I don't know why I called this poem Pain, but I'm sure I had a reason. It's more of a leaving, "drive you out of my mind" poem.

Tell me your secrets.
tell me no lies.
Give me your heart,
as you look in my eyes.

Reveal to me
the truth of all time
Give me your heart,
or some little sign.

A sign that you love me,
a sign that you care.
A sign I'm not crazy,
and you want me to be here.

If no sign can you give,
that your love is true;
I'll keep living of course,
But I will be blue.

My tears may start flowing,
and wetten your face;
if so I will leave,
and get out of this place.

Away from you here,
and into the night.
But live on I will try,
and your wishes I will not fight.

(c) Alan Bailward August 1997