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The SonYA! worship page

News 10/1999
Been a while since I've been here, but it's still here. Still a fan of our favorite blonde, be she in California or Florida. Just a note to say that the page has been updated and some busted links, due to the relocation of the ramblings and so on have been fixed.
Who Sonya is not only a personal friend of mine, but a person in dire need of a fan page. Not only is she the runner of the infamous daily ramble, but a humanitarian, someone with an IQ greater than their shoe size, and a Linux Lover.

Why Well, Sonya already has a fan page, but only one? Come on, we need Sonya fan pages all over the place, pamphlets falling from the skies, sky-writing, and writing on all the walls you can find! Come on, she deserves it, and this is my small part to spread the word about this wonderful person named Sonya.
FAQ Where can I find all Sonya's intimate secrets, details of her life, and find the answers to those unanswered questions that haunt you at night and till the early morning, leaving you sleepless and frustrated? Well, there is such a thing!

You probably want to head over to The Official Sonya FAQ. Finally, the questions will all be answered!

Pix No doubt you might disbelieve that this "Sonya" person can be both geeky, smart and beautiful all at once. Well, tis true. Check this out if you don't believe me.
Mail sonya.elena@gurlmail.com

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