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July 23, 2003

End of the World

Something bad had happened, end of the world, nuclear war, something, and there were just a rag-tag group of survivors left. We were all at a hotel, on the roof, camping, trying to figure out what to do. I think at one point I suggested we conserve power by turning off lights. I remember that just before this point it was like a voiceover or following a script, because I distinctly heard/knew that the group survived longer because of the large stores of power used to power... something, in the hotel. We even got in contact with another group through the CB radio or something.

Jump to the same hotel except it's an ISP (paralynx I think) and things are back to normal. I register and say that I'm going to be storing $2,000,000 there with me and am told that that's a lot of money. I arrive and have a paper bag full of fake money or bonds or something given to me (I never had the real money of course). Then I go around looking for a handgun to buy. Mine is not there, or wrong in some way so I try to get the guy (Illiad I think) to find the guns that would have just come in, but he can't. I think to myself that if I'm this rich why am I still putting up with this service, they can't even find one handgun for me.

The guy tells his wife to get up earlier than me (5am or something) so that they can get things ready and find the guns. When I go to sleep it's in the common area of the hotel with a bunch of other people, and I end up a couple of beds down from Keth, and we start talking about how it's the end of the world and everything before I wake up.

July 17, 2003

Why the hell would I shave my legs?

It must have been from the talks with IamBro (who claims that all cool guys shave their bodies) but last night I dreamt that I shaved, or started shaving, my legs. There were no end of problems. The shaving cream didn't foam up like it shoud have, and I started on my thighs, not my calves (not that I know the right way to do it). I also gave myself a huge cut with the razor, really gouged it in... no pain or blood though. I think at one point some strange guy (pizza delivery guy? alarm repairman?) came by and I thought that maybe the sight of a grown man in his boxers shaving his legs might be strange and I should move to a more private location (I guess I was in the middle of the living room or something), but I didn't. I remember using a cup of water to pour over my legs, and / or using it to wash the razor off with. I think things started to go better when I decided to move down to my calves, but around then I woke up. No weedeaters in this dream luckily, cause I think in real life I'd have needed one.

July 14, 2003

Good Writing

First dream in a while. I was at (or maybe in) highschool, at an event of some kind, a hockey game. I wrote a very good article on a laptop and printed it out on why school spirit wasn't what it could be, and why people weren't as excited about things. I explained it to Lee who was also there and it seemed to make sense to him. I took the printout and put it up at the school. Someone really didn't like it and made threats. Eventually I had to keep watch over this... I never re-wrote it and uploaded it somewhere like I thought about, but left it as only one copy, hanging off a rock in the bush. Eventually the guy who didn't like it started killing people to get to it. We even fought I think. I even remember the license plate on the car he drove away in when I chased him: PT OYO except the O's where actually happy faces drawn sideways like :)

I don't know why it was such a big deal. Basically all the paper said was because the school was so small (~1000 people as my high school was) there was only so much school spirit to go around. IE: Only 10% were hockey fans, and since 10% of 1000 people wasn't that much, that's why there weren't the huge chearing crowds that could be expected from other places.