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Running from the Mob

Wierd one... running from a group of people, but trying to find out something at the same time. I remember going into a big auditorium full of people (kids as well?) and trying to keep as low a profile as possible so they wouldn't notice me, trying to look like a kid all huckered down because kids were the only ones allowed in the auditorium at this time. Hiding by a huge speaker and trying to connect my own speaker up to it. Being noticed and having to run again. Always trying to figure out what they wanted from me but never figuring it out.

Back at my parents house, running and hiding, then trying to find a gun that my dad had hidden (or was there two?) but not being able to find it in time. Then they come at me again from a truck that I'd hoped wouldn't see me. Fighting a couple of them off, asking what they wanted with me. Swinging a (ha!) power bar around my head as the two of them come after me.