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These are new images, and will stay here until I decide to move them to the main section.

These Wallpapers are for personal use only, please don't re-distribute them. If you want to, please contact me at first.

Of course, chances are they are made of images already copywrite other people, and I'll do my best to give credit to them where I can.

Also, please do not link directly to images on this site, if you want to use them please copy them to your own webspace.

Last one in this series. This is the previous pic combined with The Good Fight, a beautiful painting by Manuel Nunez.
... and combined with a picture by Delaroche, called La Jeune Martyre.
Same as the previous, this time on a canvasy background and with no fading.
This is done from a picture a friend of mine did, so all credit for the drawing (and the next 3) goes to Joel DeGuzman. Just his pic on a nice background, faded a bit.
My ode to the beautiful Carrie-Ann Moss, who played Trinity in The Matrix.
And another.
I saw this theme (Venerable Jedi) on and loved the background, but it needed a little blending and modifying to look good for 1024x768. So I took the original (760x860) image and put it in 1024x768 and blended the edges in nicely to full black.
A 1024x768 version for those who asked for it....
My first new one in a while, an example of some nifty layer mask work to mask off the queen picture and my latest obsession, Natalie Portman.

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