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Dreaming about Coding and Contracting

Get call from a guy I'm doing work for. I go down the road to his place, he "fires" me from doing any more work from him and I try to figure out why, what was wrong, etc. In the back of my mind I'm thinking that I don't need this job anyway, this is some young punk kid (E404?) that I'm just making a fight to stay on contract for because it looks good and for the sake of my business. I never really get a good answer though, and head out.

When I leave I go up the road and meet up with someone from high school, I meet him and can't remember exactly, but say things like "you had an older brother.... was a year or two ahead of me..." while trying to figure out who the heck this guy was. Eventually the older brother comes along and then two or three other people from high school.

Thinking they might not be the "email type" I ask if they knew that there was a meet up planned for quite soon and they all to this computer that is hooked up to a TV on the wall and start to try to get their email to see (or one person does anyway). They can't get it, or can't find it or something so I go up and try to get mine so I can tell the the date/time.

They I get to have dinner with Yohimbe and a couple of other people (Firefly and Webdiva?) but right in the middle the guy who I was doing work for comes along and tells he that he wants me to meet with his lawyer and a couple of other things (one of which might have been to start work on the Firecard project again). I protest saying I just started eating but relent, shovel down some food and head out. I go to this guys place (again, just up the road) and he's not there yet because he can't drive, but can only walk there. His friend/brother/something asks me to wait. His sister comes out and wanders around a bit, and I do as well. He has some sort of huge pet ferret or something, and I ask about it and the sister calls me a wimp for not petting it. So I try to pet it and make friends with it but it just backs off hissing or barking.

Still waiting for the dude. Then I'm in Vancouver being dropped off to go to the lawyers office an tell whoever is dropping me off that I might just skytrain or bus it home, depending on how long it takes.