Touched (wallpapers)


Here are the wallpapers!

All were made with either Photoshop or the GIMP, and are (most likely) 1024x768.

These Wallpapers are for personal use only, please don't re-distribute them. If you want to, please contact me ( first.

Of course, chances are they are made of images already copywrite other people, and I'll do my best to give credit to them where I can.

Also, please do not link directly to images on this site, if you want to use them please copy them to your own webspace.

A new modification on the Sarah background. I took a picture recently linked from this page and added it in to the whole motif. I'd rather have done some better work the Sarah image, but that is just my perfectionism showing itself :-)

Extra Credits: Blue Sun Backgrounds

This is the first wallpaper I did combining the two images togeather. I really liked the way that the black of her dress meshed in with the black background. It was quite a job to remove the background, from the original image, which was very light colored. The faded background image was originally a color image which I made greyscale, removed stuff that got in the way (appolagies to the original author, Kharen Hill) and blurred it a little.
Extra Credits:
This is obviously the same as the first, with a bit of repositioning done. I was told that the color clashed too much, so I greyscaled the top image.
Extra Credits:
This was in my babes wallpaper stage. It consists of Milla Jovovitch, Claire Danes and Jeri Ryan (of Star Trek fame).
This is another culmination of the babes of my desires. Jeri Ryan, Claire Danes and Milla Jovovitch. This one has a background from Digital Blasphemy and a bit of re-arranging.

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