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Walmart Greeters at the Health Spa

Staying with an old friend, and another buddy of mine is there as well. Heading to a health spa or resteraunt. Get there, drop them off, I go to park the car. Have go do some wierd turns to get it back into the parking lot, but eventually make it. Get there and a guy resembling a walmart greeter points me to an empty space. As I turn I get too close to him and hit his chest (somehow my car got very tall) and he looks pained but says he's all right. I'm concerned I broke the old guys ribs or something, but he insists. Ok, whatever. Friends come out of the resteraunt and... something. Eventually we are all in there and buddy looks very carefully at the steak he got. Ok, that's all I remember, mostly the part about hitting the walmart greeter guy.