The Poem

Do you fear love?
Reaching for you, out of nowhere,
to feel, to seek, to find?

Can I speak to you in poetry,
in rich verses of love
and quiet sonnets of pain (of love gone bad)
while I feel your heart.

It is an endless feeling,
yet forever seeing,
straight into my soul.

Would you love?
Would you risk?
Do you fear?
Dance with me in the passion,
sweet sonnets will move us,
memories we'll make,
e'er lasting.

Created from nothing, something will come,
as sure as death love will find us.

As sure as life, is love.

He sat,
there beside the dancefloor, too afraid

to talk to her.
to ask her to dance.
Though there was nothing in the world
he wanted to do more.

So, taking pen in hand,
to the noise, and smoke, and milling,
swelling sea of people
he wrote.

This poem.
Looking at her through the smoke,
thinking of her as a lover,
as a friend,
as a wild flower
he wrote.

This poem.

All work copyright Alan Bailward. Feel free to use it as long as you give me credit. Above all else, enjoy.