All about your friendly neighborhood Arcterex, complete with pictures that are sure to scare young and old alike.

A personal journal, namely the ArcterJournal, where I write of trials, tribulations, or whatever weird stuff pops into my head.

Some selected examples of what happens when I put pen to paper… or fingers to keyboard.

The ArcterCam, a small look into my little world, complete with gallery of everything from scary to amusing to boring, and then back to scary.

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“It’s all right to be filled with hate, people are stupid”

” I admit that X is the second worst windowing system in the world, but all the others I’ve used are tied for first.” –Paul Tomblin, a.s.r

“I have faith in the idiocy of all people”

“I have faith in the idiocy of all people”
– Me

“Some people are alive only because it is illegal to kill them”
– Lionel Lauer’s .sig, a.s.r

“This lack of reality irritates me”
— A fellow student in my Philosophy class

“Reality is like mass hysteria”
— Me, in the same class