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June 17, 2003

In the Money

I was on the losing side of some sort of legal thing. Well, not losing in the bad sense, I got $1,000,000 dollars out of it (the other guy or side got something like 5 million). I got the money from my lawyer somehow, he snuck it into my wallet or gave it to me or something. It was at my university, even though it wasn't.

My old buddy Jason Rothe was there, and I was going to the bank when we met up. I didn't want to tell him or anyone really about the huge wad of dough that I had in my back pocket, so I was pretty low key, though I did tell him at one point. I resisted pulling out my wallet and counting the money. When we got to the bank I counted out $100 in $20 bills, a couple of hundred in $50s, a couple of $500 bills, and one (or two) $1,000 bills. Adding up to only a few thousand (numbers not exact, I think in the dream I had $3,000 in cash total). I remember thinking that something isn't right here, even with a big cut to the lawyer I didn't get the right amount of money.