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August 14, 2003

Camera Bits and Sunsets

There was a great sunset that I wanted to take a picture of with my 35mm SLR but I needed to get a different lense on it. When I found the lense there were parts missing from it, and I was worried about how that would affect the picture, or if it would. I wandered around my room trying to find the missing sliver of plastic that was missing.

I remember putting things on a traintrack, silver spoones and coins.

Going to dim-sum?

August 11, 2003

A Dinner to End All Dinners

Started out at a grad dinner of some sort with a bunch of people from my high school grad class, including my first girlfriend. I spent the entire dinner and lead up to the dinner worrying about if she would talk to me and if I would talk to her. She completely ignored me though, and ended up talking to some slick guy who I thought was just just a player anyway. We had some food (I thought it was dinner) and then the second course came out, or rather, burgers. I got my burger but couldn't find a bun for it! I wandered around the complex we were at talking to people, classmates and teachers trying to find where the buns were. I was quite distraught the whole time because my hair was long, and I know I just cut it down to 1/8th of an inch (in real life I did this ).

I don't think I ever found them. Next thing I know I'm in the bush in a creek, making my way downstream. I'm talking to the guy I'm going down with and saying how at the grad reunion we were in a time warp or bubble, because my watch had been set back a month (august 17th IIRC, not that that makes sense) and my hair was long. Now we were out and my hair has gone back to normal length.

We arrived at a fishing hole and there was a fishing competition going on. On one side of a little dam were a bunch of guys and on the other there was a Japanese flag flying and the Japenese team was fishing. We made our way slowing and quietly as we could to the spectator benches. We got there and after a bit started watching TV (on the dam). I tried to turn the volume down so it wouldn't scare the fish but that didn't work all that well and it just kept going up and up and up, and I kept on screwing around with the volume control trying to get the sound down for the fishermen, who kept on giving us dirty looks.

Then we were out of there and going along the river amongst the wharfs and whatnot. There was a cop chasing me and we got to a point where it seemed like he needed me to help him. We were going along a narrow walkway and there was a lady there who had a bike blocking the whole thing. I started to sqeeze by the bike along the side of the walkway as she watched, then she just started going forward, ahead of me. *sigh* We ended up spotting the way to get across the river first though, so she had to follow us then.

After that I was a limo driver, or rather, a limo follower. The car I was in was supposed to follow behind a limo (hearse?) as it went wherever it went. It had some cool technology that basically gave it auto pilot based on following a symbol on the back of the car it was following. I remember there were a couple of buttons to turn the auto-follow on and off. I got pulled over by a cop and had to explain a bit of this, and then show him something by driving ahead of the limo somewhere instead of behind it.