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McDonalds Drivethrough Nightmare

I had this dream, nay nightmare last night. I was working at McDonalds on the drivethrough, no training, no experience, just thrown in there. I screwed everything up. There was a long lineup and I was soooo slow. I wasn't taking orders but I was building the food at the second window. Orders would show up on a computer screen in front of me, I had to decipher what they meant, build them and give them to the cars that drove up. I didn't have any of the fancy machines to put on the mustard and whatnot so I had to do it by hand with condiment packages. At one point I had a machine on the wall to squirt mustard out but it turns out it was water. I still poured it all over the burger, with a guy waiting right there and watching, even though there was a big 'water' sign there.

I screwed up everything else too... At one point I had to make a big mac or something, two paddies, lots of toppings.... just messed it right up by somehow making two of them and then trying to get them into one wrapper on top of each other, then realizing that I had two and found that I couldn't even get one in! Other things I did in this dream was once with a mis-shaped burger pattie I just squished it into the bun so it fit, and I think I actually took a bit off of another so it would fit. What a nightmare.