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November 27, 2003

Broken Stereo

Dreamt my car stereo broke, and I had to take it back for repair. In there the salesguy made a big deal about the next big thing, an updated stereo with GPS and whatnot, and commented how it would go much better in my car, how it'd take a while to get mine repaired, etc. I basically told him to fuck off, but in the end said I'd look at this new and wonderful stereo he was trying to sell me. I'm such a pushover for new toys.

November 26, 2003

Cats on the Brain

Dreamt about kittens last night. Somehow we got a bunch of them, but no mom. They were newborn, but for some reason the mom wasn't around, so I was really worried that no one could feed them and was getting ready to find an eye-dropper to fill with milk when I saw that one of ours was able to nurse them. I think I was really excited that there were newborns. I was then taking them up the street in a shopping cart type thing, pushing an old photo album ahead of it.