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March 8, 2005

Evil Twins

Someone from work gave me something to give to someone that he needed to thank for something. He was just giving a little note of thanks or something, nothing big, and he wrote up a partial note with some instructions ("add logo here" type of thing) and a nice ornate wooden box as well [no doubt from the fact that the accountant I was at last night showed her husbands woodworking to me]. So he gives me this stuff and asks me to go and deliver it and tells me "avoid the twins", as apparently there were some killer twins around [fear factor last night was 'twins fear factor']. So I'm riding my bike along in the dark and drive up a gravel road. As I come around the corner there are two bodies lying on the road and before I can stop I drive in between them, and screech to a halt, hoping they hadn't seen me. As I'm turning around to get the hell out of there I see them sit up and start to get up, then I wake up....