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March 12, 2004

Punks and Cameras

I had come back to somewhere with some people. I saw the same street kid that I saw last night (in real life) whom Silverstr had given a toonie to "for food". In my dream he was smoking a joint and living it up. I had my camera with me and was thinking about taking a picture but didn't. One of his cohorts, also with a camera around his shoulders (a nice rebel digital though) told me to give him my camera. I refused and he insisted, and I left before he started insisting with his fists. I called the cops and some arrived. They were Sully from Third Watch and a couple others from that make believe world.

They asked what it would take and I told them that the kids weren't really a problem. Yoakus said something about a suit job and I noticed Sully had come in a nice suit, probably for undercover. The others went off and Sully and I went to find the kids. They had dissapeared and we went into the pub to get a beer and play some pool. At one point he got pissed at me because I had used up all his bandwidth some doing something so he couldn't check the history of the kid from back at the station.

An interesting meld of real life and non-real life dream....

March 8, 2004

Back in School

Dream (nightmare?) that I was back in school. Voluntarily, like I was taking extra classes or something at night, but it was back in Garibaldi and back with all me ol' chums. Well, except they were never "chums" really. I had the feeling that the same thing was happening as the last dream I had about going back to school, where I didn't care, didn't want to do anything, couldn't be bothered to even show up at class or know what classes I had. I ended up back in Ms. Culbert's classroom down by the cafe but it was larger. I was at the back of the class and trying to find a place to sit. I sat down right at the back with the ruffians but thought better of it, and tried to find someplace a bit nearer the front so I wouldn't look like I was avoiding the front of the room. Someone offered me a chair, I took it. I sat down. That's all I remember.