The Poets of #North

The Poetry

I'm Bored by Pixie
The Lusers, My Life by Arcterex
My Favorite Veggie by Sept
Ode to the Phone a Haiku by Arcterex
Ode to the Onion Imbedded in My Ear, a haiku by Sept
!NEW! Sleeping Under my desk by Pixie

Why is this here?

Now, this is a pet project like, and I'd hate the beautiful poetry of #north to be restricted to the members of the mailing list... so I've put it on the web. Anyone can contribute, as long as it is not serious... we're not looking for pulitzer prize winning stuff here. In fact, we're not looking for small-town-library-poetry-contest winning stuff here.

We want humour, non-seriousness, and fun stuff here. Keep up the good work you guys!


Just mail to, with a subject line to let me know it is something to do with this site ("poetry page" might not be a bad one... :-) ). I can't guarentee it will go up right away, but I'll get around to it when work/school/real life lets me!

The Distinguished Poets of #north

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