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January 17, 2003

Crazy Sun Run Dreams

Wow, crazy sunrun dreams and it's only January. This one had me going to bed at 10 (in the dream) and then being woken up at 2am by a call from Cat5 who was just going to bed. He called me for some reason, talking about the run or something. I think he arranged to come and carpool with the people who were already going.

We all carpooled and ended up going down to a predetermined meeting place for breakfast. It was a hole in the wall diner, the kind where you wonder how it passed health inspection. There was a hospital bed in the room too, amongst the tables and someone I knew was on it, an old lady, maybe a relative of one of the other people there. My grampa was there as well, just sort of hanging out with the rest of us. He fell down but was ok, no bumps to that bald noggin of his.

I was looking for a high protein breakfast and arguing with Cat5 about it. We went to the start of the race by walking, going down back and side streets until we could see the buildling that we were supposed to meet at. While we walked I muttered and talked about my palm pilot and how last sunrun I had moved all my address book from paper to pilot during the time (I walked).

We walked down a hill to the building where we meet. It was a big building, and I wasn't quite sure where we were going to I went one way. All the time I was looking for protein bars in the stands of fruit and food. We ended up in an area labled section 11 and realized we were looking for section 200-something. We walked another corridor and found that we were in section 10, and going the worng way. A bunch of chinese folks were there and laughing at us, telling us to go home because a bunch of crazy people were meeting here today (that'd be us I guess) as we turned around to go the other way.

January 16, 2003

Skiing and Evil Brothers

I was taking my kids (no, you're right, I don't really have any) skiiing up the big hill by Thornhill Elementry School... lots of snow on the ground. We got there and started going up on sleds and what not and they started crying and said they didn't want to go.

Then I was with DerfVW and DerfVW-Wife and my evil brother (no, no brother either) and me and Derf were trying to outwit him to save the world. Same hill and everything. He was going to jump back in time and become or pretend to be Hitler or something. Derf talked to me in my head because the evil brother had really good hearing. I think he used the same thing that the gunslingers in the Stephen King book used.

We ended up going away from the hill and going down a tube into someone's living room. The tube (big enough to go through on hands and knees) ended up beside the couch. There was a kid playing there and we peeked out and saw him, and Derf said that the kid was (or wasn't) into New Age music that much (at the time I wondered WTF that had to do with anything). The kid saw us and so did his mom, but neither seemed too surprised to see us for some reason.

January 15, 2003

Snowstorms and the Pox

I was going to work in the morning, as mostly usual, except that there had been a big snowstorm the night before, and I was wondering if my car could make it or not. If it couldn't I lived just across the mission bridge from work, so I could walk. As I was getting ready everyone else was up, and two people (Jason and wife?) came over to say "hi". I was in the bathroom shaving or something and noticed a couple of strange spots. I touched them and they squished under my fingers. It was around then that I noticed that my chest was covered in chicken pox! I had had the pox before, so it was very strange. I called Firefly in to see if she could figure out what they were.

January 5, 2003

Black Hole

It was the first nightmare that I've had in a while, at least the kind that I woke up kinda scared. I was watching a game, a football game I think, and for whatever reason the camera changed to show the space shuttle doing some repairs to a satellite. The lady in the space suite suddenly went back into the air lock, fast enough that she kicked off a door or hatch or something on her way in. She was scared. There was a black hole that appeared very close by, and it was one of those things that even though it doesn't affect you right away, you know that this is going to end things as you know it forever (or in this case, eventually suck the earth up). Woke up scared after this one.