The Cape

(Well, this is just a rough draft... I don't think I have the images that are in my head out in the writing yet)

Swirly Thing2 Bat wings, flitting around my soul,
The robe engulfs me, taking control.

Darkness is total, swirling around,
I'm lost to it, seemingly bound.

Most times a tickle, nay a touch to my heart,
Striking me now, making me start! think again, lose myself,
into the blackness, again I must dwelve.

My hearts door is pegged open,
Some part of me, unabaded, keeps hoping.

Take off the mask; let me see the face,
Once again I could be free, not afire in haste.

Black cape,
Dark face,
Hidden smile,

Was it I that hid her face all this while?

(c)Alan Bailward, 1997