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September 20, 2004

Job Interview

Must be thinking about this a bit too hard lately. I had a job interview at TSC Software (where ScoobyD works) and it went well. At the end though the guy came out and said that the other guy that was there interviewing got the programmer job, and he was sure that they could find something for me, or something that indicated I was out of luck or wasn't going to get a job above mailroom clerk.

In a fit of go-getter-ness I asked if he had fixed the problem they were having with their DNS server (something about individual clients would sign up and need to get customername.tscsoftware.com as a DNS entry, but it was slow or had to be set up manually or something. Anyway, I worked a little magic setting a DNS wildcard, and he was very happy. Not sure if I got the job at the end though :)