(I should have danced with you)

I should have danced with you.
Taken you in my arms, your knight,
in your moment of need.

Now there is nothing, no you, no me,
just two bodies, disconnected through time;
One lost.

I have a picture, of you and I.
Happy once, back then, another time.
Some other world.

So long ago, the images faded.
I have only an old picture, from back then,
to keep my memories alive.

I imagine twin bodies, swirling to the music.
Some special song, playing softly,
for only us.

If this could be us, in some other time,
I would turn on the music, dim the lights,
and dance with you, as I should have.

For Kerry Hooper

(c) Alan Bailward, May 1998
(Use it if you like, just give me credit)