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April 30, 2004

Walmart Greeters at the Health Spa

Staying with an old friend, and another buddy of mine is there as well. Heading to a health spa or resteraunt. Get there, drop them off, I go to park the car. Have go do some wierd turns to get it back into the parking lot, but eventually make it. Get there and a guy resembling a walmart greeter points me to an empty space. As I turn I get too close to him and hit his chest (somehow my car got very tall) and he looks pained but says he's all right. I'm concerned I broke the old guys ribs or something, but he insists. Ok, whatever. Friends come out of the resteraunt and... something. Eventually we are all in there and buddy looks very carefully at the steak he got. Ok, that's all I remember, mostly the part about hitting the walmart greeter guy.

April 2, 2004

Cameras, Camera, Cameras

Walking up the beach, talking on the phone to Keth while listening to something on earphones (probably the phone). Decide to go into the water so I talk off my shoes, roll up my pants, etc. Walk in, still talking on the phone. Decide to dunk my head under water by talking a little swim, forget about the phone (walkman on my belt?). Still talking to Keth and I worry about trying to explain the noise when my head and the headphones/headset/mic goes under water.

Later, at dinner with my folks, dad picks off something from my head and looks at it like he's going to eat it, I tell him not to, it's seaweed.

Camera store, getting all stressed because I found a good deal and want to take advantage of it, but am worried because it's still a lot of money. I found the Pentax Digital *ist for the same price as the Canon Digital Rebel, or the Rebel with no lense combined with a good IS lense with decent zoom like Kelora has. Trying to figure a way to get it for free, guy at the camera store says something about a contest, and it's me and one other person (a girl maybe) taking pictures, running around the store, using the different cameras (the d-rebel and the d-*ist). I want the *ist but would take either at this point.