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Cameras, Camera, Cameras

Walking up the beach, talking on the phone to Keth while listening to something on earphones (probably the phone). Decide to go into the water so I talk off my shoes, roll up my pants, etc. Walk in, still talking on the phone. Decide to dunk my head under water by talking a little swim, forget about the phone (walkman on my belt?). Still talking to Keth and I worry about trying to explain the noise when my head and the headphones/headset/mic goes under water.

Later, at dinner with my folks, dad picks off something from my head and looks at it like he's going to eat it, I tell him not to, it's seaweed.

Camera store, getting all stressed because I found a good deal and want to take advantage of it, but am worried because it's still a lot of money. I found the Pentax Digital *ist for the same price as the Canon Digital Rebel, or the Rebel with no lense combined with a good IS lense with decent zoom like Kelora has. Trying to figure a way to get it for free, guy at the camera store says something about a contest, and it's me and one other person (a girl maybe) taking pictures, running around the store, using the different cameras (the d-rebel and the d-*ist). I want the *ist but would take either at this point.