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February 9, 2004

Computers Rebooting

I was thinking way too much about the UFies.org server the last few days. After the system was installed on friday, I got stuff mostly working and went to sleep preparing to get things back up and working the rest of the way on saturday. That night I had a horrible nightmare about rebooting the system. There is a little trick I learned from the other programmer here that if you do something to the system that could potentially lose your connection to it (IE: playing with network settings), before you change anything, set a cron or at job to reboot the system in now+5 minutes. If all goes well, delete the job and continue, otherwise if you freeze up or lose connection the system will reboot in 5 minutes.

Anyway, I had set this up but had set up the job to halt, not reboot. This was at 11 or so at night and I was rushing to cancel the job before the halt started, because I didn't want to have to call the colo support and get them to reboot after things were all supposed to be ok. I remember that after I was stressed about killing the job I did it again or something. I was very happy to wake up and find (after a bit of hard thinking when first waking up) that it was in fact, a dream.