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February 22, 2003

Gangs of Vancouver

Wow, three remembered dreams in one night, this must be a record for me or something! I was in a big city, downtown. Lots of people all around, maybe a festival or something. All of a sudden a bit of commotion started up the street, nothing hugely violent, just a bit of a ripple of something happening. People around me started to mutter and talk and I heard something about the gangs are coming. Being one to save my own hide and keep under the radar of such people, I looked for a place to hide. There was a telephone booth, but it was made of three peices of wood, and I got myself into that. The people started to go by and then someone rushed at me and apparently was looking for the phone book.

I headed out of there fast.

Next I hid myself in the doorway and waited and watched. Eventually a bunch of people came through the crowd on the road flying kites, and one had a model airplane they were flying around at breakneck speeds at the end of a string (I think it was a kite as well). I sat there in the doorway hoping that they would just go past, but then some girl/lady near by me yelled something at them, I have no idea what, and some of them started coming towards me/us/her fast and menacingly. I woke up around this point.

Flying Seinfeld

The characters of George, Kramer, Jerry and Eleine from seinfeld were trapped in a castle. They were left in a room with all the windows barred. Like something from one of the shows there was a window opened all the way right behind them. Two by two they jumped on trees and flew out the window. Jerry and Eleine went first and used the tree to sort of slide down the hill. Kramer and George went next but they somehow managed to get off the ground and actually fly. The "ending credits scene" had them headind down the hill, flying over it and then coming straight "at" the camera.

Pictures of Penguins

I was walking down a road by the side of the ocean. There were cliffs to the left, water to the right. It was all very sandy colored. I had my camera bag, the bag from my trip with my computer bits, and my bag with clothing etc. I came across some penguins (I think) and wanted to take a picture of them. Then I spent the rest of the dream trying to get my camera out, and having problems because I was festooned with bags over my shoulders and around my neck.

February 4, 2003

Finding out someone is a dream-drunk

I went skiing or snowboarding up at whistler I think, with a few friends. When I came back I had a meeting meeting with the two guys from the design firm that I work with sometimes, J and P. Turns out P just got out of rehab for being an alchoholic! I remember thinking that when I met them (in real life) he didn't seem like he drank, but I guessed that these things didn't show all the time right?

I meet with both of them in bar that is my parents basement and have a drink of water with them. We talk for a bit and I realize that P is out of water, and say that since I know the bartender, I'll get us some big glasses of water. I get up to bar to get P a water in a big glass from the bartender who is a friend of mine, and Donna's father "Bob" on the TV show That 70's show. He gets me some ice, I get a glass of water, he passes me another glass of water with lemon in it and I fill it with water. Just then my alarm goes off, but I take a couple of seconds to turn it off because I had to carefully put down the two large glasses of water I had in my hands.