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July 5, 2004

House Burning Down Dream

Dreamt the house burned down. We had insurance, $100,000 on the contents and the same amount on the property. Firefly's brother was the person we hired to do the property, level it out or knock down the burnt out house or something, but the $100,000 didn't quite cover it, and he wouldn't / couldn't finish the job.

We jumped to our stuff, which I was happy about, because I could consolidate many things for fewer. IE: I lost a stereo system with 5 components and I could replace those with only 3, better components. We went to a warf and there was a big display of stuff there, and we had to separate our stuff (I thought it was all burnt up? WTF?) into a keep or throw away pile, and I had to go and find cardboard to put the signs on. Trippy.