come on at night. For some reason it was coming out at night and people were scared and didn't know what to do.

There was a meeting and some people played cards (or drew cards) for the right to choose what to do about this problem. I had two aces, and when a lady came by to see how I was doing I told her this, and she said "no, you have three" and slipped me another ace. I hid the ace in my sleeve and displayed it when asked. When I said something like "I get to choose because I had the highest hand" someone else snorted like they knew that I had cheated.

I don't know what I choose to do. The last part of the dream was me going into the bathroom of my parents house which was at the same time a bedroom (even though there was a bathtub in there) and the field that we used to camp out, and finding a mother wolf and a couple of older cubs there. Now these were scary, and I closed the door right quick and hid in the room next to it. I actually went in the bathroom with the wolves in it a couple of times by accident, not being able to remember which door it was or something.