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December 07, 2003


This was no doubt induced by my stress from working on the ASP project and some other coding and being completely clueless about what to do next. I was in a spaceship with a bunch of other people. We hadn't lifted off yet. I knew that something was wrong and we had to get out of there (maybe it was going to blow up?). I called my friend Dana (and partly-a-boss for this project) over. He had a couple of people talking to him. One came over and started talking to him as I was about to tell him whatever it was I had to tell him and I got all pissed off and stomped away muttering about how rude the guy was. He came over and I told him we had to all get off the ship. Even then I knew I'd be the last one off. Sure enough, after everyone left I was the last one there and couldn't get back to the launch tower beside the ship. The spaceship was an old saturn style rocket and the walkway in between had retracted, and there were only two wires connecting the ship to the tower. On the wires was the door, and it was trying to close. Each time it came up to the door on the ship to close me in I kicked it back. Eventually I figured out if I turned the bolts that it was running over I could stop it from being able to lock down. After that I tried to think of a way out, I couldn't slide down the vertical surface, and I couldn't climb on the wire over the door which was in the way. I think I was woken up by a kitten attacking my foot before things go much farther.

Posted by Arcterex at December 7, 2003 11:07 PM

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