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Looking for Houses in The Strangest of Places

Firefly was looking at houses and found one but no realtor would show it to her. It was in Israel. I asked if she really wanted to live there and she got very huffy and said that dammit it was the principle of the thing. She found a realtor in Israel and we went there, and looked around. I think we had to change realors at one point though. Anyway, on the way back she wanted to see the gaza strip. In my dream it was a bit like a big area in a mall, all blown out and sandy and rocky, with a strip going through it that was walled to about waist height and is just wide enough to walk through. On the end it goes through a wall and into the rest of the mall, which is quite nice.

As we were leaving Firefly wanted to see the gaza strip, and so we did (I hope in my dream I protested). As we were leaving our realtor grabbed her baby carriage and started talking to the guard at the end, and I just knew she was actually a suicide bomber with a baby carriage full of explosives. She pushed the carriage towards the guard and as it fell I dropped down and yelled "bomb". Dana had appeared out of nowhere coming down the strip to get out into the mall and he executed a military-grade drop and cover just as the carriage hit the ground. Nothing happened. He came through the exit into the mall just as they were cranking it shut. Not sure where he went then but Firefly was back and we decided to keep looking for real estate closer to home.