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December 27, 2003

Hockey, Like a Good Canadian Boy

The end of my dream had me at a large hockey rink, with lots of people. Among them were old school mates of mine. People were playing hockey, some were on skates, some weren't. After some sitting and thinking I decided to go in. First I had to get a stick from the other side. I had to fight my way around the outside of the rink, around all the other people, and finally got to the other end. At that point another person from highschool (Chani?) told me that they needed me and I had to go in. She held open a little half height door and I had an agonizing time taking off my jacket and getting a stick. I went into the door not really knowing who was on my team (finally realized that the tiny plastic sticks that you used to use in elementary school were colored) and where I was supposed to go. I don't remember any actual playing of hockey, but I do know that the ice was really slushy, and at one time I wondered if it'd break.

I got off the ice and there was a large sign with the following on it:

"Is UFies.org a boy or a giant nerd. This /var/log/adm thing makes me nervous."

Not sure what is up with that, if it was someone making fun of me or what. I made my way out of the rink and Lee (another guy from elementary/high school) was there ahead of me, and at one point tried to take my picture with a video camera.

December 21, 2003

Invaded by Germans

I got back to the apartment building and where the visitor parking is right now was a bit different. First there were two large information kiosks, basically mini billboards, but with moving screens. I guess kiosks is the best way to put it. The strange thing is there was one that had "German" written on it, and the other had "SCSI" (the latter had it's text all backwards if that says anything to you :)

Then I noticed that where there used to be trees and a blocked view, there was now a wide open view of the city below. It was shrouded in fog and looked extremely picturesque. There were people running towards it and speaking in German, obviously called to see the magnificant view. One of the visitors spoke to the landlord and said something like "yes, you can see much better now that it's not dark."

December 7, 2003


This from the night before last. Firefly and I went to a Community Futures meeting that was in maple ridge. I didn't want to go because I wanted to check out mp3 devices at the electronics store (which sadly we don't have here, or at least where I dreamt it). We got to the meeting and it started out with a 2km run, which I was all proud of myself for completing so easily (though I don't remember the run itself, only finishing it).


This was no doubt induced by my stress from working on the ASP project and some other coding and being completely clueless about what to do next. I was in a spaceship with a bunch of other people. We hadn't lifted off yet. I knew that something was wrong and we had to get out of there (maybe it was going to blow up?). I called my friend Dana (and partly-a-boss for this project) over. He had a couple of people talking to him. One came over and started talking to him as I was about to tell him whatever it was I had to tell him and I got all pissed off and stomped away muttering about how rude the guy was. He came over and I told him we had to all get off the ship. Even then I knew I'd be the last one off. Sure enough, after everyone left I was the last one there and couldn't get back to the launch tower beside the ship. The spaceship was an old saturn style rocket and the walkway in between had retracted, and there were only two wires connecting the ship to the tower. On the wires was the door, and it was trying to close. Each time it came up to the door on the ship to close me in I kicked it back. Eventually I figured out if I turned the bolts that it was running over I could stop it from being able to lock down. After that I tried to think of a way out, I couldn't slide down the vertical surface, and I couldn't climb on the wire over the door which was in the way. I think I was woken up by a kitten attacking my foot before things go much farther.