Lan Party Time!

Yes, it's the time for the New Years Lan Party!

Saturday, January 3rd is when it's going on. Short notice I know, sorry about that.

If you're not bringing a system you are still welcome to come along, people switch off, get bored, etc, and it's a good geeking time with food and drink and friends anyway.

The People

The regulars. If you don't know me, or what this means, you're probably not invited. Email me (email bottom of the page) if you're unsure.

The Location

#205 - 33941 Essendene Ave Abbotsford. Most of you know how to get here, if not, here are some marginally useful driving directions. Buzz #205 at the front.

The Time

I'm thinking Saturday 10am to whenever we drop. This means that no one will show up until noon at the earliest, and we won't get gaming until 2 or three :)

The Venue

We've got lots of room, but Neil, your tables would work well right in the middle of the Living room. There is a cable modem and a WINS/DHCP server and a big ass file server here to trade files and get net access.


Below is a list of stuff that's going to be needed to accomadate this:

To Bring

Food on the Menu

No real plans. Probably ordering out pizza or something.... bring some cash just in case.

Games on the Menu

As a preliminary list:

Not sure how well all of these work and if we have enough people to do well on some, like enemy territory, but we all know that Q3 DM works well :) I have copies of all the above, and am going to try to get all needed patches and updates set up and ready on the file server ahead of time. Use the links above to get yourselves set up ahead of time.

If you guys think it's needed, I can set things up so that people can come by friday night and set stuff up ahead of time. Again, feedback appreciated.


Email Alan at

The master copy of this document is at